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Longer Labour Time Reduces C-Sections By Over 50%

Giving women more time during labour has reduced the number of c-section by more than half, according to a new study. Find out more, here. Read More

How Long Do Contractions Last?

Many pregnant women wonder, how long do contractions last? Here's a fantastic breakdown by stage as to what you can expect during labour. Read More

Breastfeeding And Tiredness: Can Breastfeeding Make You Tired?

Being a mother can be exhausting. But can breastfeeding actually cause tiredness and fatigue? Find out about breastfeeding and tiredness. Read More

Amniotic Fluid Levels – What You Need To Know

Most pregnant women don't consider amniotic fluid levels until they are told there may be a problem. Find out about too little or too much fluid. Read More

Should Mothers Go Traveling Without Their Kids?

Some women love to travel! However, motherhood can sometimes bring travel to a grinding halt. But should it? Should mothers travel without kids, or not? Read More

7 Ways A Second Pregnancy Is Different To The First

As much as we might know all pregnancies are different, we tend to expect them to be similar. Here are 7 ways second pregnancies are different. Read More

Breastfeeding And Underwire Bras – Avoid Or Okay?

It's common to hear that breastfeeding and underwire bras cause problems. Is there any truth to it? Should you avoid underwire bras? Read More

25 Week Old Baby | Your Baby Week By Week

Your 25 week old baby likely spends a lot of her time smiling and chattering. It's the calm before the storm - another wonder week is on the way! Read More

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