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Conception can be a rollercoaster for some couples, so if you're wondering how to get pregnant or how to optimise your fertility, BellyBelly is here to help. Read plenty of great conception information, to help make your journey a little easier.

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challenging comments

10 Things Those Trying To Conceive Don't Want To Hear

Want to know how to upset or annoy someone who is trying to conceive? Try these top 10, least welcomed comments.

challenging comments part 2

10 Things Those Trying To Conceive Don’t Want To Hear - Part 2

Here's part two of the 5 top voted, most challenging/annoying/frustrating comments couples trying to conceive DONT want to hear.

An IVF Story

Share the IVF journey of one of our BellyBelly Members each month on the road to conception.

Best books fertility and conception

Best Books For Fertility and Conception

Want to read the best books on conception, fertility, ovulation and menstruation? Look no further - grab a copy of one of these!

orgasm and conception

Can A Woman's Orgasm Increase Chances Of Pregnancy?

Does a woman's orgasm increase chances of pregnancy? If you're trying to conceive, you might want to find this out, just to be sure!

Cervical mucus and ovulation

Cervical Mucus, Ovulation and Your Fertile Period

Cervical mucus observations can help you to get pregnant! Changes in cervical mucus can indicate ovulation, fertile periods and non-fertile periods. Find out how to tell the difference between 'fertile' mucus and 'infertile' cervical mucus.

changing the bull

Changing The Bull: Why Men Need To Get Real About Having Kids

Do you need to change the bull as a solution to your fertility issues? Mens fertility acupuncturist, Peter Loupelis explains.

Charting for conception

Charting Your Cycle For Conception

Charting your cycle for conception could help you get pregnant, faster! Find out how to get started charting your cycle.

Clomid - The Basics On Clomid And Its Success Rate

Clomid (clomifene citrate), is a drug used to treat female fertility problems, and works by stimulating egg release. Clomid is not without risks and side effects, so make sure you get informed before using Clomid.

Coping With Infertility at Christmas & Special Days

For infertile people, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day can be painful reminders of the fertility and success of other people. If you are having difficulty coping, here are some tips to help. Also includes tips for families of infertile couples.

Fertile Cervical Mucus - Ovulation and Cervical Mucus

Fertile cervical mucus is easy to spot once you know what you're looking for. Its a great sign of fertility, and along with other signs, you can get a great idea of what your body is doing - if you're ovulating, if you are fertile or non-fertile. Find out how to tell the difference between slightly fertile, fertile and highly fertile mucus.

Fertility After 40 & Menopause

The number of couples in their late 30's and 40's attempting pregnancy is increasing. Currently 13% of patients at Monash IVF are aged 40 or over. It is common to delay starting a family for a number of reasons

Folate for pregnancy

Folate - 10 Top Foods Containing Folate For Pregnancy

Folate - here are 10 top folate rich foods which are important to eat if you're trying to conceive or are pregnant.

Folate in pregnancy

Folate - Why You Need More Folate BEFORE You Get Pregnant

Folate (or in its synthetic form, folic acid) is crucial to consume while you are trying to conceive. Find out what foods contain folate and why you need it for a healthy baby.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Health Professional

To get the best out of your health professional, it helps to know the medical resources and referral system and to know your rights and responsibilities.

Pregnancy test

How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

Wondering how soon you can take a pregnancy test? Find out when the best time to perform a pregnancy test is.

How to conceive a boy

How To Conceive A Boy

Hoping to conceive a boy? Check out these conception tips which are said to help conceive a boy.

How To Conceive A Girl - 9 Tips To Conceive A Baby Girl

Want to know how to conceive a girl? If you're swaying for pink, here's 9 tips on how to conceive a girl.

Infertility Information For Families & Friends

People who are experiencing infertility sometimes find this difficult to talk about. This article is intended to help you understand some of the medical and emotional issues, and suggests some ways you might be able to help your friend or relative.

Investigating Infertility - Preliminary Tests

As part of the assessment for assisted reproductive techniques (ART), you are required to undergo a number of routine investigations and procedures.

IVF - When Is Enough, Enough?

This is one of the most difficult decisions a couple can face together. Often it is much more difficult than the decision to start IVF, which was a time of optimism and expectation.

IVF and Infertility

IVF and Infertility - Causes, Risk and IVF Success

IVF is an option for couples who are experiencing fertility issues. Find out about IVF and infertility.

male fertility

Male Fertility - What Every Man MUST Know About Trying For A Baby

Blokes - if you're trying for a baby, there are some very important things you need to know about male fertility. Find out the most common issues with male fertility and why its important for the man to play an active role for the best outcome.

Male Infertility

Male Infertility - What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility is very common. Read about the common causes of male infertility.

Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Test - Using Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby is a mini microscope that helps you pinpoint the days when you're most likely to conceive. It's the clean, accurate and non-invasive way to keep a close eye on your ovulation cycle.

conception after miscarriage

Miscarriage - When Can I Start Trying To Conceive After Miscarriage?

Trying to conceive after miscarriage - when can you start trying again? Find out what the studies say.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Pregnancy - Preparing for Pregnancy

The unpredictability of the course of MS is definitely the most challenging aspect of the disease. No one with MS can predict with certainty how they will be from one month to the next. So the decision about whether or not to have a baby may become even more difficult for a person with MS than it generally is.

Ovulation Calculator - Simple, Free Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation calculator thats simple to use! Try our ovulation calculator to find out when your fertile days are for conception.

Ovulation Calendar - Free Fertility Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation calendar - find out your fertile days in just a few clicks with our ovulation calendar.

ovulation pain

Ovulation Pain - 5 Reasons Why You MUST Get Ovulation Pain Investigated

Do you get ovulation pain? Unfortunately, ovulation pain is not normal. Here are 5 reasons why you MUST see someone to get it checked out.


PCOS - What Is PCOS? (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a reproductive disorder characterised by multiple cystic growths on the ovaries. Find out more here.

PMS - Pre Menstrual Syndrome

PMS - 5 Things Every Woman MUST Know About PMS

Do you suffer from PMS? It needn't be so. Here are 5 things that every woman needs to know about PMS.

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist - Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy? If you’ve decided that now is the time to prepare for pregnancy – congratulations! You’ve probably been thinking about babies for some time and can’t wait to get started. So where to now? Read on to see what to do next.

Private Health Funds Covering Midwifery and Homebirth

This article is a summary of what different Australian Health Funds offer in terms of Private Midwifery (hiring your own midwife) / Homebirth cover. The details are believed to be correct at the time of writing; however they may change from time to time and I will endevour to keep them updated as I become notified.

Putting on a Brave Face in a Child-Focused World

One of the hardest parts of struggling to get pregnant in a child-driven world is that you feel you have to put on a brave face. You're surrounded by families and in a time of your life when all your friends are having kids. Pretending that everything is fine can consume a lot of energy. Here are some tips for coping written by David Rawlings.

Robitussin to Improve Cervical Mucus

There are quite a few articles circulating around the internet in regards to using 'guaifenesin' which is sold under names like Robitussin in pharmacies.

Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis - A Guide To Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is an important diagnostic tool for investigation of male fertility. Find out more about a semen analysis.

Sex Positions For Conception - What Are The Best Sex Positions?

Sex positions for conception - what's the best position? What about orgasm? All your questions and answers about conception and sex positions.

Sex Positions To Conceive A Girl Naturally

Looking for the best sex positions to conceive a girl naturally? If you're swaying for pink, here's some tips.

Shettles Method - Trying For A Boy Or Girl With The Shettles Method

The Shettles method claims to have a success rate of 80-85% for a boy and 75-80% for a girl. So what are the Shettles rules?

Signs Of Ovulation

Signs of Ovulation - What Are The Signs of Ovulation?

Signs of ovulation can be identified if you're trying to get pregnant. What are the signs of ovulation? Here's all you need to know about ovulation.

Surrogacy - Basics Of Surrogacy In Australia

Considering surrogacy in Australia? Find out all the surrogacy basics, including risks, legalities and concerns about handing over the baby at birth.

The LAST Thing You Want to Hear...

Have you ever been talking to someone about pregnancy, babies or conceiving and they've said just one small thing that has made you want to leap over the table and rip their head off? Author of 'Swimming Upstream', David Rawlings says that you are perfectly normal.

Trying to Fall Pregnant... Without Losing Fun In The Bedroom

Trying for a baby can drag the astounding passion and exquisitely luscious bits out of the sexual act itself. And we are not even talking about the intimacy or the romance in a relationship, which just seem to fly out the window all together. So why does breathtaking sexual pleasure become something of the past as soon as your focus turns to trying to fall pregnant?

Two Week Wait Activity List - Surviving the Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait (TWW) is the two weeks where you can't think, you can't sleep, you can't work and you start taking HPT's days before they are even possibly meaningful. You are deep in the abyss of THE TWO-WEEK-WAIT! (humourous article - not intended as advice).

Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy Reversal & What Happened After Vasectomy

Vasectomy reversal information from the surgeon who performed the first successful micro-reversal of a vasectomy in 1971 - Professor Earl Owen.

Sex isn't fun anymore

When Sex Isn't Fun Anymore - While Trying To Conceive

Is the quest to conceive ruling your sexlife? Is sex no longer fun? Here are some tips for those who feel a loss of enjoyment as a result of have sex to conceive.

When Should You Start Worrying About Not Conceiving?

Worried about not conceiving yet? At what point do you start wondering if you'll ever have that child you've been trying for? David Rawlings gives you the general 'medical' response and discusses how your individual situation may be different.

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