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Breastfeeding may be the natural, healthy way to feed a baby, but it doesn't mean that breastfeeding is easy. Many women seek information on how to breastfeed, however due to a mix of cultural, social and economic factors, the percentage of women in Australia who breastfeed exclusively at 6 months is a low 14% according to recent research. To help you to have an empowered and informed breastfeeding journey, here is a collection of breastfeeding articles, many of which include contributions by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's - the gold standard of lactation care) and more. BellyBelly is the Thinking Woman's Website for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

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Dads and breastfeeding support

7 Ways For Partners To Provide The Best Breastfeeding Support

Research has shown that fathers can play a huge role in the prevention of common lactation difficulties. Here are 7 important tips to help support a breastfeeding mother.

More milk for baby

5 Ways To Help Your Breastfed Baby Get More Milk

Does your baby have slow/low weight gain? Is he fussy or pulls off the breast often? Here are 5 helpful tips to help your baby get more breastmilk.

Foods that improve breastmilk supply

11 Foods That Improve Breastmilk Supply

If you want to increase your breastmilk supply with the foods you eat, here are 11 foods that can boost your supply.

Weaning off a nipple shield

Nipple Shields: 6 Steps To Weaning Off A Nipple Shield

Using a nipple shield and want to know how to stop using it? Here are 6 helpful tips to quit using a nipple shield.

Saying no to breastfeeding your toddler

Breastfeeding Boundaries: It's Okay To Say 'No' To Your Toddler

Starting to resent breastfeeding your toddler? Boundaries could be the problem. Here's why it's okay to say 'no' to your toddler.

Breastfeeding mother

15 Things Breastfeeding Mothers Don't Want To Hear

Breastfeeding mothers are no stranger to insensitive comments. Here are 15 things breastfeeding mothers don't want to hear.

Deciding to wean

Weaning: 6 Tips To Help Make The Right Decision

Are you contemplating weaning your baby or toddler? Here are 6 tips to consider before you do.

What to say to a breastfeeding mother

12 Helpful Things To Say To A Breastfeeding Mother

If you know or come across a breastfeeding mother, here are 12 wonderful and helpful things to say.

successful relactation

3 Inspirational Stories Of Relactation

Inspirational stories of relactation - how 3 amazing mammas did it, step by step. Please share with other mammas - you just might help to heal someone's heart.

breastfeeding exhibitionists

Are Breastfeeding Mothers Exhibitionists?

Do you think that breastfeeding mothers are exhibitionists? Does seeing women breastfeeding ruin your day/lunch/coffee/other? If so, then you really need to see this.

Breastfeeding Tips For Mothers

Breastfeeding Tips - 10 Top Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding tips that are a MUST read for every mother or mother-to-be. Check out our 10 best breastfeeding tips.

Lactation Consultant

Lactation Consultant - What Is A Lactation Consultant?

Lactation consultants do much more than teach women how to breastfeed. Find out what a lactation consultant can do for you.

depression after weaning

Weaning And Depression - Post Weaning Depression

Weaning can be a very sad time - especially if your last baby is weaning. Post weaning depression can occur due to hormones shifting and changing, but because no real public awareness exists, mothers often suffer in silence.

Nipple Thrush - Natural, Effective Nipple Thrush Treatment Options

Nipple thrush can make breastfeeding almost unbearable for the breastfeeding mother. Not only is it painful, but nipple thrush can be transmitted between the nipple and baby's mouth. Here's some natural and effective treatments and preventatives for fighting nipple thrush.

Vasospasm - Symptoms and Treatments For Vasospasm

Vasospasm occurs when blood vessels tighten, preventing blood from flowing to the nipple. Vasospasm onset typically occurs within the first month of breastfeeding. Find out the symptoms and treatments for vasospasm.


Relactation - Restarting Breastfeeding After Stopping

Relactation is the process of restarting lactation after your breastmilk supply decreases or stops. IT IS POSSIBLE! Read on to find out more.

Cluster feeding

Cluster Feeding - 7 Tips For Coping With Cluster Feeding

Cluster feeding is when babies bunch feeds close together at certain times of the day. Find out about cluster feeding and how to cope with long feeding sessions.

Colostrum - What Is Colostrum And How Does It Help My Baby?

Colostrum is often referred to as 'liquid gold' and 'nature’s vaccine' for babies. Yes it is that good! Find out why colostrum is so important and the many benefits it has for babies - especially premature babies.

Hypoplasia and Breastfeeding - Insufficient Glandular Breast Tissue

Hypoplasia (also known as insufficient glandular tissue), is one of those issues where breastfeeding can be challenging due to actual medical reasons. However its not all bad news! Find out about hypoplasia, the symptoms and what it means for you and your baby.

Blocked Milk Duct - Symptoms and Treatments For A Blocked Milk Duct

Milk duct blocked? If you have a blocked milk duct or suspect you may have, here's some symptoms and treatments for blocked milk ducts for breastfeeding mothers. Includes tips for easing discomfort of a blocked milk duct.

Lactation after loss

Lactation After Loss - Dealing With Breastmilk Supply After Loss

Lactation after loss is rarely discussed after you've had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Here is some advice and support for lactation after a loss.

What Is My Baby Thinking? A Day In The Life Of A Breastfed Baby

Have you ever wondered what your breastfed baby is thinking? BellyBelly forum member, MummyNaomi, thinks she's got it all worked out. From one breastfeeding mother to another, I think she's got it spot on! Read a day in the life of 7 month old Annika. You'll giggle, I promise!

Libido and breastfeeding

Libido and Breastfeeding - Where Did My Sex Drive Go?

Breastfeeding, and your libido has run for the hills? No matter how high your libido was before giving birth, hormones from breastfeeding can result in low libido.

Increase Breastmilk Supply

Increase Breastmilk Supply - 10 Simple Tips To Increase Your Supply

Want to know how to increase milk supply? Here are ten great tips to increase your milk supply.

Breastfeeding and Diet - Can You Diet While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and dieting - is it possible? If you're breastfeeding, you may have heard that weight loss can have an effect on your milk production. If you're interested in losing weight now or in the near future, here are some great, sensible tips to get you started with post baby weight loss.

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