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Star Signs For Baby – An Introduction To Your Baby’s Starsign

Star signs for your baby! The moment your cosmic angel drew breath, whether they were premature or post term, they where filled with sosmic DNA that makes them unique. Each planet in your baby’s birth chart has a role to play in your child’s life. They are their guardian angels, there to help make sure that your child fulfils the secret promise they were born with. Read More

Scorpio Baby – Your Baby’s Starsign

Bringing a brand new Scorpio into your home is like bringing home a riveting best seller, one that is full of suspense and mystery, but one you’ll never have to stop reading, for as long as this Mysterious Little Scorpio Angel is in your home, you’ll still be turning pages. For babies born Oct 23 – Nov 21. Read More

Taurus Baby – Your Baby’s Starsign

As an Earth ruled sign and the middle sign of spring, your Taurus baby will love the garden, especially flowers and blossoms. Its the richness of life and creation of new life that your little angel will love. For babies born April 20 – May 20. Read More

Pisces Baby – Your Baby’s Starsign

Pisces babies are the Water Babies of the Cosmos, so emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Of all the Water signs, Pisces are the ones that, just like their symbols the Fish, swim in water all their lives. For babies born Feb 19 – March 20. Read More

Sagittarius Baby – Your Baby's Starsign

Your Sagittarius Cosmic Seeker comes with a Cosmic DNA that will always have them seeking. Sagittarius seek more knowledge, more understanding and more enlightenment. For babies born Nov 22 – Dec 21. Read More

Leo Baby – Your Baby’s Starsign

What a delight, you have your very own adorable, fun loving Cosmic Cub. With a Leo baby, you’ve certainly got a Prince or Princess on your hands and they won’t want you to forget that. For babies born July 23 – Aug 22. Read More

Star Signs For Baby – Gemini Baby – Your Baby’s Starsign

Star signs for your baby! This little genius will have you on your toes. Gemini is an Air sign, so rules the mind. The Gemini Baby is the smartest of all the signs and there’ll be a mind there, hungry for things to keep it occupied. For babies born May 21 – June 20. Read More

Star Signs For Baby – Libra Baby – Your Baby’s Star Sign

Libra star sign babies are little cosmic angels – libra is one of the most angelic of all the signs. Libra is a loving and peaceful sign, that requires and strives for balance and harmony in their lives. A star sign for babies born Sept 23 – Oct 22. Read More

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