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Being the male partner from conception to parenthood has it's ups and downs which are rarely explored or addressed. Men often have extra concerns where they are the main or only income earner, have little knowledge about what their partner is going through or if they have no-one they can relate to, going through what they are. BellyBelly is here to help! Most of the articles in this section are written by men, for men. Here's the reason it's cool to check out a woman-dominated website. Help us change that - we want more men!

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3 Steps For A Man To Get More Sex Than He Can Handle

Men - want more sex? Here are three BIG steps to getting the amount sex both you and your partner dream of.

5 Important Things Mothers Want Dads To Know

There's five really important things that we really want you to know, dads. We're not always great at expressing these things, amongst the sleepy haze, demand for our resources and time - and sometimes we just don't know how to verbalise it...

9 Gems of Advice - A Father To Son Talk About Women and Sex

What advice should a father give to his son about women and sex? In this brilliant article, Jonathon Aslay, father of two, gives us 9 gems of advice that I would dearly hope for my own son to hear.

A Guide to Labour & Supporting Her For Dads-To-Be

Long gone are the days when fathers-to-be are left waiting in the wings to hear the announcement of their child's birth by doctors and nurses. Instead, more partners than ever are playing an active role in the birth of their child and are keen to learn what they can do to help their birthing partner.

Babies, Blokes and Bonding

Blokes - want to know the best way to bond with your baby right from the moment of birth? No matter if your baby is born by caesarean or vaginally, here's a great article explaining how bonding happens for dads and how you can best bond with your baby.

Blokes, Boobs and Breastfeeding - Why She Needs YOUR Support

Blokes, do you know what the biggest cause of women giving up breastfeeding is? Do you know how crucial your role is in breastfeeding success and satisfaction? If your partner will be or is breastfeeding, then this is a must read article written by a bloke, who writes especially for the BellyBelly blokes, David Vernon.

Dad and Baby - Baby Bonding Tips For Dads

Bonding with baby doesn't come easily or naturally for some men. At times men can feel in the dark about tending to their babies’ incessant needs and alleviating any stress of their partners. How can they bond with their babies and not feel so helpless? Matthew Kick has some great suggestions for brand new dads or dads-to-be.

Dads - How You Can Help Mum After Your Baby's Birth

Dads - not sure how you might be able to help your partner after the birth of your baby? Maybe you can't breastfeed for her, but we have plenty of great tips compiled by BellyBelly Psychologist, Daniel Chable. Also included are plenty of suggestions from mothers themselves as to what really helps them, that you CAN do.

Father's Day - What Dad REALLY Wants This Father's Day

Father's day gift ideas (and not so good gift ideas!) from the point of view of a father, Peter Loupelis. A short, light-hearted piece designed to help you get dad a present he's really going to like this father's day!

Men at Birth: Why She May Need More Than Your Support

When you think about what labour and birth might be like, you will probably form a romanticised image - just yourself and your partner managing beautifully without the interference of anyone else and without any medical intervention. But is it really that realistic?

Post Natal Depression (PND) & Your Partner

Does your partner have Post-Natal Depression? Are you feeling worried or concerned about the well-being of your partner or her ability to look after the baby (or any other children you have?) Here's some great information to help and support you and your partner.

Sex After Baby

I find that the issue of sex after baby is often of concern for both males and females. Both commonly feel a sense of loss about sex after the birth of a baby.

That's Not Fair...

I've often had discussions with new parents about what is fair (in their relationship). The best definition that I have been able to find is as follows.

What Stay At Home Parents Mean When We Say We Need a Break

Stay at home parents need a break, and we need help with that. Of course, we'd all love a break, no matter what day job we do. Find out what a stay at home parent really needs to be a happier parent, lover and partner.

Why Doesn't She Want Sex After Having A Baby?

Sex after having a baby is a tricky thing - some new dads complain about not getting enough and some new mums complain about not being left alone! Here are 10 big reasons she doesn't want sex and what you can do about it.

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