17 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 17 Weeks Pregnant

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17 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 17 Weeks Pregnant

17 weeks pregnant

Welcome to your 17th week of pregnancy! You’re almost halfway there! At this point, baby’s physical structure is pretty much complete. From this point forward, he will be continuing to grow and develop. His bones have been more like cartilage up to this point, but now they are beginning to harden.

Baby is growing, and so is your belly. By now, you are probably really beginning to look and feel pregnant. If you haven’t already, it’s probably time to switch to maternity tops as well as pants so that you can be more comfortable.

17 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

You’re starting to put on some weight, which may be scaring you a little. But, it is normal, and you shouldn’t be concerned about it, unless your doctor raises a concern. Just continue to eat nutrient dense foods, avoid those empty calories, and let nature take its course.

Your skin is probably starting to stretch a little now, and may get itchy, especially around your breasts and abdomen, where most of the stretching is occurring. Use moisturiser to help minimise the symptoms – coconut oil is wonderful stuff and a great all over moisturiser. You may also begin to see stretch marks. If so, treating them with cocoa butter may help them to diminish after baby is born.

You may also start to see other changes in your skin, too. Darkening, or brown spots on the face may appear in what is called the “mask of pregnancy”. You may also see tiny red spidery splotches on your face, and your palms may get red. These are the result of dilated blood vessels. All of these symptoms will disappear shortly after baby is born, but they can be a little unsettling right now.

Because of your increased blood flow, you may also be having an abundance of bodily fluids right now. If you’re sweating more, and noticing more mucus in general, it’s completely normal.

If you plan to take a childbirth class, now is the time to sign up, so that you can be sure to get it completed before baby arrives. Take a look at our article on why independent birth classes are best.

17 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Your baby is starting to get some meat on his bones, and is developing a waxy coating on his skin, called vernix. This coating protects baby’s skin from damage as he floats in the amniotic fluid. He weighs about 167 grams and is about 13 cm long. His umbilical cord is getting stronger and thicker, and he is moving around more.

If you’d like to find out baby’s sex, talk to your doctor. At this stage, sex can usually be determined with an ultrasound, providing baby cooperates.

By this point, you’re almost certainly feeling your baby move, and those movements will get more pronounced as he gets bigger. You may start to spot things that increase movement in baby, such as when you lie down, or when you eat.

The doctor or midwife will also begin listening to his heartbeat at every appointment now, too. You’ll gain great comfort from hearing that little heart beating when you visit.

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