About BellyBelly

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About BellyBelly

BellyBelly’s creator, Kelly Winder, is passionate about informing and educating women and their partners about conception, pregnancy, birth, parenthood, health and relationships. Find out more about BellyBelly’s creator and our philosophies below.

About BellyBelly’s Creator – Kelly Winder

BellyBelly.com.au was created in early 2003 by a stay at home mother, Kelly Winder. As a result of experiencing a lack of support and isolation (which led to depression and anxiety) after having her first baby, Kelly was drawn to support mothers who were going through the (sometimes) tough realities of being a new mother – which no-one seemed to be talking about. So with a 10-month-old baby daughter in arms, BellyBelly was born.

In 2004, Kelly gave birth to a son. It was that second birth which inspired her to become a doula (trained birth support professional), which changed BellyBelly forever. Kelly became heavily involved in maternity reform and birth advocacy, attending rallies, speaking in parliament and being a voice for women of Australia, regarding birth and early parenting issues.

BellyBelly became known as, ‘The Thinking Woman’s Website For Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby’.

Due to Kelly’s work in the birth industry, as well as running a popular pregnancy and parenting website, she quickly became well known as a leader in her field. Midwives, birth educators, breastfeeding consultants, natural health therapists, doctors and more recommend BellyBelly every single day. Even student midwives quickly become acquainted with BellyBelly, because it’s highly recommended as a resource in midwifery university lectures in Australia.

Kelly’s passion for pregnancy, birth and parenting issues is unwavering, supporting millions of parents and parents-to-be, all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BellyBelly’s Philosophy

The core of BellyBelly’s beliefs and philosophies is informed decision-making and gentle and connected pregnancy, birth and parenting choices.

BellyBelly conveys to its readers that the pregnancy, birth and parenting journey is highly transformative, therefore women and their partners should be fully supported to have the best experience possible. How a woman experiences her pregnancy and birth has a profound impact on who she becomes and how she feels as a mother – confident and nurtured… or not good enough and isolated – even broken.

With one in three babies in Australia (and the US) being born surgically by caesarean section, we have an epidemic of fear of birth, fear of pain, and the belief that women’s bodies have failed them. The belief of ‘body failure’ can then flow into breastfeeding, trampling a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Partners want to help but often don’t know how.

Sadly, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has now crept into new mother’s homes. It’s a scarily sobering statistic that the leading cause of maternal death in Australia is suicide.

We need to provide much more support to mothers and mothers-to-be, and stop the belief that they will just cope (as many mothers before them have), because many are not coping. Society has changed, so has how women feel about themselves as mothers and lovers.

As the saying goes, ‘peace on earth begins with peace at birth’. A gentle entry into the world for our babies would change the planet.

This is the (big!) BellyBelly difference. We care not for fluffy, celebrity gossip and parenting tips. BellyBelly is about good science and information, unconditional support, love, nurturing and connection.



Kelly Winder