16 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 16 Weeks Pregnant

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16 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 weeks pregnant

Welcome to week 16 of pregnancy! If you haven’t felt the little flutter yet, expect it to occur any time now. You may not recognise it as the baby’s movement at first, but it will become more distinct as he gets bigger.

Your doctor may also be able to hear his heart beat. Baby’s hearing is developing, so it’s time to start talking and reading to him. He will recognise your voice when he’s born and its sound will give him comfort. Since he’s beginning to hear, it’s a good idea to get Dad to talk to him, too. Reading a book together at bedtime is a great way to help baby learn the sound of his father’s voice.

At week sixteen, many doctors perform an ultrasound, so you may get to see baby this week! During the ultrasound, the doctor will likely measure the size of baby’s head, which is probably roughly 4 centimeters in diameter. This measurement can be used to confirm your due date, plus or minus seven days.

16 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

This is the beginning of your most beautiful time of pregnancy. Your hair and nails are getting thicker and growing faster, and you are finally starting to get that “glow” that everyone talks about. Your skin is likely radiant. You’ve likely gained somewhere between 3 and 7 pounds. You are almost certainly feeling more comfortable in maternity pants and skirts, even if your regular blouses and shirts still fit. It may be time to invest in maternity underwear, too, so that you can stay comfortable as your belly grows.

Your body is getting ready for breastfeeding, too, so you might find that you need to go up a bra cup size pretty soon. Many women are surprised to find their breasts getting bigger so early in the pregnancy, but it is quite common.

You may also be experiencing some not so nice symptoms, too. As baby is growing, your uterus begins to put pressure on your intestines, causing constipation. Increase the fiber in your diet and drink lots of water if you start noticing these symptoms. Some women start to experience dry and itchy eyes during this period, too. It’s hormone related, and can often be relieved with eye drops designed for dry eyes.

Backaches and muscle aches may be starting, too. At this stage of pregnancy, they’re not related to weight gain or your belly growing; hormones cause them. Getting some exercise, like taking a walk around the neighbourhood might be all you need to get some relief.

16 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

At this stage, your baby is around 4 ½ inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces. His hair is starting to come in, as are his eyebrows and eyelashes. His taste buds are also starting to form, and his eyes have become sensitive to light.

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