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Umbilical Cord Care For Your Newborn’s Stump

After your baby is born, he or she will be left with a stump from the umbilical cord. Here are some helpful tips and information about umbilical cord care. Read More

Epidural Increases Risks of PND and Breastfeeding Troubles, Study Finds

World leading experts have published a study which found women who had epidurals had increased risks of postnatal depression and breastfeeding troubles. Read More

Is This The Best Way To Stop People Asking When You’re Going To Have A Baby?

Familiar with the painful question, "So, when are you two having a baby?" This couple had what could be the BEST response to family pressure about babies. Read More

Toxins In Breastmilk – 6 Truths To Separate Fact From Fiction

Media reports about toxins in breastmilk strike fear into breastfeeding mothers. It can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Our IBCLC explains the facts. Read More

Parenting Advice – 5 Times You Should Ignore It

Parenting advice - it's everywhere you turn. We do want answers, but not all advice is good advice. Here are 5 times you should ignore parenting advice. Read More

Babies Laughing Hysterically – 6 Must See Adorable Videos

Nothing sounds better than the sound of babies laughing! If you adore cute babies laughing, bookmark this article and turn those frowns upside down! Read More

Adorable Babies Seeing Or Hearing Their Parents For The First Time

You're going to love these - but get out the tissues! You'll cry like a baby as you watch these babies seeing and hearing their parents for the first time. Read More

10 Awesome Things About Having Kids While You’re Young

Going to be a young parent? You've likely heard some negative comments, however, we can think of 10 reasons why being a young parent is awesome! Read More

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