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Antibiotics During Pregnancy Increase Infection Risk For Babies

New research suggests the use of antibiotics during pregnancy has health risks for babies and children. Is it safe to take antibiotics when you’re pregnant? Read More

Women Left Alone During Labour In Hospitals

Women in the UK are being left alone during labour, due to staff shortages. Many have found a way to ensure they have the support they need. Read More

Mothers And Babies Harmed By Maternity Care Providers

Women are encouraged to give birth in hospital because it’s safe. New research shows women and babies are being harmed by their maternity care providers. Read More

What Your Uterus Does During Labour

You probably know your uterus does a lot of hard work during labour, but you might not realise just how important a role this incredible organ has. Read More

Folic Acid In Late Pregnancy Can Increase Risk Of Allergies

Folic acid is recommended to women planning to conceive, but new research has discovered folic acid in late pregnancy can cause problems for babies. Read More

Oxytocin During Pregnancy – 10 Ways To Boost The Love Hormone

Heard of the love hormone, oxytocin, but not really sure what role it has during pregnancy? Here are 10 ways to boost oxytocin during pregnancy. Read More

Will My Vagina Go Back To Normal After Birth?

This is one of the most common, but often unasked, questions pregnant women have. Does everything that has been stretched during birth go back to normal? Read More

HELLP Syndrome During Pregnancy

HELLP syndrome is a life threatening complication of pregnancy. Find out the symptoms and treatment options available for pregnant women. Read More

“Woman” Becomes “Person” In Midwifery Code Of Conduct

A proposed change of wording in Australia’s Nursing and Midwifery Board code of conduct has sparked opposition from thousands of midwives. Read More

Baby Born To Woman After Uterus Transplant

As part of a clinical trial at Baylor University Medical Center, a woman was recently the first in the US to give birth after receiving a uterus transplant. Read More

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