29 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 29 Weeks Pregnant

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29 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant

Welcome to your 29th week of pregnancy! You are well into your third trimester now. Your baby is starting to put on a lot of weight now, so it’s getting pretty crowded in your uterus. It probably feels like he’s kicking a lot more. Actually, the amount of kicking is about the same, but because there’s less room, you’re feeling every movement.

29 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Baby is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive system. So, you’re probably experiencing a lot of heartburn, gas, and other digestive issues. You also likely have to urinate very frequently now. Your uterus is pressing on your bladder, giving you very little room for holding urine.

You may also be starting to see varicose veins. These are troublesome to look at, but don’t be concerned. They will likely disappear once baby is born. But, for some women, they will cause achiness. There’s really nothing you can do for them. Sitting with your feet propped up will help with the achiness, and ensuring you don’t gain too much weight will help to minimise the number and severity of the bulging veins.

You need to be getting enough rest now, but you may be finding it very difficult. It’s not unusual to have trouble falling asleep because there’s a lot on your mind. In addition, once you do fall asleep, you’re likely to just need to get up and go to the bathroom!

You may also be having some headaches, particularly if you’re not sleeping well. But, they can also be from low blood sugar, so be certain to eat on a regular basis. Now that baby is getting so big, you’ll probably feel much better if you eat several small meals throughout the day, because you won’t feel so full. This will also help keep your blood sugar stable.

29 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Your baby’s weight is about 1.5 kg and she is about 37-42 cm long.

Baby is growing rapidly now. All organs are formed, and she’s starting to gain a lot of fat. She still has a long way to go. In fact, she still has most of her weight left to gain. As she gains fat, she gets more energetic, too. All that weight is making her stronger, and she’s itching to get out.

You’ll probably notice baby having the hiccups if you haven’t already. From this period on in pregnancy, many babies have them quite regularly.

It’s time to start counting baby’s kicks, to help ensure everything’s on track. You should count kicks once in the morning and once at night, every day. When you decide to start counting, look for ten movements (not just kicks) within an hour.

If you can’t feel ten movements at least within a two-hour period, it’s best to call your doctor or midwife. To make the counting period easier, it’s a good idea to have a little snack before you begin counting, or to plant your counting time to come after a meal. The blood sugar rush usually gets baby going.

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