Breastfeeding Articles

Breastfeeding may be the normal way to feed a baby, but it doesn't mean that it's easy - or best. Only 14% of Australian women are breastfeeding past at 6 months. Here is some great information to help you breastfeed for as long as you can.

Sore nipples breastfeeding

Sore Nipples - 14 Tips and Tricks To Soothe Sore Nipples

Sore nipples when breastfeeding? Here are 14 helpful solutions that can help ease the discomfort and pain of sore nipples. Read before your next breastfeed!

Breastfeeding diet myths

Breastfeeding Diet Myths - 5 Big Myths Debunked

Biggest breastfeeding diet myths - debunked! Can you eat [insert] food while breastfeeding? Can you diet while breastfeeding? All the answers can be found here.

Flat or inverted nipples when breastfeeding

Flat Or Inverted Nipples? Try These Helpful Breastfeeding Tips

If you have flat or inverted nipples, here are some helpful and practical tips to help make breastfeeding your baby a little less stressful or difficult.

Breastfeeding hurts

When Breastfeeding Hurts - 10 Causes of Painful Breastfeeding

If breastfeeding hurts or is painful - it shouldn't be. Here are 10 helpful suggestions to consider, which can help prevent pain during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding Problems: 5 Best Tips To Prevent Feeding Issues

Pregnant and plan to breastfeed? Here are 5 big tips that will help to prevent breastfeeding problems from occurring. Prevention is always better than cure.

Holiday weaning

Holiday Weaning - 10 Tips To Avoid Accidental Weaning

Holiday weaning can happen without you even realising what's going on. Here are 10 helpful tips if you're keen to avoid weaning your baby too soon.

Breastfeeding snacks

8 Healthy and Delicious Snacks for Breastfeeding Mothers

It's important for breastfeeding mothers to eat healthy and nutritious snacks to help support their supply. Here are 8 great suggestions if you're breastfeeding.

Breastmilk Oversupply

Too Much Milk? Managing Oversupply of Breastmilk | BellyBelly

If you feel like you're making too much milk or have a breastmilk oversupply, here are a list of symptoms and 8 fantastic tips to help regulate your supply.

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy - What You Need To Know

Have questions about breastfeeding after finding out you're pregnant? Wondering if anything will change or if you need to wean? Find out here.

Books about breastfeeding for children

6 Awesome Breastfeeding Books For Children | BellyBelly

After some positive breastfeeding books for your toddler or child? Look no further - here are 6 fantastic books on breastfeeding for little ones.

Nighttime breastfeeding

8 Reasons Why Night Breastfeeding Is So Important | BellyBelly

Breastfeeding through the night can be exhausting, but know there are 8 very important reasons for breastfeeding overnight. Find out what they are here.

Breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding Twins or More - 10 Tips For Twin Mothers

Breastfeeding twins or more? Here are 10 great tips that will help mothers of multiples find their groove feeding two or more babies.

Low milk supply

Low Milk Supply - 7 Incorrect Assumptions Mothers Make

Think you have low milk supply? A MUST READ if you're new to breastfeeding! Here are 7 incorrect assumptions that new mothers often make.

Vitamin D and breastfeeding

Why Vitamin D Is So Important While Breastfeeding

Due to modern indoor lifestyles and the regular use of sunscreen, vitamin D deficiency is very common - which can also affect our babies. Find out what you can do to avoid a vitamin D deficiency in your breastfed baby.

Breastfeeding with large breasts

7 Tips For Breastfeeding With Large Breasts

If you have large breasts and plan to breastfeed, here are 7 handy tips to help make your breastfeeding journey more comfortable.

Dads and breastfeeding support

7 Ways For Partners To Provide The Best Breastfeeding Support

Research has shown that fathers can play a huge role in the prevention of common lactation difficulties. Here are 7 important tips to help support a breastfeeding mother.

Ready for breastfeeding

Are Your Breasts Ready for Breastfeeding?

Should you toughen up your nipples? Express milk before the birth? What if you've had surgery? Here are some answers to common breastfeeding questions.

Breastmilk Jewellery

Breastmilk Jewellery - Would You Wear Breastmilk Jewellery?

Would you wear breastfeeding jewellery to commemorate your breastfeeding journey? Find out about the new and unique trend of breastmilk jewellery.

More milk for baby

5 Ways To Help Your Breastfed Baby Get More Milk

Does your baby have slow/low weight gain? Is he fussy or pulls off the breast often? Here are 5 helpful tips to help your baby get more breastmilk.

Foods that improve breastmilk supply

11 Foods That Improve Breastmilk Supply

If you want to increase your breastmilk supply with the foods you eat, here are 11 foods that can boost your supply.

Weaning off a nipple shield

Nipple Shields: 6 Steps To Weaning Off A Nipple Shield

Using a nipple shield and want to know how to stop using it? Here are 6 helpful tips to quit using a nipple shield.

Saying no to breastfeeding your toddler

Breastfeeding Boundaries: Why It's Okay To Say 'No' To Your Toddler

Starting to resent breastfeeding your toddler? Boundaries could be the problem. Here's why it's okay to say 'no' to your toddler.

Breastfeeding mother

15 Things Breastfeeding Mothers Don't Want To Hear

Breastfeeding mothers are no stranger to insensitive comments. Here are 15 things breastfeeding mothers don't want to hear.

Deciding to wean

Weaning: 6 Tips To Help Make The Right Decision

Are you contemplating weaning your baby or toddler? Here are 6 tips to consider before you do.

What to say to a breastfeeding mother

12 Helpful Things To Say To A Breastfeeding Mother

If you know or come across a breastfeeding mother, here are 12 wonderful and helpful things to say.