Newborn Clothes Size – What Size Should I Buy For A Newborn?

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Newborn Clothes Size – What Size Should I Buy For A Newborn?

If you’re wanting to go shopping for newborn clothes, you may be wondering what size to buy – especially if baby hasn’t been born yet, you might be a bit confused! But rest assured, its not too hard to go wrong.

To help you out, here’s an approximate size guide for you to work out what size you want to get. If you’re buying a gift for someone, there’s nothing wrong with going a bit bigger, because baby can grow into it, rather than only wear it for a short time, if at all. Also, there are usually plenty of newborn clothes being bought by the mother-to-be, family and friends already – so your present will last longer.

An approximate newborn size guide is as follows:

00000 – Newborns born premature or small babies under 3-3.5kgs
0000 – Newborns under 4kg – birth to 3 months
000 – Babies under 6 kg – 3 months to 6 months
00 – Babies between 6 and 8 kgs – 6 months to 9 months
0 – Babies above 8 kgs – 9 months to 12 months
1 – Babies above 10kgs – 12 months

Please note that the sizes above are a guide only, as there may be some babies who have longer bodies or just don’t seem to fit well into some brands. While some babies will fit straight into 000’s, some will need 0000’s, or even smaller if born early. Something else to remember is that all the clothing sizes differ based on manufacturer. Either 0000 or 000 are the most common sizes to start with.

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