26 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

26 weeks pregnant

You’re 26 weeks pregnant! By now, you may be experiencing the phenomenon known as “pregnancy brain”. You may find yourself being especially forgetful, even walking into a room and not remembering why you came. It’s completely normal, though doctors aren’t really sure what causes it. It may go away after pregnancy, or you may just begin calling it “mummy brain!” Lack of sleep is likely a big contributor.

You are also likely having trouble sleeping and may have headaches more frequently than usual. Both of these problems are contributing to your forgetfulness, so if you’re feeling tired, try to get some rest. Remember to get exercise during the day to help you sleep better at night. In addition try to stop drinking liquids a few hours before bed to limit nighttime trips to the loo.

 Your Body At 26 Weeks Pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant, it’s normal to experience some swelling, which may come and go until baby comes. Most women report swelling in their ankles and lower legs, so remember to prop up when you can. Just watch out for swelling that comes on suddenly or is very severe, as it can be a sign of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy condition marked by an abnormal rise in blood pressure and protein in the urine. It’s a very dangerous condition that can lead to complications for you and baby, and even death. However, don’t be concerned about a slight rise in blood pressure, as it is normal during this phase of pregnancy.

The only cure for preeclampsia is the birth of the baby. Of course, the earlier the baby must be born due to preeclampsia, the more dangerous the situation. Doctors are still unsure about what causes preeclampsia. One theory is that it is caused by poor diet, so you have one more good reason to continue to eat healthy. One recent study found that eating organically grown vegetables during pregnancy was associated with reduced risk of pre-eclampsia.

When you’re 26 weeks pregnant, it’s not unusual to begin to experience clumsiness, too. It’s related to the fact that your centre of gravity has shifted, your joints have loosened and you’ve gained weight. It’s likely to get worse before it gets better. If you haven’t put away your high heels yet, now is probably the time. Don’t worry; you’ll get them back after baby comes!

Your Baby At 26 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s eyes are forming now, and soon she’ll be opening and closing them very soon. She’s taking lots of breaths now, though they aren’t yet of oxygen.

Baby’s immune system is developing, too. Right now this development consists primarily of absorbing your antibodies to be ready for the outside world.

Baby’s movements are much stronger, and can even begin to be painful sometimes. When a foot or elbow gets out of place and becomes uncomfortable, you can often push baby back into a position that’s more comfortable for you.

This week, your baby probably weighs between 600 grams and 1.2 kg, and is about 34-38 cm long.

If you’re 26 weeks pregnant, share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Last Updated: August 14, 2015



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