41 Weeks Pregnant

41 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens When You’re 41 Weeks Pregnant

Your Pregnancy in Week 41

Welcome to your forty-first week of pregnancy! It’s likely that you never envisioned being here. But, many babies arrive late, so you aren’t really outside of the norm by still being pregnant. By now, you and your doctor have probably discussed induction. He may have given you a date at which he will induce if you don’t go into labour on your own. Focus on this date as your new due date to hopefully reduce some stress. However, he may be continuing to wait, particularly if your body seems to be moving toward labour naturally.

Your Body at 41 Weeks of Pregnancy

There’s likely nothing new going on in your body; just more of the same haemorrhoids, trouble sleeping, aches and pains, and heartburn. You are probably not gaining much weight at this point, yet you’re feeling bigger than ever. All the items on your “to do” list are likely checked off. Take every moment you can to relax and have fun. You may be limited by what you can do comfortably, but you can certainly see a movie or visit with friends.

By now, your doctor may have ordered a non-stress test for you. This test measures how well your baby is doing in there, by measuring his or her response to movement. Doctors often order this test for women whose due date has passed to help them make a decision about when, or whether, to schedule an induction. He may schedule the test to be performed during your regular weekly visit, or may have you come in an additional time this week.

The test is completely non-invasive, and will cause you no discomfort. It’s completely safe for baby, too. Essentially, you will lie on a table with a Doppler stretched across your belly. The doctor will be looking for baby’s heart rate to increase at movement. If she’s not responding, the doctor may have you eat or drink something to wake her up, or may use a buzzer that causes vibrations to wake her. Ideally, the doctor will see baby’s heart rate quicken with movement, which will let him know that baby is doing well. If there are any concerns, he may schedule another test, called a contraction stress test. Though the test is not uncomfortable, it can take a while, especially if baby is slow to respond. If the doctor believes there could be a problem with baby’s health, he will likely go ahead and schedule an induction. If all is well, and there are no other risk factors, he may make you wait a little while longer.

Your Baby at 41 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your baby’s weight is likely somewhere between 3 and 4 kg now, and she is anywhere from 47-53 cm long. She continues to gain weight, and her lungs continue to develop. By now, she’s probably going to be a pretty big girl when she finally does arrive. Your doctor can probably give you a very reliable prediction about her weight.

Last Updated: November 11, 2015



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