Child Articles

Just as every baby is different, so is every child! BellyBelly has a collection of helpful articles for your child, designed to give you a range of options to try with your own, unique child. You'll also find many useful and practical articles written by BellyBelly's 'Gentle' Parenting Expert, Pinky McKay.

Kids not going to school

My Kids Aren't Going To School In 2015 - And Here's Why

Would you be horrified at the idea of your children missing a year of school? I think it's one of the best things I will ever do for my kids. Find out why.

Lies parents tell their children

25 BIGGEST Lies Parents Tell Their Children

Lying is bad, you shouldn't lie. Well, that's what we tell our kids anyway. Here are 25 of the biggest lies parents tell their kids... a humourous article for parents who really need a laugh.

First bra

When To Buy Her First Bra - Plus 6 Tips To Make It Enjoyable

Wondering if it's time to buy your daughter her first bra? Here are 6 helpful tips - as well as some things to avoid that may embarrass your daughter.

Explaining death to children

Explaining Death To A Child - 3 Helpful Tips

Explaining a death to a child can be very difficult. Here's some advice on what to say, and what not to say, to a child about death.

Children and chores

6 BIG Ways Your Children Benefit from Having Chores

Chores - many of us loathe them, but research shows that by starting children on chores while they are young, they can reap many benefits. Here are 6 impressive benefits to doing chores.

Sensory processing disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) - What Is It?

Sensory processing disorder (as well as sensory processing) is often misunderstood. Here's a fantastic article to help you understand sensory processing and SPD.

Aussie Parents Are Not Crap

An Open Letter To Dr Carr-Gregg - Aussie Parents Are Not 'Crap'

In response to Dr Carr-Gregg's comments that Aussie parents are doing a crappy job.

Frozen Parody Dads

Frozen Parody - Dad's Response To The Frozen Movie

Been bitten by the Frozen bug? These two dads who are enduring the dreaded Frozen epidemic have taken a stand... see what they have to say.

Signs of a gifted child

7 Signs Your Child Might Be Academically Gifted

Could your child be academically gifted? Here are 5 common signs of gifted children.

Child being bullied

Bullying: Is Your Child Is Being Bullied? 5 Tips To Help

Bullying: no parent likes to hear that their child is being picked on. If your child is being bullied, here are 5 tips to help your child.

Signs of anxiety in children

7 Signs That Your Child May Have An Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety in children: if you suspect that your child may be suffering from anxiety, check out these 7 signs.

high energy child

The High Energy Child - 6 Helpful Tips For Parents

Do you have a high energy child? Here are 6 tips to help parents of high energy children.

single parenting tips

7 Tips To Make Single Parenting Easier and More Effective

If you're a single parent, here are 7 great tips to help make single parenting easier and more effective.

teachers wish parents knew

6 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Do you have a child in school? Here are 6 things teachers wish they could say to parents about their children.

Getting the best out of your child's teacher

5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Child's Teacher

Studies show that children are most successful in school when there is support from home. Here are 5 great ways you can help your child.

night terrors

Night Terrors In Toddlers and Children

Night terrors - what causes them and what should you do if your child has them? Find out here.

big age gaps

Age Gaps Between Children: 10 Reasons Why Big Gaps Rock

If you're wondering if big age gaps between your children are for you, here are 10 reasons why big age gaps can be beneficial.

food affecting kids behaviour

10 Surprising Foods That Can Affect Your Child's Behaviour

Most parents are familiar with the behavioural effects of sugar and red cordial on their children, however these 10 common foods can also cause problems.

chicken pox

Chicken Pox - Symptoms, Risks and 13 Foods To Aid Recovery

Information on chicken pox, including symptoms, 13 foods that aid chicken pox recovery, 7 ways to ease the itch and when to urgently call the doctor.

building kids self esteem

10 Effective Ways to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

Self-esteem is your child’s best defence against challenges and setbacks they will face as they grow up. Here are 10 ways to build your child's self esteem.

Child's Skull With Teeth

Child's Skull With Teeth - Creepy But Fascinating Images!

Warning: these images of a child's skull with teeth are not for the faint-hearted! See how a child's teeth come down through the skull.


11 Reasons Why Smacking Is Ineffective and Damaging

Do you smack (or spank) your children? Here are 11 reasons why smacking children (or anyone for that matter) is damaging and ineffective.

Banned From Television

What Happened When I Banned My Kids From Television & Other Screens

Would your kids survive going without television, computer and ipod screens? I took all three away for a week - find out what happened!

Talking To Children About Porn

Porn: The Talk You MUST Have With Your Children

This is the talk parents MUST have with their kids about porn. We're living in an unprecedented era - and the damage has begun.

If You Have A Daughter, This Will Make You Angry

If you have a daughter (or even if you are one) then watching this will probably make you angry. But it's something you really need to see to truly believe.