13 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and What To Expect

13 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and What To Expect

13 Weeks Pregnant

You’re 13 weeks pregnant – welcome to the last week of the first trimester!

Finally, you’re entering the more comfortable second trimester.

Your risk of miscarriage has now reduced significantly.

From 13 weeks pregnant, your moods are more settled and you should have much more energy.

13 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

You may notice your breasts are not as tender. Morning sickness may disappear, and you will need fewer trips to the loo.

During this trimester, your bump will become more obvious as your uterus begins to rise out of the pelvic area. You may feel an ache or pulling sensation in your tummy as the ligaments that support your uterus stretch.

13 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby has fully functioning kidneys and starts to pass urine regularly. It is also able to suck and swallow and its neck is getting longer.

The spleen has started to develop and will begin to create red blood cells and your baby is now producing bone marrow. Movements increase but it is unlikely that you will be able to feel these movements, especially in a first time pregnancy. Baby even has its unique set of fingerprints.

The first trimester is a crucial time for development, the foundations have been laid and now your baby just needs to mature and grow.

At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby measures approximately 7-8cms long and weighs around 23 grams. Your baby is about the size of a peach.

DID YOU KNOW?: If you’re pregnant with a girl, there are now around 2 million eggs in her ovaries, but there will only be one million by the time she’s born. Her eggs will decline she gets older – by the age of 17, she will only have around 200 000 eggs.

Curious if you’re having a boy or girl? If you want to find out, the most accurate time is at the 18-20 week ultrasound. In the meantime, you can check out some old wives tales in our just-for-fun article, boy or girl?

Last Updated: April 26, 2016


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