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It’s not a question of CAN you afford to advertise on BellyBelly…

… but with around 5.2 million pageviews PER MONTH and over 579,000 Facebook fans (growing by around 10k per week), it’s more a question of can you afford NOT to advertise on BellyBelly!


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“Yes it was a great response to the blast. It resulted in a great rise in page views and sessions – fab for brand awareness. Thanks again for the work BellyBelly has done on this campaign. It’s been terrific. Looking forward to the next blast tomorrow!” — GymbaROO, Sept 2014

The BellyBelly Difference

If you are looking to target a highly engaged, intelligent and interactive audience of mums and mums to be who pride themselves on being informed and educated, then BellyBelly is the perfect site to get brand exposure and to increase your sales. has been a top performing, independent website, competing with corporate/media owned parenting websites for many years, and is growing stronger by the day.

We offer a unique website which is not driven by product sales or online stores – but loaded with great information. BellyBelly is seen as a close-knit community by it’s very loyal members who visit several times a day – they come to BellyBelly to get informed, educated and empowered. They like to do their research and make good choices.

“I advertised my doula services with BellyBelly as part of the December Doula promotion. Within an hour of my ad going live, I was contacted by a client who confirmed a booking for her birth later that same day. The ad paid for itself immediately, many times over. Kelly is passionate about what she does, and it seems she’s pretty good at it, too!” — Tina Ziegenfusz

Advertising on BellyBelly Will…

  • Quickly and easily give you extensive coverage in your target market
  • Result in more sales and product awareness – don’t wait for customers to stumble upon your product, you can get their attention right now!
  • Be a great experience for all involved, because we love supporting those who support us! Your advertising success is our advertising success
  • Support an independent Australian business – BellyBelly isn’t controlled by any commercial or financial interests nor is our information biased by it. To this day, BellyBelly is still owned and run solely by a Melbourne mother of three and Birth Attendant (doula).

Make the most of our award-winning ability to capture large audiences. The women who visit BellyBelly want to be kept up-to-date – which presents a great opportunity to get your product or service seen by the masses!


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“We have had a lovely boost of sales with our sponsored article ad for Boobie Bikkies on the BellyBelly website. Kelly at BellyBelly is so good at SEO that it makes things very easy for us to target the perfect customers for our product. Then, one click of our ad from the article and they find us too! We are getting lots of orders for samples!” – Pinky McKay


Options For Advertising

Some of the options BellyBelly can offer your business include:

  • Directory Advertising
  • Newsletter Advertising (EDM/Solus)
  • Article Placements
  • Product Reviews
  • Competitions
  • Surveys
  • Facebook Promotions
  • Article Integrations
  • Advertorials
  • Takeovers
  • Reskins

Want to do something custom or unique? Contact us, we’re great at integrating our advertisers ideas.


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“Our Menevit and Elevit brands have benefited from campaign and advertising opportunities with BellyBelly. Kelly and her team are professional and happy to discuss innovative marketing ideas to generate interest among the BellyBelly online community. As a result, Fashion for Fertility has received high website volumes and provided an opportunity to interact with our target audience.” — Bayer Australia

Contact Us!

Let’s chat! Please email us at [email protected].

“The advertising went well… We were/are really impressed how BellyBelly has supported our products (THANK YOU!!). We will definitely be advertising with BellyBelly again (hopefully very soon).” — Jodie, Lullaby Conceptions

BellyBelly is WHO Compliant On Infant Feeding actively complies with the WHO (World Health Organisation) code with regards to the promotion and protection of breastfeeding.

Article 5, 5.4 of the WHO Code states ‘Manufacturers and distributors should not distribute to pregnant women or mothers of infants and young children any gifts of articles
or utensils which may promote the use of breast milk substitutes or bottle feeding'.

Therefore BellyBelly will not accept advertising in any form for the following products:

  • Bottles; unless advertised attached to the breast pump and without the teat
  • Formula containers
  • Dummies
  • Bottle warmers
  • Teats
  • Commercial baby foods (promotion of baby foods may encourage early weaning)
  • Infant and toddler formulas

BellyBelly – Frequently Mentioned In The Media

BellyBelly has been featured across Australia as one of 5 MUST visit websites for baby in newspapers including the Sunday Herald Sun and the Sunday Telegraph. BellyBelly’s Facebook page has been listed as the #3 Facebook Community by, who commented:

“BellyBelly is a thinking woman’s pregnancy and baby news source based in … Australia. Updates are just as likely to include a tip about coping with sciatica as a quotation from Goethe. Fans come for this kind high-low mash-up of ideas and advice. After all, pregnancy is time for educating yourself in all kinds of ways.”

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