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Baby Sleep Books – BellyBelly’s Top 6 Books

Baby sleep is a booming industry, but here are no prerequisites for writing a baby sleep book. Here are BellyBelly’s 6 top books for baby sleep. Read More

What A New Baby Expects – From Birth to Going Home

A baby’s “expectations” are not learned - they are the same natural instincts as thousands of years ago. The more you meet, the happier your baby may be. Read More

Low Lying Placenta – What Does It Mean?

A low lying placenta means the placenta has implanted close to your cervix. Find out what to expect should you be diagnosed with a low lying placenta. Read More

“Sorry, You’re Not In Labour…” How To Deal With Hearing These Words

“Sorry, you’re not in labour” are difficult words for a care provider to say. They're also difficult words for a heavily pregnant woman to hear. Read More

VBAC Tips – Advice From VBAC Mamas Who’ve Done It!

Thinking about a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section)? This inspirational article is chock full of VBAC tips, advice and photos from mamas who've done it! Read More

Baby Wipes – Home Made Baby Wipes Recipes, Better For Baby’s Bum!

Baby wipes are simple to make from home and gentler on baby’s bum. I was a commercial baby wipe user, until the pin finally dropped one day when I asked mums for advice on how to get creative pen ‘artwork’ off the sofa – the overwhelming response? Baby wipes – ’It’ll get anything out!’ But what was it getting out of my baby’s skin? Read More

Family Assistance and Family Allowances in Australia

The Family Assistance Office provides a number of different types of assistance to Australian families including Paid Parental Leave, Baby Bonus, Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate, Family Tax Benefits and the Maternity Immunisation Allowance. Find out whats available to you and what you’re entitled to as a family with children. Read More

Lactation Cookies – 90% Of Our Fans Say This Recipe Works!

Lactation cookies recipe that works FAST and tastes great! 90% of our members say BellyBelly's lactation cookies increased their breastmilk supply. Read More

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