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The BellyBelly website was conceived in late 2002 and finally arrived on February 17th, 2003, based on real-life experiences, from pre-conception to parenthood. BellyBelly’s Creator, Kelly Winder, believed there was a need for a reliable, credible Australian based resource, providing unconditional support for both men and women during these special, but sometimes stressful times!

Kelly gave birth to a beautiful daughter in April 2002 and a gorgeous son in October 2004 and has since been on a steep learning curve! While the learning curve of parenthood never ends, she wanted to create a website that would help those who are also doing their best to learn all they need to know, so they can be well-informed and confident of their own decisions and choices throughout their journey of pre-conception to parenthood.

BellyBelly’s goal is to continue to be the most respected, informative and friendly website for all things pre-conception to parenthood.


BellyBelly is the result of so much hard work, very late nights and swearing at the computer! Kelly would like to acknowledge her children for the incredible love, joy and inspiration they have brought to her life. I’m the luckiest mummy there is. A big thank-you to her family who have believed in her dream and supported her since 2002.

Kelly would also like to thank the wonderful Professional Support Panel, who help to make the BellyBelly site of such a high standard. She appreciates that they dedicate their free time (which is no doubt precious!) to this site. Thank-you for your faith and trust in me.

Thank-you to all of my fantastic Forum Moderators who also contribute lots of their precious spare time to help keep the Forums running smoothly and to ensure it remains a fantastic place for everyone to chat. I couldn’t do it without all of you!

Finally, but not least, thank-you to all of you, our visitors and members, for coming to BellyBelly. We will strive to keep BellyBelly as up-to-date, fun, and informative as possible, and most of all, a great place to hang out on the web! We appreciate any constructive feedback you might have please email us.

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Title: Pregnancy, Birth & Baby ~ BellyBelly
URL: http://www.bellybelly.com.au

Description: Prepare for pregnancy, birth and baby online at BellyBelly! Feel reassured, educated and informed with the best support and information available at your fingertips. BellyBelly.com.au is Australia’s friendliest and most respected online parenting social network, where we explain everything in black and white, without the jargon, so you can make your own informed decisions on all things conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. No fluff. Real stuff.

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Kelly Winder

Kelly has a weekly radio spot on Monday afternoons on 96.5 Family (QLD) and contributes articles to community and organisation newsletters and magazines as well as the parenting magazine, My Child.