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Birth articles for the woman who wants to know more! BellyBelly has your birth questions covered. There is so much to know for such a short space of time, which may leave you overwhelmed and confused. Giving birth can be a more empowering, informed and enjoyable experience with the right information, leaving you feeling more confident, in control and able to make your own decisions and choices for birth.

Failure to progress during labour

Failure To Progress During Labour - You'll Understand It Once You See This

Before you give birth, you MUST see this clip about 'failure to progress.' While it may give you a giggle - it's also very serious.

Cord around baby's neck

9 Surprising Facts About The Cord Around A Baby's Neck

Many mothers-to-be worry about the umbilical cord wrapping around their baby's neck. Here are 9 surprising facts about nuchal cords.

Womb transplant

Womb Transplant: First Baby Born To A Mother With A Donated Womb

With the world's first womb transplant baby born to a Swedish mother, what can we expect to see in future? Will the procedure be available in other countries? Find out here.

Mother at birth

Should Your Mother Be At The Birth? 7 Things You Need To Consider

Some pregnant women find it really difficult deciding if their mother should be present at the birth. Here are 7 things to consider before agreeing or disagreeing,

When birth doesn't go to plan

9 Things To Say When She Didn't Get The Birth She Hoped For

A mother will remember the birth of her child for the rest of her life. Here are 9 caring things to say to a mother who had a disappointing birth experience.

Improving birth outcomes

Greener Neighbourhoods: How They Improve Birth Outcomes

Recent research has shown that living in a greener neighbourhood during pregnancy can result in better birth outcomes. How? Read on to find out.

Vitamin K At Birth

Vitamin K: Should You Give Your Baby Vitamin K At Birth?

Vitamin K administration at birth is a topic that confuses many parents to be. Here's what you need to know about vitamin K at birth.

Doulas reduce caesarean rate

NEW Doula Research: Caesareans Reduced By 60-80%

New research into doulas at birth has again shown that women who birth with a doula have significant benefits - a whopping 60-80% fewer caesareans.

Birth announcement etiquette

A Guide To Birth Announcement Etiquette: 5 Important Tips

Announcing a birth is such an exciting moment - but if it's not your birth, make sure you follow these 5 tips for good birth announcement etiquette.

What not to say to a woman in labour

11 Things NOT To Say To A Woman In Labour

If you want to avoid copping a slap, yell, bite or worse, you shouldn't say these 11 things to a woman in labour.

Mother-Friendly Caesarean

12 Ways To Have A Mother-Friendly Caesarean

If you're having a caesarean but want a more mother-friendly experience, here are 12 things to ask your doctor for.

Homebirth myths

Homebirth - 10 Myths About Homebirth Debunked

Homebirth myths: busted. Here are 10 myths about homebirth that you've no doubt heard.

Best birth support people

Choosing Great Birth Support People: 5 Helpful Tips

Choosing a birth support team? If you will be asking untrained support people to your birth, you must read these 5 tips.

Don't cut the cord

8 Reasons To WAIT Before Cutting Baby's Umbilical Cord

Don't cut the cord! 8 very important health reasons why you should tell your healthcare provider to slow down with the cord - for your baby's sake.

Labour pain worse

Labour Pain - 8 Things That Can Make Labour Pain Worse

Labour pain: many pregnant women spend time learning about pain relief options - but here are 8 things to prevent if you want to minimise pain.

Pregnant women

7 Things Pregnant Women Don't Want To Hear About Birth

Pregnant women get bombarded with advice and comments - here are 7 things they REALLY don't want to hear.

VBAC Myths

VBAC Myths - 4 Common VBAC Myths Busted

Thinking about a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)? Make sure you read these big VBAC myths first.

fear of birth

Fear Of Birth - How Do We Reduce The Fear?

Do you fear birth? Would you like to know some ways to reduce birth fear? Be sure to watch this great TED talk by world famous midwife, Ina May Gaskin.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple Stimulation - 7 Steps To Encourage Or Speed Up Labour

Nipple stimulation is a natural way to help strengthen and encourage contractions. Find out what 7 steps you need to follow to do nipple stimulation.

Caesarean Section - Risks Of Caesarean Section For Baby

Caesarean section poses risks to both the baby and the mother. While caesareans are certainly a life saving procedure for some mothers and babies, this article has been written for women who are interested in researching the risks involved with caesarean section for baby.

Braxton hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks Contractions - What Are Braxton Hicks?

Braxton hicks contractions may be noticeable throughout your pregnancy - read about braxton hicks contractions here.

Caesarean Section - Risks Of Caesarean Section For The Mother

Caesarean section, like any major surgery, poses risks to both mother and baby. A medical condition may completely cancel out this risk and be the necessary thing to do. However in Australia (and other countries like the USA) there are a huge amount of unnecessary caesarean sections being performed, and the consequences often accepted as something that 'saved' the mother or baby. Before you choose or agree to caesarean section, here are some risks you need to know about.

False Labour Contractions - Is It False Labour?

Wanting to find out if you are in false labour or real labour? Find out some facts about false labour, as well as how to tell if labour is false or established and most important of all - why there really isn't such a thing as false labour.

Fast birth

Fast Birth? 6 Helpful Tips When There's No Time For Hospital

Fast births are nothing to fear! Here are 6 helpful tips to keep in mind if you are worried about having a fast birth.

Doula - Why You Should Have a Doula Reason #1

Doulas - 10 Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Doula At Your Birth

Birth doulas are worth their weight in gold. If you're thinking of hiring a birth doula, or if I need to convince you, here's 10 great reasons why you should have a birth doula at your birth.