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Woman Gives Birth To Giant Baby Naturally And Without Pain Medication

A Russian mother has given birth to a giant baby, without pain relief. Can women give birth to big babies without needing medical assistance? Read More

Are Women Getting The Birth They Want?

Women naturally expect the birth of their baby to be an amazing and empowering experience. Recent research shows women aren’t getting the birth they want. Read More

What’s Killing America’s New Mothers? 4 Things You Need To Know

The US ranks low among developed countries for mother and baby outcomes. Here are 4 things you should know about how America’s new mothers are cared for. Read More

Hospital Birth Classes Are Sabotaging Women’s Birth Plans, Say Midwives

You might never suspect it, but hospital birth classes can result in significantly higher levels of interventions, including pain relief use and c-sections. Read More

Don’t Speed Up Labour, WHO Says

The World Health Organisation supports women having more time to labour. Its new guidelines focus on birth as a normal event in a woman’s life. Read More

10 Things Every Mama Thinks When She’s At The Pushing Stage

The second stage of labour takes a lot of focus and energy. Here are 10 crazy things you might think when you’re at the pushing stage. Read More

Doctors Should Support Normal Birth, WHO says

In new guidelines released by the World Health Organization, doctors are urged to trust women, and support normal birth without unnecessary interventions. Read More

Women Left Alone During Labour In Hospitals

Women in the UK are being left alone during labour, due to staff shortages. Many have found a way to ensure they have the support they need. Read More

Duchess Of Cambridge Is Considering Home Birth

Rumours are rife the newest addition to the British Royal family will be born at home, as the Duchess of Cambridge wants to avoid hospital 'chaos'. Read More

Mothers And Babies Harmed By Maternity Care Providers

Women are encouraged to give birth in hospital because it’s safe. New research shows women and babies are being harmed by their maternity care providers. Read More

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