Baby Articles

Hey, baby! Even the most experienced mother will tell you that what works for one baby may not necessarily work for the other! Here are some fantastic articles to help with all things baby.

Cutest celebrity baby names

10 Cutest Celebrity Baby Names Of 2014

Celebrity baby names are usually discussed for being a little unusual, however we found 10 cute baby names celebrities used in 2014. Which is your favourite?

Visiting a newborn

15 Things To Avoid When Visiting A Newborn Baby

Visiting a newborn baby? Here are 15 things to avoid during newborn visits that will help support a new mother, her baby and her partner.

What baby wants for Christmas

11 Things Your Baby REALLY Wants For Christmas

What to buy your baby for Christmas? Forget all the cutest toys, gadgets and gizmos. Here are 11 things your baby REALLY wants for Christmas. Seriously!

Halloween pumpkin babies

10 Adorable Halloween Photos of Babies and Pumpkins | BellyBelly

At BellyBelly, we've been inundated with adorable halloween photos from our fans, featuring babies with pumpkins! Here is a selection of our fan photos.

Leaving the hat off your newborn baby

Hats On Newborn Babies: Important Reasons To Ditch The Hat

Find out some important things you need to know before you reach for that hat for your newborn baby!

Irish baby names for a boy

15 Irish Baby Name Ideas For A Baby Boy | BellyBelly

If you're considering irish baby names for your baby boy, here is a list of 15 adorable names, complete with their meanings.

Irish baby names for a girl

15 Irish Baby Name Ideas For A Baby Girl | BellyBelly

If you're considering irish baby names for your baby girl, here is a list of 15 cute names, complete with their meanings.

Old fashioned baby names

20 Old Fashioned Baby Names That Are Still Fashionable

Thinking of using an old fashioned baby name for your little one on the way? Here are 20 old fashioned baby names that are still cool for school!

Forward facing baby carriers

6 Reasons To Avoid Forward Facing Baby Carriers

Before you choose a baby carrier, read these 6 reasons why you should avoid a forward facing carrier.

Formula and baby sleep

Will Formula Help My Baby To Sleep Better At Night?

You've probably heard parents say that formula helped their baby sleep better at night. Could this be true? Find out here.

Biggest Mother Regrets

Parenting Regrets: My 6 Biggest Regrets As A New Mother

Parenting regrets: we all have them. Here are the 6 biggest regrets I had as a new mother, as well as my advice to new mothers in order to avoid those things.

Crying baby

10 Things Your Crying Baby Wants You To Know

When your baby cries, ALWAYS remember these 10 things your baby wishes he could tell you. A must read for new parents or parents-to-be.

Safe swaddling

Safe Swaddling: How To Avoid Hip Dysplasia

Swaddling your baby incorrectly can cause their delicate hip joints to loosen and cartilage to become damaged. Here are 5 steps for safe swaddling.

Funniest things about newborns

10 Funniest (And Cutest) Quirks About Newborns You Didn't Expect

Here are 10 funny (and sometimes cute!) quirks which you didn't expect from your newborn baby.

End the breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding debate

9 Reasons Why We Need To End The Breastfeeding Vs Bottlefeeding Debate

The breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding debate isn't pretty - but its impossible to escape once you've had a baby. Here are 9 reasons we should end the crazy debate NOW.

First foods for baby led weaning

10 First Foods To Try When Baby Led Weaning

After some first food ideas when baby led weaning? Here are 10 great suggestions for baby's first foods.

Books for children about babies

7 Awesome Books To Prepare Children For A New Baby

Expecting your second baby or more? Help prepare your children for birth and a new baby with this list of helpful, reassuring books!

Pets meeting babies

Cats And Dogs Meeting Babies For The Very First Time

A gorgeous compilation of videos of cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time. How did your pet react?

Baby poo

Baby Poo: Whats Normal And Whats Not?

Yes, baby poo... one of the most talked about topics amongst new parents. Find out which of these 11 types of baby poo is normal, and whats not.

What you'd never do as a parent

13 Things You Swore You'd Never Do As A Parent

You said you wouldn't do it... but you did. 13 things you swore you wouldn't do when you have a baby.

Formula feeding mother

5 Things Worth Saying To A Formula Feeding Mother

No matter if you formula feed or breastfeed your baby, judgments can come at you thick and fast. Here are 5 things worth saying to formula feeding mothers.

When have a second child?

When Is The Best Time To Have A Second Baby?

Thinking about a second baby but not sure when the right time would be? Here are 11 helpful tips to consider in making your decision.

Baby's witching hour

12 Tips To Help You Cope With Your Baby's 'Witching Hour'

The witching hour can be an awful time - for you and your baby. Here are 12 helpful tips to get you through.

Great things about boys

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Boy

Having a baby boy? Here are 10 great (and humourous) things about having a baby boy.

Great things about girls

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

Having a baby girl? Here are 10 great (and humourous) things about having a baby girl.