Breastfeeding isn’t always easy – or best. Read about the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as plenty of advice, tips and information.

Why The Elle Breastfeeding Cover Photo Is A Big Deal

elle breastfeeding cover photo

The June issue of Elle Australia has featured model and mum, Nicole Trunfio, breastfeeding her son, Zion. We think it's a pretty big deal. Here's why. Read More

5 Unreliable Signs That Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk

enough breastmilk

Usually, parents use unreliable signs to tell if their baby is getting enough milk. Here are 5 of those unreliable signs from BellyBelly's IBCLC, Renee Kam. Read More

Breastfeeding Dr Seuss Style — Very Funny!

breastfeeding dr seuss

A hilarious take on breastfeeding -- Dr Seuss style! If you grew up with Dr Seuss books, here's the perfect accompaniment to your breastfeeding journey. Read More

5 Reasons Why I’m Happier Now My Toddler Has Weaned

weaned toddler

Weaning a toddler can be emotionally and physically challenging for some mothers. Here are 5 reasons why I'm happy to have I weaned my toddler. Read More

Breastfeeding Pods At Airports – Would You Use Them?

breastfeeding pods

Airports are notoriously difficult places for mothers to breastfeeding their babies. Enter, breastfeeding pods! Would you use one? Find out more. Read More

Breastfeeding Toddlers – Why Are You Still Breastfeeding?!

Breastfeeding Toddlers

Mothers with breastfeeding toddlers sometimes hear the comment, "You're still breastfeeding?" Find out if there are any benefits to breastfeeding toddlers. Read More

9 Birth Interventions That Affect Breastfeeding

Interventions and Breastfeeding

If you're giving birth, know that these 9 interventions can affect breastfeeding. While it's not guaranteed, being informed and knowing what to do can help. Read More

Breastfeeding: 7 Tips For Keeping Your Confidence

How Breastfeeding Is Often A Confidence Game

Breastfeeding can be undermined by the media, interfering strangers, or well meaning friends and family. Here are 7 tips for keeping your confidence. Read More