How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

If you’re trying for a baby, or suspect that you’re pregnant, you may be wondering how soon you can take a pregnancy test.

There are pregnancy tests on the market promising very early results, which are both a good and a bad thing. Good, because it’s pretty exciting to find out that you’re pregnant, so the sooner the better, right? Here’s the bad – if you have a very early miscarriage, it may mislead you and get your hopes up when you wouldn’t have otherwise.

It is possible for the egg and sperm to fertilise, but before you get your period, a miscarriage can occur. These early tests may detect levels of hCG, only for you to be disappointed to find that you start bleeding and/or result in a miscarriage.

The Best Time To Test For Pregnancy

As I mention in the detailed pregnancy test article, the best time to test for pregnancy is the first day of your missed period. If you are unsure when your last period was, on average, a woman’s cycle is around 28 days but varies from woman to woman, as does when she ovulates.

Also, testing first thing in the morning, especially in early pregnancy, can give you a stronger result. This is due to the stronger concentration of urine when you wake up.

It can be really hard waiting, especially when you’re so eager to hear if you’re pregnant. But the feeling of excitement shortly followed by a feeling of disappointment is no fun for anyone. Hold off and wait for that day of your missed period – distract yourself any way you can! You might like to read our fun article on the Two Week Wait – the author writes of some humourous suggestions to get through the two week wait, which is the two weeks from ovulation to the first day of her (hoped) missed period.

All the best for a positive result!

Last Updated: February 23, 2015


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