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Birth articles for the woman who wants to know more! BellyBelly has your birth questions covered. There is so much to know for such a short space of time, which may leave you overwhelmed and confused. Giving birth can be a more empowering, informed and enjoyable experience with the right information, leaving you feeling more confident, in control and able to make your own decisions and choices for birth. is the Thinking Woman's Website for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

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"Sorry, You're Not In Labour..."

"Sorry, you're not in labour." These are difficult words for birth attendants to say, even right up there with, “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake.” They are also very difficult words for the birthing woman to hear. I’ve been on both the receiving and giving ends of those words, so here are some stories where women were not in established labour, and what happened.

What not to say to a woman in labour

11 Things NOT To Say To A Woman In Labour

If you want to avoid copping a slap, yell, bite or worse, you shouldn't say these 11 things to a woman in labour.

Mother-Friendly Caesarean

12 Ways To Have A Mother-Friendly Caesarean

If you're having a caesarean but want a more mother-friendly experience, here are 12 things to ask your doctor for.

4 BIG Caesarean Myths Exploded

Been told that you need a caesarean? Without full information, a mother may feel that she has no option but to accept a caesarean if deemed most appropriate by her carer. Many caesarean mothers feel that they had no alternative but to put themselves fully in the hands of the medical professionals, however good information can go a long way to enabling women to take part in the decision-making process.

Pregnant women

7 Things Pregnant Women Don't Want To Hear About Birth

Pregnant women get bombarded with advice and comments - here are 7 things they REALLY don't want to hear.

stalled labour

8 Natural & Effective Tips For a 'Stalled' Labour

Stalled labour? If you find that your labour reaches a plateau or stalls, find out what you can do to avoid medical interventions in the case of a stalled labour.

Don't cut the cord

8 Reasons NOT To Cut Your Baby's Umbilical Cord

Don't cut the cord! 8 very important health reasons why you should tell your caregiver to slow down - for your baby's sake.

A Proven Method for Lowering the Caesarean Rate

A hospital was able to reduce its caesarean section rate by 21% during a project which was designed to attempt to lower the caesarean section rate. How did they do it? Read on to find out what happened.

Active Birth - For A Shorter Labour, Less Pain and More

Active birth - because every pregnant woman deserves a birth that is less painful, involves less trauma to the baby, is shorter and allows your partner to be more involved.

Acupuncture & Natural Labour Induction - 11 Most Asked Questions

Acupuncture is a safe, effective therapy for mothers-to-be during pregnancy, for a whole range of ailments. Induction acupuncture can help post-dates women to establish labour. If you're trying to beat an induction of labour, check out this article on natural labour induction with acupuncture, first!

Bearing Down or Pushing While Giving Birth?

Whether to follow the instinctive urge of bearing down, or to have another person direct the pushing efforts, is a decision that each mother needs to consider in planning for spontaneous birth.

Best birth books

Best Birth Books - The Best Birth Books As Recommended by BellyBelly

The best birth books are right here! Choosing the right books to read about birth is so very important. Make sure you have a couple of these birth books in your library!

Big Baby? If You're Worried - Read This Article

Been told you're having a big baby, or worried about it? Twenty years ago, physicians were known to tell women that the reason they had a caesarean was that the child's head was just too big for the size of the pelvis. The trouble began when these same women would stay at home for their next child's birth and give birth to a bigger baby through that same pelvis. Find out what you're really capable of and why a big baby is nothing to fear.

Birth as a bowel movement

Birth As A Bowel Movement

'Birth As A Bowel Movement' is a humourous analogy of the medicalisation birth. See how a normal bodily function can easily become a medical one.

Birth Plan

Birth Plan - Why Write One? Free Birth Plan Template

Birth plan - people either love them or hate them - find out why here. Includes a downloadable birth plan template in Word format.

Birth Recommendations from the World Health Organisation

These recommendations are taken from a report on Appropriate Technology for Birth published by the World Health Organization in April 1985 and are known as the 'Fortelesa Declaration'.

Birth support tips

Birth Support - 10 Great Tips That Will Help Her In Labour

Birth support can make or break a labouring woman's experience of birth. Here are 10 helpful tips to give her great support during labour.

Birth Unplanned - When Birth Doesn't Go To Plan

Many of us have an idea of our 'fantasy birth' - how we'd like our birth to be... and even though we know to plan for the unexpected, what really happens when things actually go very different to what we imagined? Grief after birth can be profound for some women - find out how you can help yourself overcome grief after an 'unplanned' birth.

Birth Videos - BellyBelly's Favourite Birth Videos

Birth videos can be very informative, educational and uplifting to watch. There are also some birth videos which are very disempowering and scary - I have heard of some really scary birth videos being played at birth education classes. However if you're looking for some great videos and clips of birth, here's a few suggestions and some favourite birth videos online.

Braxton hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks Contractions - What Are Braxton Hicks?

Braxton hicks contractions may be noticeable throughout your pregnancy - read about braxton hicks contractions here.

Breastfeeding After A Caesarean Birth

Many mothers ask, Can I breastfeed after a caesarean birth? So, does caesarean birth pose potential problems with breastfeeding? What can you expect and how can you give yourself the best chance of successful breastfeeding after caesarean?

Breech Birth in Australia - Having a Vaginal Breech Birth

Breech birth supportive midwives and obstetricians in Australia. Here's a list which contains details of midwives and obstetricians who will attend vaginal breech births across Australia. Breech birth is safest under the care of someone experienced in breech birth.

Caesarean Section - Risks Of Caesarean Section For Baby

Caesarean section poses risks to both the baby and the mother. While caesareans are certainly a life saving procedure for some mothers and babies, this article has been written for women who are interested in researching the risks involved with caesarean section for baby.

Caesarean Section - Risks Of Caesarean Section For The Mother

Caesarean section, like any major surgery, poses risks to both mother and baby. A medical condition may completely cancel out this risk and be the necessary thing to do. However in Australia (and other countries like the USA) there are a huge amount of unnecessary caesarean sections being performed, and the consequences often accepted as something that 'saved' the mother or baby. Before you choose or agree to caesarean section, here are some risks you need to know about.

Caesarean Section - What to Expect After A Caesarean

Find out how you might feel after having a caesarean section, from emotional feelings to physical ones. This article covers pain relief, breastfeeding, resting, sex and tips to help yourself to recover. Some personal post-caesarean stories from our members are included.

Caesarean Section Birth - What Happens in a Caesarean

A caesarean section is an operation that enables your baby to be born through an incision made on your pregnant belly. You may plan an elective caesarean for medical or social reasons or you may experience an emergency caesarean when labour does not go as planned. This article includes lots of information on caesareans as well as some caesarean birth stories.

Caesarean Section or Vaginal Birth - What Difference Does It Make?

Caesarean section or vaginal birth? Why bother going through the process of giving birth vaginally when you can have a planned caesarean section? What does the tried and tested, 'old-fashioned' vaginal birth process have to offer by comparison?

Castor Oil To Induce Labour - Is Castor Oil Safe?

Castor oil is one of the 'word of mouth' natural methods that women try in order to get labour going. But it's important to do your research first. Is castor oil safe?

Childbirth - Your Top 12 Fears About Birth Answered

Fear of childbirth has become something of a modern day epidemic amongst pregnant women, where more than ever, women are frightened about birth and what 'might' possibly go wrong.

Best birth support people

Choosing Great Birth Support People: 5 Helpful Tips

Choosing a birth support team? If you will be asking untrained support people to your birth, you must read these 5 tips.

What Do Contractions Feel Like

Contractions - What Do Contractions Feel Like?

Contractions - don't we all want to know what they feel like before we give birth?! We asked BellyBelly forum members to describe contractions.

Convinced You Want Drugs in Labour?

Want drugs when you give birth? Thinking, 'why should I needlessly suffer?' There's something in this picture that you probably haven't considered...

Delayed Cord Clamping - Why You Should Demand It

Delayed cord clamping - and why you should demand it for your baby's long term health. Find out more about delaying cord clamping.

Doula Revolution - The Doula At Birth

The doula movement is going full steam ahead in Australia and the popularity of the doula is booming by word of mouth advertising. If you are considering hiring a doula for your birth, read on to find out more about what a doula offers and how you can locate one.

Doula Training - Australian Doula Training Options

Doula training is widely available both online and in person around the world, so if you're thinking about doula training, read on!

Doula - Why You Should Have a Doula Reason #1

Doulas - 10 Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Doula At Your Birth

Birth doulas are worth their weight in gold. If you're thinking of hiring a birth doula, or if I need to convince you, here's 10 great reasons why you should have a birth doula at your birth.

Doulas: Working As a Birth Doula in Australia - FAQ's

Interested in working as a doula in Australia? Here are some frequently asked question I hear from women wanting to become doulas.

Early labour

Early Labour - 8 Tips For Coping With Labour at Home

Early labour can be frustrating for some mothers-to-be, waiting for the serious stuff to kick in. Here are some ideas to help you have a more enjoyable, low-stress early labour.


Epidural Side Effects & Risks Of An Epidural In Labour

Epidurals may provide effective pain relief, but they don't come without their share of side effects and risks. More in this article by Dr Sarah Buckley.

False Labour Contractions - Is It False Labour?

Wanting to find out if you are in false labour or real labour? Find out some facts about false labour, as well as how to tell if labour is false or established and most important of all - why there really isn't such a thing as false labour.

Fast Birth? Born in a Hurry - When There's No Time For Hospital

Fast births are nothing to fear! If you think there is a possibility that you may have a fast birth, here's a great article full of advice on what to do if labour is progressing too quickly to get to hospital. Print it out and stick it on your fridge for peace of mind (if not yours, your partners!). You'll both know exactly what to do during a fast birth.

fear of birth

Fear Of Birth - How Do We Reduce The Fear?

Do you fear birth? Would you like to know some ways to reduce birth fear? Be sure to watch this great TED talk by world famous midwife, Ina May Gaskin.

Giving birth after stillbirth

Giving Birth After Stillbirth - A BellyBelly Member's Story

Giving birth after stillbirth: a courageous woman shares the heart-wrenching story of the loss of her newborn son, followed by the birth of her second son, born naturally. Some readers may find this article upsetting, please read at your own discretion.

Giving Birth In Water - The Benefits of Waterbirth

Waterbirth International has been conducting a research project for ten years, including a survey of women who have given birth in water. On the survey form is a questions that asks, "Would you consider giving birth again in water?" With over 1500 surveys collected, there has only been one woman that answered no to that question.

Hiring a Birth Attendant or Doula - Questions to Ask

So you've decided you'd like a birth attendant or doula to support you for your upcoming birth - congratulations! It's a big step for some couples to decide that they need extra support, but rest assured, this kind of support is one you will be very glad you called upon.

Homebirth myths

Homebirth - 10 Myths About Homebirth Debunked

Homebirth myths: busted. Here are 10 myths about homebirth that you've no doubt heard.

Homebirth - Having A Homebirth In Australia

Homebirth in Australia is growing - past figures based on 2003 statistics in Victoria showed more babies were BBA (or born before arrival!) than were homebirthed. But since 2003, homebirth has been in the media and on political agendas - and more women are homebirthing. Find out all about homebirth in Australia.

Hormones In Labour & Birth - How Your Body Helps You

If you find yourself needing affirmation or extra confidence that you can birth normally, you must read this incredible article by Dr. Sarah Buckley. Sarah tells of the four major hormonal systems that are active and supporting you during labour and birth - oxytocin, the hormone of love; endorphins, hormones of pleasure and transcendence; adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones of excitement; and prolactin, the mothering hormone.

Hospital Bag For Labour - What To Pack For Hospital

What do you pack if you are giving birth in a hospital? Even if you have a good idea or a list in mind, you might find something in our 'what to pack' list that you haven't thought of! We also asked our members to contribute what they felt was helpful to them when they were in hospital.

Induce Labour With Natural Methods - Bring On Labour Naturally

Trying to induce or bring on labour? Natural methods of induction offer alternative ways to try and ripen your cervix or stimulate labour - especially if you are trying to beat a medical induction. So what natural methods of induction are there? Read on to find out!

Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour - The Risks of Labour Induction

Contemplating an induction of labour? Find out what the different methods of labour induction are and what risks are involved.

Labour pain worse

Labour Pain - 8 Things That Can Make Labour Pain Worse

Labour pain: many pregnant women spend time learning about pain relief options - but here are 8 things to prevent if you want to minimise pain.

Men At Birth - Should Men Be In The Birth Room?

Should a man attend the birth of his baby? 7 steps to creating a successful birth team with your partner, written by dad and author of 'Men At Birth,' David Vernon.

Natural Birth - Tips For Natural Birth Success

Planning a natural birth? Most pregnant women I speak to express some level of desire, be it overwhelming or wavering, to give birth naturally (e.g. no drugs or interventions) in a time when natural birth seems to be slowly fading away. So what can you do to improve your chance of giving birth, naturally?

natural pain relief

Natural Pain Relief Options For Labour - 13 Effective Options

Natural pain relief methods for labour are a fantastic way of avoiding medical pain relief, which has side effects for you and your baby and starts off the 'cascade of intervention.'

Nipple Stimulation - How To Do Nipple Stimulation For Labour

Nipple stimulation is a natural way to help strengthen and encourage contractions. When you do nipple stimulation, it produces the hormone oxytocin, which is also produced when your baby breastfeeds, in order to keep producing milk, and is the hormone needed for labour. Find out how to do nipple stimulation.

Pain in Labour: Your Hormones Are Your Helpers

Researchers such as French surgeon and natural birth pioneer Michel Odent believe that if we can be more respectful of our mammalian roots, and the hormones that we share, we can have more chance of a straightforward birth ourselves.

unwanted birth support

Saying 'No' to Unwanted Birth Support People

Does someone want to be at your labour who you don't want there? Here are some tips for saying no, and why its important to follow through and say no.

Siblings at birth

Siblings At Birth - Should Children Be Present During Childbirth?

Should children be present during childbirth? A mother (and midwife) makes a very compelling point.

signs of labour

Signs Of Labour - Early Signs Of Labour

Signs of labour for those soon to have a baby! Find out what the early signs of labour are.

Small Pelvis? Here's The Truth About Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)

It was a problem long ago and it's still a problem now - women being told that their pelvis is 'too small' for their baby (or baby is big) so they will need a caesarean. Here's the real truth behind the 'small pelvis' phenomenon.

Sterile water injections

Sterile Water Injections - Taking the Pain Out of Back Labour

Sterile water injections have been successfully taking the pain out of back labour for many years. How do they work? Midwife Carolyn Hastie explains.

Tens Machine

Tens Machine - Using A Tens Machine For Labour

A tens machine is an option for pain relief during labour. So what are the pros and cons of using a tens machine? Read on to find out.

The Third Stage of Labour - Benefits Of A Natural Third Stage

Labour doesn't end with the birth of your baby, but the third stage, or, the birth of the placenta. The management of this stage of labour has a great deal more importance than you might think and is definitely something to look into for both you and your baby's health.

Uterine Scar Rupture - What Is a Uterine Rupture?

If you have had a caesarean before you probably have already heard the words 'uterine rupture' from your carer or elsewhere. But it's not only those who have had a previous caesarean who are at risk. Find out what a uterine rupture is, how to reduce your chances and to find out how safe VBAC really is.

VBAC - On Whose Terms?

Are you planning a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)? Make sure you read this article to find out the challenges you may be faced with in order to have the birth you are hoping for. 'VBAC - On Whose Terms' will help you make a more informed decision about your Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) - What To Expect

The scar from your previous caesarean is strong. While many people fear that the scar will rupture and cause the death of the mother and/ or her child, medical studies have shown that this risk is greatly overstated.


VBAC Birth Tips - Advice From VBAC Mums Who Have Done It!

Thinking about having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)? This inspirational VBAC article is chock full of advice, tips and beautiful photos from mammas who have done it!

VBAC Myths

VBAC Myths - 4 Common VBAC Myths Busted

Thinking about a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)? Make sure you read these big VBAC myths first.

VBAC sabotage

VBAC Sabotage - 9 Things That De-Rail Your VBAC Attempt

Planning a VBAC? Its important to find out about the hurdles you may face before you give birth. Here are 9 common acts of VBAC sabotage.

Water Birth - Preparing For Birth in Water

Having seen many water births as a doula, I can say that they are amongst the most beautiful births I have ever seen. There's something so soothing about birth in water. The babies are often so calm at birth, you may think that they aren't breathing - but they just aren't crying. Of course, the baby still gets its oxygen from the placenta while under water, so its a very safe and beautiful way to give birth.

Waterbirth in Australia - Locations Offering Waterbirth Facilities

Want to have a waterbirth in Australia? Here's a list we've compiled which contains details of hospitals and birth centres across Australia where you can have a waterbirth.

Waters Breaking - What Happens When Your Waters Break

Waters breaking - what happens and when?! You might imagine it like the movies would have you believe - a heavily pregnant woman goes out shopping in a glamourous outfit and then at the most inappropriate moment, her water breaks all over the floor and she goes into spontaneous labour that very minute! Rest assured it's not often like that at all. Here's some helpful information about waters breaking and what happens next, as well as some real life stories.

when should a baby engage

When Should A Baby Engage In Pregnancy?

Baby isn't engaged yet? Find out when your baby should engage and what the research says.

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