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5 Week Old Baby | Your Baby Week By Week

Your 5 week old baby is not only growing bigger, but this week, she has her first 'wonder week', making it extra fun! Find out more. Read More

10 Things You CAN’T Do After A(nother) Night Of No Sleep

Being a parent is probably the most important job you’ll ever have. It’s also one of the hardest. Here are 10 things you can't do without sleep. Read More

Midwives Getting Better Results For Birthing Women

Care from a known, experienced midwife offers birthing women many benefits. Find out what all the research has discovered about primary midwife care. Read More

4 Valid Reasons Why Your Baby May Want To Attach To Your Breast

Many people see breastfeeding simply as food. But it's so much more than that. Find out 4 valid reasons why your baby may want the breast. Read More

That’s Too Much Girl: Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

"That's too much girl!" In a video that has gone viral, see this boy's reaction when he find out he's getting another sister. A gender reveal gone wrong! Read More

How Does Breastfeeding Work? An Explanation

How does breastfeeding work? Here's a simple, but detailed explanation of how your breasts prepare for breastfeeding and make breastmilk for your baby. Read More

Photo Series Celebrates The Strength Of Premature Babies

In an inspirational photo series, photographer Red Méthot beautifully demonstrates the strength of premature babies. From NICU to adult, it's a must see! Read More

“Your Baby Is Using You Like A Dummy!” — Is She Really?

Has anyone ever said to you, "Your baby is using you like a dummy!" (or a pacifier)? Could they be right? Find out from BellyBelly's IBCLC, Renee Kam. Read More

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