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Men Giving Birth – See A Hilarious Labour Simulation!

men giving birth

While we can't really see men giving birth, this is the closest we'll get to it! Watch this hilarious video of four men in a labour simulation. Read More

Babies More Likely To Be Born At This Time Of Day

baby born time

Wondering what time of day your baby is most likely to be born? A study of 90% of births in the US uncovered the most common times babies were born. Read More

Stillborn Babies Under 20 Weeks To Be Recognised in WA

stillbirth 20 weeks wa

Parents of stillborn babies have warmly welcomed the news that Western Australia will now acknowledge stillborn babies born before 20 weeks gestation. Read More

The 7 Mental Stages Of Labour – Step By Step

mental stages of labour

You probably know about the physical stages of labour, but what about the mental ones? Read this hilarious article on the 7 mental stages of labour. Read More

Labor Games: TV Show Offers Prizes During Labour

labor games

Labor Games is a new TV show on TLC which interrupts women in labour and offers them prizes for answering questions. Good idea, or bad? You be the judge. Read More

This Birth Procedure Is Set To Become A Thing Of The Past

immediate cord clamping

Thanks to a decade of campaigning and determination from a UK midwife, a birth procedure is set to become a thing of the past. Find out what it is here. Read More

Stillbirth – What Expectant Parents Need To Know


Stillbirth is very difficult to talk about, let alone think about. However, if you're pregnant, it can be helpful to be informed about stillbirth. Read More

11 Celebrity Homebirth Mammas

celebrity homebirth

Homebirth is growing in popularity -- amongst celebrities too! Some of these 11 celebrity homebirth mammas gave birth at home long ago -- find out who! Read More