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WIN!!! 20 Days Of Prizes Celebration!!!

BellyBelly’s Facebook page just hit 200,000 fans – WOO HOO! To celebrate, we’re giving BellyBelly fans a chance to WIN a range of awesome prizes for the next 20 days!!!

Each competition will be open for 24 hours only, so be sure to keep updated on all the competitions via BellyBelly’s Facebook page (make sure you’ve chosen to get notifications so you don’t miss any!). Or you can go direct to today’s competitions HERE!


Pregnancy Week By Week!

One of our newest additions on BellyBelly is our pregnancy week by week feature! We’re currently completing the last few weeks of pregnancy – going up to 42 weeks which is full term.

We’ve teamed up with a great graphic designer to create images of each week of pregnancy, so you can see what your baby might look like at your week of pregnancy.

Get started at the first week of pregnancy and please feel free to share your comments at the end of the article.

Don’t Do It Without a Doula!

December is all about doulas on BellyBelly! Doulas are amazing women who I would love for you to get to know. Being a doula myself, I just love being around these nurturing, caring women.

We’ll have lots of information and fun on the BellyBelly Facebook Page so make sure you’re a fan.

Wondering what a doula is? Check out my article, Doulas at Birth – What Is a Doula And Why Do So Many Women Want One?

Or maybe you’re interested in becoming one yourself? Find out if you have what it takes in my article, Doula Training in Australia – How To Become A Birth Doula.


Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and contemplating the flu vaccine, make sure you read our article before you do anything! Check it out: Flu Vaccine and Pregnancy – To Flu Shot or Not Flu Shot? Even if you’re not pregnant, this information is a must read before you decide to vaccinate yourself and/or your family against the flu this year.

Pregnancy Symptoms? Find Out Early Signs of Pregnancy!

If you suspect you may be pregnant or are trying to conceive and wondering what pregnancy signs or symptoms you should be looking for, don’t miss our very popular article: Pregnancy Symptoms & Early Signs of Pregnancy – 15 Signs To Look For.

Pregnancy Tests – When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

For all your pregnancy test FAQ’s! If you’re wondering, ‘How does a pregnancy test work?’ or ‘When should I test for pregnancy?,’ don’t forget to check out our article, Pregnancy Tests – When to Test For Pregnancy and How Do They Work?, to find out all these pregnancy test answers and more!