20 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

20 weeks pregnant

You’re 20 weeks pregnant – around halfway there! You certainly feel and look like a prospective mother. Your baby is growing and developing into a little person very quickly.

20 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

By now, your waistline is gone, and you’re wearing a full wardrobe of maternity clothes. You may also find that you’re sweating quite a lot, due to increased thyroid activity. Don’t allow yourself to get overheated, and be sure to wear cornstarch or powder if you find that areas of your body are becoming chafed.

Your energy is likely still very high, especially after a good night’s sleep. But, in the evening, your body may require a bit more rest than usual. As you get tired and the day comes to an end, you may have swollen feet, a backache and heartburn. Over the counter antacids are safe during pregnancy, and you can take them often, so it’s probably a good idea to carry some in your purse right now. If you find that you’re having heartburn regularly, try eating smaller, more frequent meals, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

At 20 weeks pregnant, you may be experiencing shortness of breath as your uterus grows and presses up against your lungs. It’s nothing to worry about, just slow down as needed to catch your breath.

You also are now more subject to bladder infections, because the smooth muscles in your urinary tract relax. Keep an eye out for symptoms like burning when you urinate. Frequent urination is a common symptom of a bladder infection. But, as your uterus grows, you urinate more frequently anyway because the uterus constricts your bladder. So, the primary symptom you should worry about is pain or burning during urination.

When you’re 20 weeks pregnant, your baby’s sex can be seen during your big ultrasound — if you’re planning to find out! This is a good time to complete your baby registry for showers, as you can finalise nursery colours and pick out gender specific clothes and other baby items. Another alternative to a baby shower is a blessingway which is designed with mum-to-be in mind, rather than all the focus on the baby.

It’s also a great time to start finalising that list of names, since you know whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Here’s some suggestions for baby boy names and baby girl names.

20 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

His taste buds are starting to develop and he’s gulping down much larger amounts of amniotic fluid each day. He is moving a lot now, and his movements feel more like real movements, as opposed to flutters. He has periods of waking and sleeping, and will react to loud noises. You may notice that he is quiet and still until someone taps your abdomen or you hear a loud noise. It simply means you woke him up! He can easily hear your voice now, so if you haven’t started talking to him already, now is a good time. Listening to classical music at the end of the day may be soothing to both of you, especially if you take a warm bath at the same time. Just remember not to use water that is too hot.

This week, your baby weighs about 289 grams, and is about 16 & 1/2 cm long.

Last Updated: August 14, 2015



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