19 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

19 weeks pregnant

At 19 weeks pregnant, you’re almost halfway there! Your baby is really growing quickly, and i’m sure your body certainly feels it. He’s a pretty complete little human now, but just has a lot of growing left to do. You are unmistakably pregnant, and people may be beginning to want to touch your belly. It’s not unusual for pregnant women to feel that their bodies have somehow become public property during pregnancy. Complete strangers may be eager to touch your bump!

19 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

While you are still likely feeling pretty good and having high-energy days, you’re almost certainly experiencing some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms by now. Backaches and swelling are pretty common, especially when you put in long days at work. In the evenings, try taking a walk after dinner and then put your feet up while sitting in a chair for a while before going to bed. The walk will help loosen muscles and ease back strain, as well as prevent heartburn by helping that dinner settle nicely. Propping up your feet will help reduce swelling.

If you’re also having trouble sleeping, it’s really time to slow down your routine a little in the evenings. Winding down properly before bed can help you to sleep better. You may be finding that your hips hurt a bit now, too. If so, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees.

It’s time to work on that “to do” list, as well. Getting things done will help with the restlessness that keeps you awake at night, for example, working on your nursery. If you were waiting on nursery planning to know baby’s sex first, you’ll probably be finding that out soon, if you haven’t already. If you want to take a breastfeeding class, it’s time to start looking for that, too.

19 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs about 240 grams, and is about 15.25 cm long. In his brain, the nerve cells responsible for hearing, taste, smell and sight are starting to develop.

At this stage, there’s usually lots of talk about whether you’re carrying a boy or girl. If you don’t already know, and want to find out, you probably can get an answer now. Your doctor usually schedules an ultrasound somewhere between 16 and 19 weeks. He’ll be looking for more than just private parts, though. At this ultrasound, the doctor will do a full body scan to get assurance that all parts are developing normally. You should receive some pictures from this ultrasound, too.

If you’re carrying a boy, his scrotum is solid by now. If you’re carrying a girl, her vagina is beginning to hollow out. She has about six million eggs in her ovaries! Some of those will disappear through degeneration even before she is born, leaving her about one million at birth. By the time she reaches puberty, she will have about 200,000-400,000 left. During her lifetime, she will only release 300-400 of those eggs.

Last Updated: August 14, 2015



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