How To Conceive A Boy – 4 Tips To Conceive A Baby Boy

How To Conceive A Boy - 4 Tips To Conceive A Baby Boy

If you have your heart set on a little boy, you may be interested in ways to stack the odds in your favour when it comes to the sex of your child.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that sexual position can influence the sex of your baby, this legend has been around for generations.

While they may really increase your chances of conceiving a boy, it can’t hurt to try. Well, assuming you’re doing it right, that is. The best outcome of course, is a healthy baby. However, if you want some tips on how to conceive a baby boy, read on.

How To Conceive A Boy: The Theory

There are two types of sperm, one carrying the X chromosome, and one carrying the Y chromosome. The type of sperm that fertilises the egg, and determines what sex the baby will be (X for a girl, and Y for a boy). Dr Shettles, a leading expert in this area, believed that the types of sperm had a number of inherent differences. Through research, he found boy sperm to be weaker, smaller and faster than their female counterparts. He discovered that female sperm were more resilient and able to survive for longer periods inside the female body.

How To Conceive A Boy #1: Positions Please

Dr Shettles believed deep penetration was important to give the boy sperm a head start. With less difference to travel, the boy sperm would be able to outswim the girl sperm, and find the egg. The Shettles method claims that to improve your chances of conceiving a boy, you should have sex in positions that allow for deep penetration. It may not sound very romantic, but the closer to the cervix the sperm are ejaculated, the more likely they are to find the egg. Here are some position which can help accomplish this:

Doggy Style

The position most commonly mentioned during discussions of this nature, is doggy style. This position allows for deep penetration, and is touted by many as the optimum position in which to conceive a boy. You should kneel on all fours, and have your partner enter you from behind. You could also adjust this position so that you are kneeling or leaning over a raised surface, if you prefer.

Standing Up

Another position that allows for deep penetration, is sex standing up. Some people also believe boy sperm are given an advantage in this position, as they swim faster against gravity to reach the egg. For this position, your partner may be able to lift you up, or you prefer to lean against a wall. Either way, you will probably need something to lean or hold onto, you don’t want to end up in hospital after a sex fall.


Ask your partner to lie or sit up on the bed, sofa, or wherever you choose to do the deed. You should straddle him and lower yourself onto him. This position allows for deep penetration, but with the added benefit of you being in control. If your partner has a large penis, or you feel discomfort when trying the positions above, you may prefer to be on top as this will allow you to control the depth of penetration.

How To Conceive A Boy #2: Male Sperm And Cycle Timing

Because male sperm is the faster of the two, Shettles suggests having intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. If you have sex several days before ovulation, then the less resilient male sperm may die off, leaving more female sperm to fertilise the egg.

If you are not sure how to tell if you are ovulating or not, check out our article on signs of ovulation. You can also predict ovulation by charting your cycle.

How To Conceive A Boy #3: Sperm And Your Partner’s Underwear

You may have heard that the underwear a man wears can effect sperm production – which may not be something you want to play around with if you’re trying to get pregnant at all. As the belief goes, if your man wears boxer shorts, this is said to be better for male sperm, as the scrotum doesn’t get so warm, restricting the production of sperm. Tighter underwear (like jocks) are said to be better suited to the survival of female sperm… but you may find that you reduce the production of all sperm the temperature gets too warm.

How To Conceive A Boy #4: Female Orgasm And Conceiving A Boy

As well as the old wives’ tales listed above, there is also a popular argument that the female orgasm plays an important role in the conception of a boy. Some believe that during a female orgasm, an alkaline secretion is released into the vagina, which gives boy sperm an increased chance of survival. It is said that to increase your chances of having a boy, you should orgasm before your partner during sex.

While it may not be backed up by science, it’s worth explaining to your partner, just in case.

Want To Know More?

If you want to optimise your chances, take a look at Dr. Shettles best selling book, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: Fully Revised and Updated.

Last Updated: June 5, 2015



  1. Hi please help me .im the mother of two girls and and now im planing for boy.please help me give me gurantee tips for a boy.

    1. Right a week after ur period. U guaranteed to get a boy lol.. I got one being on birth control and morning after pill. All failed . I had my last period on the 17 th nd sex 6 days later and was pregnant with a boy lol

      1. 1st step. Make your body ph alkaline 7.5,check out on YouTube that how you can check your body alkaline by using a litmus paper(litmus paper available in amazon. Com)
        How to make alkaline .?eat alkaline based food you will get list in google.
        2nd step. Avoid pollution and do not consume alcohol.
        3.Do not have sex for long time before periods.
        4 . Have sex like doggy style (penetration important).
        5.Drink black coffee before sex (for men).
        6.Have sex when there is no moon.
        7.avoid dairy products. zinc based food like oyester.
        9.let the men empty first.
        10.tell your men to take time for shoot (or empty….) this will give good quality sperm.
        11.after sex female should keep a pillow under her hip and sleep for 20min.
        12.Have sex after 7days of periods ex – “if your period’s end on 7 try to have sex on 14.
        13.Mens interest is important rather than female on the day of sex.

        Dnt ask questions start doing and send me good news))

        1. I have heard orgasm together may give you a Girl.
          No orgasm together is more likely to have a Boy.
          I have asked some people and found this to be true . Thanks !

    1. Hi Vanessa, you may be having wrong ovulation calculation. a week after last menses works for people with 28days circle, if circle is 30 – 34 it can’t work for boy. don’t worry your fourth baby will be a boy.

  2. am quite surprised that ppl would post articles on how to conceive a boy!!! this is pathetic and disappointig that in a world where woman are competing shoulder to shoulder, eduated women are wanting to know on how not o have their own gender and have boys! just ridiculous and pathetic that your site would put such an article!!

    1. A lot of people hope to have a son. NOTHING was sad about hating your daughter or killing/aborting her and throwing her in a dumpster because girls suck…its just an article about trying your best for a son.
      who are you to tell someone what they can and cant hope for? Maybe a family has 3 girls and is trying one last time and hoping to add a little boy to their family. Maybe grandma is dying and you hope to give her a grandson before she goes. Maybe grandpa is gone and you want to give your son his name. Maybe there is not one boy in the family and a change would be nice. Maybe girls in the family have a genetic condition. Girls are fun, but so are boys and any father would love to pass on his last name. There are plenty of people who would hope to have a girl over a boy. get over yourself. you have no idea why someone would hope for a boy, and really its none of your business. They will love any gender they get, but everyone can have thoughts or preferences for one over the other. You cant really control what gender you have, and i would hope everyone reading this would already know that but you can do certain things to help you.

    2. Hi Cherry, I don’t think this is a sexist issue. I already have s beautiful little girl, and now my husband and I would like a boy – is it so wrong to want one of each? My husband wants a son to do all the things his father did with him, but he still loves and cherishes our daughter too. I’m sure just as many people are looking up “how to have a baby girl” too.

    3. Thank you for saying this. It’s disgusting and sexist to try to have one sex over the other. It’s a child. If you want one over the other you shouldn’t be having kids. And ps GIRLS can carry the family name. I am.

      1. Yow see so small portion of everything. Isn’t it ? It takes lot more maturity to understand situations and then pass judgement. Can you eat just sweet or just salt every day ? DIfferent day you have different preferance. Similarly someone might alreay have a girl playing around in home with little barbie and kitchen items. May be now father wants to play footbal and cricket also with a small one in his family ? Whats wrong ?

  3. hi.thanks a lot for ur detailed info.its a lot of help.You mentioned in ur above response dat having sex a week after ur period guarantees a boy dis a week frm d start of ur period or d end of ur period? Secondly,does one wait for d week to run before having intercourse or can sex be had within d week? thanks.

  4. I tried all these the 1st time round and had a girl as my 1st born. 7yrs later tried these positions again & had a boy. 2yrs later tried them again & 3rd time round i am 31wks & having a boy ☺ so not quite sure?? Lol if these techniques work think its either way? happy & be blessed

  5. I saw my period on the 2nd of this month,please which date is exactly my ovulation. I have 2daughters already, need a boy now.thanks

  6. I have one baby girl now with the age of two years,now we are planning for a baby boy so please suggest some better things and to conceive a boy which date is better after period

    1. Try NOT to orgasm together , This has worked for me 2 Boys
      and 1 Girls. It may work or May Not. Best Wishes to you !

    1. Hello Pam, If your menses stop on 12 for example count seven days on 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st hav sex let your partner be on top after he empty relax don’t stand up. But you must believe God. Thanks

  7. If your last menses is 7th for example hav sex on 14th, 15th & 16th for boy, if you are believing for a girl hav sex on 10th, 11th & 12th for girl. Above all believe God! Thanks.

  8. Please I have 3 girls already hoping to have a boy.
    Is there any special dietary requirements to aid male sperm to fertilise the egg ?

  9. i have two girls one is 7th class and second is 1 class, we want boy Please give better tips for boy born we required tips in Marathi language for better understanding.

    Pleas suggest urgent.

    Thanks ,

  10. my last menses was 12 nov and we try to conceive after 23rd nov….now I missed my period in dec…..what can be chance of conceiving baby boy or baby girl….my period circle are 28 days..

  11. Hi dear my last period nov 29 2015 my most cycle time is 28 days my ovalution timing on dec13&14 we had sex both days try to concieve boy I don’t know it s work or not but some body can help me for boy plz

  12. So what’s wrong with conceiving a girl? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about conceiving HEALTHY babies, regardless of gender?!

  13. Hi I am a mother of two girls. And now I want a planing for boy.what should I do?please help me. Thank you xxxxxxx

  14. Try counting your cycle and make 3-month-plan, start with first attempt in just one day, if not pregnant, the second month, go to the second attempt from day one and two, if still not pregnant in month #3, try the last attempt, make it from day one, two and three.

  15. i want to have a strong baby boy bt i have a 4months baby gal am doing this for my lovely husband its wat will make him happy plzzzzz am on my knees help me u know wat i mean wen a man wants a boy ladies thnx am waiting

  16. Oh my GOD people, did any of you go to school? GENETICS is what determines baby’s gender, NOTHING you do can influence this.
    If the sperm that get into the egg is X it will be a girl, if it’s Y, it will be a boy, it’s as simple as that. That’s how things work.
    Unless you genetically engineer your baby, you will NEVER be able to choose if you’re having a boy or a girl.

    1. Yes, Alice, you are correct. If XY gets to the egg first, it will be a boy and vice versa for a girl. However after having 3 boys, I did a lot of research and discovered that the condition of the woman’s body at the time of conception can influence gender. I “swayed” for a girl with a tailored diet and a particular type of exercise and now have a girl. No, it was not a 100% guarantee like PGD, however it “upped” my chances. Shettles does not work, 2 of my boys are Shettles opposites. If others are reading this and are interested, please do not follow the wives tales listed above. Do your research. There are lots of sites dedicated to supporting and understanding other women who desire gender balance in their families.

  17. Thank you for the info. It’s very helpful. Just wanna say there is nothing wrong with this, it’s gods made. It’s just some people found the way to count what God can’t come down n tell us. Thank you.
    I have two girls and I wanna boy. We all have girls from both sides so I wanna have a boy run in around now. My cycle 30-34 days

  18. We are doing sex on each ovulation date for 3 months but still I m not pregnant. I have already a 5 yr old daughter and I want baby boy now. Plz guide. My last period was on 18th March. Wen to do sex for baby boy.

  19. I get married 3 months ago I’m 35 I want a baby boy My period are irregular this time started on 18thmarch and end on 27 th march last time I get period on10feb to15 feb &in jan on10 &dec on5th pls suggest me the days of this month thanks

  20. If eggs are fertilized outside, as in a test tube, can the doctor tell which are boys, and only implant boy embryos? I’m past childbearing age, and just curious.

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