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    Default Forum Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Dear all,

    Please read these guidelines in full, as when we are dealing with issues on the site, it will be expected that you have read this topic prior to posting, being the very first BellyBelly forum you are able to see on the Forum page. Therefore we will not accept any complaints that these guidelines weren't read by you.

    The opinions expressed on the BellyBelly Forums, as the main website, made by its members, support panel or others are not necessarily the opinions of BellyBelly and we hold no responsibility whatsoever as to these comments or opinions made. Posts are copyright property of the BellyBelly website, therefore any information or posts may not be reproduced or copied in any way without permission from
    The same applies to Private Messages. PM's may not be reproduced and distributed without permission from

    Whilst BellyBelly will attempt to correct any factual errors bought to the attention of administrators or the moderators, any inaccuracies of fact expressed by members are not the responsibility of BellyBelly.

    1. Read the 'local' guidelines.
    Be aware that some areas of BellyBelly have guidelines relevant to that area only. You must check for and read these guidelines before posting in these areas. Breaching local guidelines will incur the same consequences as breaching these main guidelines.

    2. Do not abuse or 'flame' other members, websites or businesses.
    If you disagree with a member, find a civil way to communicate that. Any personal arguments must be kept off the boards (eg, via email or PM). Name calling or rudeness is not okay.

    If you have been offended by a member, we encourage you to contact them to clarify what they meant. Many online disagreements are caused by misunderstandings, and can be avoided when members contact one another to clarify (via PM or email).

    2.a Do not carry issues from one thread to another.
    Any post/thread that is directly related to another post/thread and is derogatory/inflammatory be will be removed or edited immediately and without warning. It is not acceptable to talk about other posts/threads/members as it creates unnecessary conflict and drama and causes divisions within our community. As always, if you have an issue with something someone has said, PM them and explain. If you feel you can’t do that, report the post/thread or PM a moderator.

    2.b Please PM an administrator if you have a problem with a moderator's post
    If you feel that a post or thread by any member of the moderator team is inappropriate, please send a PM to one of the administrators of the site, including an explanation for your report and a link to the post/thread in question.

    3. Do not stir or bait other members by posting controversial material with the intent of upsetting and/or offending them. Do not publicly judge or criticize other member's parenting choices.
    We will have no hesitation removing troublemakers if it means our members will continue to have a supportive, non-threatening place to chat. Religious and cultural debate will be very closely monitored. Racism, homophobia, other forms of bigotry and hate speech are not permitted.

    4. No posting sexually explicit topics or images. Anyone found posting topics of a sexually explicit/graphical nature will immediately be removed as a member and their IP banned from our domain WITHOUT WARNING.
    It is okay to discuss relationship issues and topics of a light sexual nature relating to conception, pregnancy, birth and baby, however those exceeding these boundaries will be dealt with.

    5. No spamming or market research posts - no promoting a business without approval.
    This includes:
    - business names as your forum name or business names in your profile details
    - posts requesting replies for people to participate in research and studies or for feedback on product ideas - permission MUST be sought prior to posting. HOWEVER we do allow regular BellyBelly members (not Registered members with a post count less than 50) the opportunity to conduct market research in the market research forum ONLY.
    - posts advertising your business, or advertising something that financially benefits you, such as a party-plan party.
    - posts advertising for sperm/egg/embryo donors or recipients. Please ensure that any discussions between donor and recipient regarding donation is not posted in this public forum.
    Spamming is now illegal in Australia carrying penalties and will not be tolerated.
    We encourage members to look into advertising with BellyBelly or [url=[/url]

    6. No insensitive remarks particularly in any forums which you do not usually take part in.
    For example, those with infertility or problems trying to conceive don't want to know that you get pregnant at the drop of a hat, first try, every try. Think before you post.

    7. No foul/offensive language
    We have censors on some words but we'd like to keep it clean please! Remember that we're a family oriented site. Overly aggressive language may be edited, at the moderating team's discretion.
    Creative spelling to get around being censored is not allowed. If a word is censored, it's censored for a reason.
    Examples of creative spelling is using $ for s, @ for a, so that the word reads exactly like the original version.

    8. No spoiler posts or sensitive news posts without a warning in the thread title.
    For example, if you know who is going to get kicked out next in the latest reality t.v. show please don't spoil it for others without fair warning (e.g. title your topic "Days of Our Lives Spoilers"). It's okay to discuss privately within a thread but not in the title where others may see it and not want to know the results until they've seen the show for themselves.
    Similarly, do not post any potentially upsetting news story without a warning in the thread title.
    When posting distressing news stories, be aware that the moderating team may edit or remove threads that are deemed to be inappropriate, too upsetting, or not helpful.

    9. Images in posts.
    Images can be added to posts in the form of attachments or links to photos hosted on external sites.
    When adding attachments to images in a post, please ensure that [ IMG] and [ /IMG] tags are replaced with [ URL] and [ /URL] ***(you may have to do this manually)***
    Images that you are attaching to a post must be no larger than 400 x 300 in pixel size. Please resize any larger images so that you can upload them. Please use courtesy when posting images and consider other members. For example if you are posting in the LTTTC threads please be aware that other members may not want to see your preggy belly. If you are unsure ask first.
    All images must be renamed to reflect their content or captioned/explained so that everyone is aware of what they are opening.
    Images that are deemed to be unsuitable will be removed at moderators' discretion.
    Moderators may also remove images if they appear in the post, rather than in a link form.

    10. When sharing information, remember that this is a public forum, and consider protecting your privacy. Do not post personal phone numbers or addresses.
    Remember this is the internet and it is accessible to anyone who wants to join. Please keep your personal details private as we cannot be responsible for any actions resulting from members posting personal details on the website.

    Editing of posts is limited to within 14 days of initially posting. If you require a post to be edited after this time, you will need to contact an administrator, and the decision will lie with them.

    11. The decisions of the Moderators and Administrators are final. Do not debate their decisions on the forums.
    There is to be no online defamation, complaining or arguments in regards to a decision made by the BellyBelly team. If you have any issues with a decision, we have made it very clear in each forum who to contact for any problems, and you must contact them off the board, via email or PM.

    12. Do not post commercial/business links.
    You may NOT link to a business or to a website with commercial intent - this includes business websites, as well as commercial blogs and personal blogs with shops or items for sale or that are linked to businesses. This is to protect the interests of our paying advertisers and Market Place Members.
    Allowed links include: and websites.

    You may not guide members to a commercial site by posting the address, eg. www dot bellybelly dot com dot au.
    You may tell people a business name, so that they can search the business independently.

    You may recommend products in the Recommend a Product forum, which you can access once you have 50 posts or more.

    You may link to non-commercial sites, eg, news, youtube, personal photosites, blogs or personal pages on social networking sites (so long as there is no commercial intent - see above). Any links from the BellyBelly website can be posted without permission.

    You may not link to other forums or group pages on social networking sites.

    If you are in doubt about a link, contact a moderator/administrator to gain approval before posting.

    Moderators may remove links at their discretion where links are found to be inimical to the BellyBelly ethos.

    12a. Directing members to fundraisers
    If members are interested in fundraising, they can request that a link be posted in the Member's Fundraising Thread - by contacting a member of admin - and a link to that thread may be posted in their signature. All fundraisers must be through a registered charity.

    12b. Do not solicit personal donations from members
    If you wish to help out other members with gifts or donations, you do so at your own risk. BellyBelly accepts no liability or responsibility. Please be aware that people are not always as they seem on the internet, and we are aware of occasions where members have taken advantage of the kindness and generosity of others for personal gain. There is nothing we can do to police this, excepting that we do not allow blatant requests for such donations on the boards.

    If you receive an email soliciting donations that you feel uncomfortable with, please email or PM a member of the moderator team.

    13. 'Trolling' is not allowed.
    While we encourage members to protect their privacy, we still remain a real community.
    As such, we require that you post real information, and not make up details (apart from anonymous names), and stories to mislead other members.

    If moderators suspect a member is trolling, through inconsistencies, suspected false information etc, this will be addressed. If a member is found to be a troll, they will be banned.

    13.a Don't feed the trolls
    If you feel a post is the work of a troll or garden-variety spammer please report it and move on.

    14. Buying & Selling on BellyBelly
    Buying & Selling between members on BellyBelly is to be done only through the BellyBelly Buy Swap Sell & Wanted section. You must be either a Platinum or Lifetime Member to be able to use this section. This is to protect our members from online fraud.

    Please do not use the forums to engage in any trading activity at all.

    You are allowed to give items away for free in our Free and Fabulous Giveaways area.

    The exceptions to this are that Platinum Members are allowed to post links to their personal Ebay listings within the Ebay Listings & Links thread in the Platinum area. The Platinum area also has a thread for Platinum members to link to their classifieds listings. Market Place Members can also utilise their signature link in all their posts.

    Members with a minimum 100 post count can also post items for sale or trade in the specific Babywearing and Cloth Nappy Buy/Sell/Trade threads.

    15. No meaningless posts to build post count
    Artificially inflating your post count with meaningless or trivial posts (post-whoring) without also contributing meaningful content will not be tolerated. The posts will be merged or deleted.

    16. Private Support Groups
    Membership of private support groups is at the discretion of the group leaders. Please check the posting requirements of the relevant group as they may vary. Members who are inactive, let the moderating team know that they are leaving BellyBelly or publicly announce they are leaving will have their membership of Private Support Groups revoked. If membership of a PSG is revoked for any reason you may not reapply for six months and readmission will be considered on a case-by-case basis and remains at the discretion of moderators. Please be aware that Private Support Groups are not a substitute for professional advice.

    17. Sharing private information
    Information posted in private areas of this forum (i.e. those that are not searchable via internet search engines and/or require paid or other membership by application to moderators) - including Platinum/Life, Doula/Midwifery forums, 5000+ and Private Support Groups - must not be shared or otherwise divulged elsewhere on the forums or outside of BellyBelly without the express permission of members involved. This rule also covers any material contained in private messages from BellyBelly members.

    We also refer members to 10. Protecting your privacy, as well as our Privacy guidelines

    18. Seek permission before posting in search of research subjects
    Anyone wishing to conduct research with members, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for permission BEFORE posting. Any requests posted on the boards without permission will be deleted. Multiple postings without permission will result in a permanent ban.

    19. Deletion of Membership
    When you post on BellyBelly, the information you post becomes public knowledge and part of the forums. If members wish to be removed, then we will delete their membership (de-register username and delete profile information) but their username and posts will remain on the board, in order to maintain consistency in posts and for other users to retain their reputation points. Only post what you don't mind anyone else reading.

    We accept special cases should you wish to be removed, please contact an administrator if this is a matter of safety, you must be willing to fully explain your situation and the decision lies with a administrator.

    Any membership/fees paid during your time at BellyBelly will not be refunded, either in part or in full, because the hard work has already been done in setting up email accounts, avatars and access privileges for Platinum and Market Place Membership forums. As well as the members having full benefits of those forums/advertising links during their time at BellyBelly. This also includes if you have access to closed groups removed due to a guideline breech as mentioned in the Privacy Guidelines.

    The Report Function
    At the bottom of each post, you will see a 'report post' icon (black triangle with white !). If you see a post that you believe contravenes BellyBelly guidelines, please report the post so that the moderators are aware that there might be an issue. You can report anything you feel violates BellyBelly guidelines, such as offensive posts, violating signatures, advertising, double posts, links in posts. If in doubt, report it. You can also report things to do with site maintenance, like when a thread reaches 300 posts, a link doesn't work, or any other glitch.
    Reporting problem posts is a great way you can contribute to keeping BellyBelly a smoothly-run, safe and supportive place for its members.

    ]Please refer to 2.b above if you wish to report a moderator's post.

    If you breach BellyBelly guidelines, you may receive a warning or infraction. Some infraction points expire, others don't. Accumulating 3 current infraction points results in your membership being banned, so post carefully. You can find more info on the Infraction system here
    Also your offending post or link will be edited or removed.

    ]In addition, we ask that you read the following posts, where relevant:

    - BellyBelly Netiquette Guidelines
    Here you can learn how to best communicate on the forum. The more clearly you communicate, the more likely you are to receive replies to your posts.
    - Signature and Ticker Guidelines
    Your signature must comply with our signature guidelines to keep BellyBelly looking neat (and to avoid an infraction).
    - Username Guidelines
    Here are some things to consider when choosing or changing your username.
    - Don't forget to check for local guidelines before posting in each area.

    Thank-you for reading these guidelines.

    These guidelines strictly may not be copied or reproduced in any way without permission from
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    Forever grateful to my incredible Mod Team and many wonderful members who have been so supportive since 2003.

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    Just added a change to the links policy effective immediately:

    Allowed links include: and websites.
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children
    Author of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know
    Follow me in 2015 as I go Around The World + Kids!
    Forever grateful to my incredible Mod Team and many wonderful members who have been so supportive since 2003.

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    Please ensure you are familiar with forum guidelines before posting and note that they are updated and amended from time to time.
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