Articles that are especially for new mums! Your body goes through such enormous changes during pregnancy and needs a little TLC following the birth of your baby. BellyBelly’s Post-Natal articles will help you understand how you can help your body during this time and will give you an idea of what you might expect from your body post-baby.

Is a Healthy Baby All That Matters During Childbirth?

healthy baby all that matters

Around 25-34% of women describe their birth as traumatic. Should they just be grateful that the baby is healthy? Or are we harming mothers emotional health? Read More

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Postnatal Doula

postnatal doula

Postnatal doulas (aka postpartum doulas) are angels for new mothers! If you've just had a baby or will soon, here's why you should consider hiring one. Read More

10 Thoughts Stay At Home Parents Have During The Day

stay at home parents

Being a stay at home parent is a tough gig, especially when your boss is set on mischief! Here are 10 thoughts stay at home parents have during the day. Read More

Doorbell Notes: 10 Hilarious Notes From Tired Parents

Hell hath no fury like a tired parent (or pregnant woman). Check out these 10 hilarious doorbell notes written by some very tired parents. Read More

50 Signs You’re A Sleep Deprived Parent

sleep deprived parent

Sleep deprivation and parenthood go hand in hand. So how do you know if you truly are sleep deprived? Take our test and see what you score out of 50. Read More

10 Things I’ve Found Down My Bra As A Mamma

10 Things I've Found Down My Bra As A Mamma

Do you find random things in your bra as a mother? Here are 10 things one mother has collected in her maternity bra during her breastfeeding journey. Read More

I Gave Birth Yesterday – Was It Like This For You?

I Gave Birth Yesterday

Heard of the I Gave Birth Yesterday project? Jenny Lewis took photos of new mothers the day after birth and compiled them. What would your photo look like? Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Hibernate After Birth

4 Reasons Why You Should Hibernate After Birth

After giving birth, you'll experience moments that you'll never get again. Bonding and attachment time is paramount. Here are 4 great reasons to hibernate. Read More