15 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 15 Weeks Pregnant

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15 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 15 Weeks Pregnant

15 weeks pregnant

Welcome to week 15 of pregnancy! You’re probably feeling pretty good right now, and baby is developing steadily. Many women are feeling so good at this point of their pregnancy that they begin to experience an increased libido.

If you are one of these women, take advantage of the feeling, because later on you may not feel up to it. If hubby is resistant, don’t take it personally. He may just be feeling a little strange about the baby being so close to the action. Reassure him that the little one cannot feel or sense what is going on. Understand that you may need to take the initiative in this department until he becomes more comfortable with it.

At this point, your baby is about the size of a naval orange, and his legs have grown enough that they are as long as, or longer than his arms, making him look more proportionate.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

For most women, this time of pregnancy is the most enjoyable. Your energy is high, and you don’t have many annoying pregnancy symptoms. You might, however, start to experience a couple of new symptoms that concern you this week.

There is a marked increase in your blood volume and increased output of blood from your heart right now. This exerts pressure on the small capillaries found in the lining of the nose and the gums. This pressure is commonly enough to produce either nosebleeds or bleeding gums or both.

If you are pregnant during the winter, the dry air created by your heating system may exacerbate the nosebleeds. Try running a humidifier in your home, especially in your bedroom, to help with the problem.

Lubricating the nostrils can also alleviate the nosebleeds; while a diet rich in protein, calcium and vitamins C, B and D can prevent teeth and gum problems, but probably not the temporary bleeding itself. Brush your teeth gently, but understand that your gums may still bleed no matter how gently you brush.

But, while there is an increase in your blood volume, there is now a corresponding decrease in your blood pressure, by at least 5mm, because the blood vessels are losing their normal tone and beginning to dilate.

Pregnancy Symptoms At 15 Weeks Of Pregnancy

According to BellyBelly forum members, here are some symptoms they experienced at 5 weeks of pregnancy. Please note that everyone is different and you may have some, all or none of these at this stage of pregnancy:

  • Flutters/butterflies in tummy
  • First baby movements
  • Growing belly
  • Energy is back and feeling more normal
  • Headaches

See more weeks and symptoms in our forums.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

At this stage, your baby is around 4 inches long and weighs about 2.5 ounces (approx. 70.9 grams). He is moving around a lot, though you may not yet feel it. His joints and limbs can all move now, and he may even get the hiccups!

Respiratory type movements in your baby’s chest can be detected now. He is moving about one pint of amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs every day, and he’s excreting about that same amount of urine. He is also starting to develop what is known as “brown fat”, which helps him regulate his body temperature.

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