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Breastfeeding may be the natural, healthy way to feed a baby, but it doesn't mean that breastfeeding is easy. Many women seek information on how to breastfeed, however due to a mix of cultural, social and economic factors, the percentage of women in Australia who breastfeed exclusively at 6 months is a low 14% according to recent research. To help you to have an empowered and informed breastfeeding journey, here is a collection of breastfeeding articles, many of which include contributions by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's - the gold standard of lactation care) and more. BellyBelly is the Thinking Woman's Website for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

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Are Breastfeeding Mothers Exhibitionists?

Do you think that breastfeeding mothers are exhibitionists? Does seeing women breastfeeding ruin your day/lunch/coffee/other? If so, then you really need to see this.

Best Breastfeeding Books - Top 7 Books For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding books that are worth their weight in gold. Make sure you have at least one of these breastfeeding books in your library!

Biting and Breastfeeding - How To Stop Biting During Breastfeeding

Being the recipient of a bite while your baby is breastfeeding can be quite unpleasant - so why do babies bite? It might not be for the reason you think. Read on for some suggestions as to why your breastfeeding baby might be taking a bite instead of a suck!

Blocked Milk Duct - Symptoms and Treatments For A Blocked Milk Duct

Milk duct blocked? If you have a blocked milk duct or suspect you may have, here's some symptoms and treatments for blocked milk ducts for breastfeeding mothers. Includes tips for easing discomfort of a blocked milk duct.

Breastfeeding & Medications - Should You Stop Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and need to take medication? Concerned about the safety of continuing to breastfeed while taking medication? International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Diane Wiessinger, provides some great information to help you make a more informed decision.

Breastfeeding A Toddler - Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Toddler

Breastfeeding a toddler may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it does offer significant nutritional and immunological benefits to the child as well as a reduced risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis to the mother. Read on to find out the benefits of extending the breast.

Breastfeeding a Toddler - Why on Earth?

At 6 months of age, many women start to wean their babies, so the rate of exclusive breastfeeding takes a steep dive. However, the World Health Organisation actually recommends breastfeeding your baby until 2 years of age. Why might this be?

Breastfeeding – How Breastfeeding Is A Confidence Game

Breastfeeding can be a confidence game - it can be so easily undermined as well-meaning voices suggest, “Are you sure you have enough milk?” or “Perhaps your milk isn’t strong enough?"

Breastfeeding and Alcohol - Is Alcohol Safe While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and alcohol - is it a safe mix? If so, how much alcohol can I drink while breastfeeding? Find out everything you need to know about alcohol and breastmilk, from Dr. Thomas Hale - the foremost leading expert in the field of perinatal pharmacology and the use of medications.

Breastfeeding and Diet - Can You Diet While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and dieting - is it possible? If you're breastfeeding, you may have heard that weight loss can have an effect on your milk production. If you're interested in losing weight now or in the near future, here are some great, sensible tips to get you started with post baby weight loss.

Breastfeeding And Illness - Should You Stop Breastfeeding?

If you're breastfeeding and either you or the baby is sick, you may be wondering if its best to keep breastfeeding or to stop breastfeeding. Many women have been incorrectly told to stop breastfeeding their baby - if medications are involved or not. Find out what you need to know about breastfeeding through illness.

Breastfeeding FAQ's

New to breastfeeding? Need a quick refresh? Here are some FAQ's that you might find helpful when starting out breastfeeding your baby.

Breastfeeding Is NOT Best

The lactation consultant says, "You have the best chance to provide your baby with the best possible start in life, through the special bond of breastfeeding. The wonderful advantages to you and your baby will last a lifetime." And then the mother bottlefeeds. Why?

Breastfeeding Problems - Treatments for Common Problems

The following describes the use of some treatments for breastfeeding mothers who are having various problems, from engorgement to increasing your milk supply.

Breastfeeding The Premature Baby

When a baby is born prematurely, mothers have even more difficulty with breastfeeding, and this is unfortunate because premature babies need breastmilk and breastfeeding even more than healthy full term babies. Mothers aren't getting the support they need and the reasons why may surprise you. Find out some common myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding a premature baby as well as hurdles you may face.

Breastfeeding Tips - 10 Top Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding tips that are a MUST read for every mother or mother-to-be. Check out our 10 best breastfeeding tips.

Breastfeeding Your Baby In Public

Some newly breastfeeding mothers worry about how they will deal with their baby's need to breastfeed when they are away from home. We live in a society which finds it acceptable for women to wear skimpy bathing suits on the beach, to dress in low cut tops and to pose scantily clad for underwear advertisements. But many people are critical when they see a woman bare her breasts for their natural purpose, that is, to breastfeed a baby. Read on for some great words of advice from the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Cluster Feeding - When Baby Breastfeeds In Clusters

Cluster feeding is when babies bunch feeds close together at certain times of the day. They breastfeed for a couple of hours a time, leaving many mothers thinking that they don't have enough milk. Find out about cluster feeding and how to cope with long feeding sessions.

Colostrum - What Is Colostrum And How Does It Help My Baby?

Colostrum is often referred to as 'liquid gold' and 'nature’s vaccine' for babies. Yes it is that good! Find out why colostrum is so important and the many benefits it has for babies - especially premature babies.

Does Breastfeeding Reduce The Risk of SIDS?

Could breastfeeding reduce the incidence of SIDS? Here's some great information from Professor James McKenna, the world's leading authority on mother-infant co-sleeping and breastfeeding and SIDS.

Engorged Breasts - Relief For Engorged Breasts

Engorged breasts are common in the early weeks of breastfeeding. Here's some great advice for relief from engorged breasts..

Expressing and Storing Breastmilk

If you need to store or express milk for your baby, here's a great starting guide from the Australian Breastfeeding Association on expressing and storing breastmilk. Find out how to best store expressed milk and when to discard it.

How To Wean Your Baby or Toddler - A Respectful Approach to Weaning

Wondering how to wean your baby or toddler? No matter if its baby led weaning, mother led weaning or mutual weaning, the time to start weaning your baby is when you or your baby decide that it is right, taking into account the needs of your baby, yourself and your home and family situation. Here's some information on respectfully weaning your baby,

Hypoplasia and Breastfeeding - Insufficient Glandular Breast Tissue

Hypoplasia (also known as insufficient glandular tissue), is one of those issues where breastfeeding can be challenging due to actual medical reasons. However its not all bad news! Find out about hypoplasia, the symptoms and what it means for you and your baby.

Increase Breastmilk Supply - 10 Simple Tips To Increase Your Supply

Want to know how to increase milk supply? Here are ten great tips to increase your milk supply.

Is My Baby Hungry? Do I Have Enough Milk?

As your baby's cries escalate, you can be sure to hear well meant enquiries of, "are you sure you have enough milk?" or "maybe your milk isn't strong enough?" Find out how to tell if your baby is really hungry.

Lactation After Loss - Dealing With Breastmilk Supply After Loss

Lactation after loss is rarely discussed after you've had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Usually the support you receive focuses on the emotional aspect, leaving many women startled, shocked and even experiencing more grief and dispair to find that their milk comes in. Here is some advice and support for lactation after a loss.

Lactation Consultant - What Is A Lactation Consultant?

Lactation consultants do much more than teach women how to breastfeed. Find out what a lactation consultant can do for you.

Lactation Cookies - Very Effective Lactation Cookies Recipe

Lactation cookies recipe that works FAST and tastes great! 90% of our members say that our lactation cookies increased their breastmilk supply.

Libido and Breastfeeding - Where Did My Sex Drive Go?

Breastfeeding and your libido has run for the hills? No matter how high your libido was before you gave birth, here's some important information about your sex drive while breastfeeding.

Mastitis & Blocked Ducts - Symptoms & Treatments for Mastitis

Mastitis is due to an infection (almost always due to bacteria rather than other types of germs) that usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers. Nobody knows exactly why some women get mastitis and others do not. If you're experiencing mastitis or a blocked duct, here's some great information on what you can do to help.

Motilium & Breastfeeding - Using Motilium to Boost Milk Supply

Motilium has emerged as a drug successful at boosting breastmilk supply. If you're looking at options to increase milk production, here's a detailed article on Motilium, including side effects, dosage and more, so you can make an informed decision on boosting your breastmilk supply.

Nipple Shields - Before You Use Nipple Shields, Read This!

Nipple shields are becoming more commonly used by breastfeeding women when breastfeeding problems rear their (sometimes very painful) head - but how do you know if it's creating a problem or helping a problem? Dr Jack Newman explains several reasons why nipple shields are used, and if its really going to help or hinder your breastfeeding journey.

Nipple Thrush - Natural, Effective Nipple Thrush Treatment Options

Nipple thrush can make breastfeeding almost unbearable for the breastfeeding mother. Not only is it painful, but nipple thrush can be transmitted between the nipple and baby's mouth. Here's some natural and effective treatments and preventatives for fighting nipple thrush.

Not Enough Milk? Concerned About Your Milk Supply?

Do you have enough milk for your baby? One of the most common reasons a mother weans her baby before she might want to is that she is worried that she doesn't have enough milk. Read on to find out how you can tell if you have enough milk for your baby.

Planning to Breastfeed? Prepare to Succeed

The majority of pregnant women plan to breastfeed their babies, but as we know, sadly breastfeeding rates drop off very quickly due to a variety of reasons. If you're planning to brestfeed, prepare to succeed with this helpful article by Sherylee Tutt.

Relactation - Restarting Breastfeeding After Stopping

Relactation is the process of restarting lactation after your milk supply decreases. Induced lactation is the process of inducing a milk supply without giving birth, for example, in adoptive mothers. Both are possible. Read on to find out more.

Returning To Work and Breastfeeding

Returning to paid work doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding! Find out all the ins and outs of breastfeeding and returning to work.

Sore Nipples - Preventing Sore Nipples When Breastfeeding

Sore nipples can put a big dampener on your breastfeeding experience. It's important to know that the best treatment of sore nipples is prevention. The best prevention is latching the baby on properly from the first day.

Vasospasm - Symptoms and Treatments For Vasospasm

Vasospasm occurs when blood vessels tighten, preventing blood from flowing to the nipple. Vasospasm onset typically occurs within the first month of breastfeeding. Find out the symptoms and treatments for vasospasm.

Weaning And Depression - Post Weaning Depression

Weaning can be a relief for some mothers, but for others, it can be a very sad time - especially if your last baby is weaning. Post weaning depression can occur due to hormones shifting and changing, but because no real public awareness exists, mothers often suffer in silence. More from BellyBelly contributor, Priscilla Stevens.

What Is My Baby Thinking? A Day In The Life Of A Breastfed Baby

Have you ever wondered what your breastfed baby is thinking? BellyBelly forum member, MummyNaomi, thinks she's got it all worked out. From one breastfeeding mother to another, I think she's got it spot on! Read a day in the life of 7 month old Annika. You'll giggle, I promise!

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