Bleeding During Pregnancy – 6 Causes

It can be a very scary time if you start bleeding during pregnancy. However it’s important to know that blood loss doesn’t always mean you could be experiencing a miscarriage.

Bleeding during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, is more common than you might think. According to the study patterns and predictors of vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy, around one-fourth of study participants reported bleeding during pregnancy. Eight percent of women reported heavy bleeding. Most incidences occurred between weeks five and eight, and in most cases, lasted no more that than three days.

Of the women who experienced bleeding during pregnancy, 12% percent of women experienced a miscarriage compared to 13% of women who did not bleed. They cited fibroids and prior miscarriage as maternal characteristics associated with bleeding.

While most women will have a once-off bleed, a small percent may bleed throughout their whole pregnancy. This may be in the form of spotting, streaking, or period-like blood loss.

Do I Need To Tell My Doctor Or Midwife?

All bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to your doctor or midwife. Any passage of blood from the vagina of a pregnant women before 24 weeks will be termed a ‘threatened miscarriage’ or ‘threatened abortion’. After 24 weeks its termed an ‘ante-partum haemorrhage’.

You especially need to see a doctor or midwife within 72 hours of any bleeding if you have a rhesus negative blood group (e.g. O-, A-), to see if there has been a possible mixing of yours and your baby’s blood. This results in the rhesus negative body producing antibodies against positive blood (which is the more dominant, likely blood group that your baby will inherit – but of course it’s unknown until birth). It doesn’t have any bearing on your first pregnancy, but in subsequent pregnancies, antibodies will attack what it thinks is foreign matter. See our article, Rhesus Negative Blood Groups In Pregnancy for more information.

Below is an explanation of some of the more common reasons for bleeding during pregnancy, and as you will read, its not always sinister. If the bleeding is accompanied by strong cramping, speak to your doctor or midwife asap. Some mild cramping/stretching sensations can be experienced in a healthy pregnancy though.

Possible Cause #1: Implantation Bleeding or Streaking

When a fertilised egg attaches to the uterine lining, this can result in light spotting or streaking (streaks of blood). Usually this only lasts a day or two and occurs during the time between implantation no longer than when your period was due (some women mistakenly think they have just had a light period). Implantation bleeding is usually bright fresh blood like that which you would expect to see if you cut your finger. It can also be in the form of a pink mucus stain. However do mention it to your carer for safe measure.

Possible Cause #2: Breakthrough Bleeding

Some women experience what is known as ‘breakthrough bleeding’ at the times when your period would have normally been due. So this would be at 4, 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is often accompanied by the feeling that you would normally associate with your period being imminent i.e. back ache, cramps, a heavy sensation in your pelvis, feeling bloated and ‘off’. Of course the period doesn’t arrive (even though you feel like it will) because you are actually pregnant! During pregnancy, hormones prevent your period from occurring. Sometimes the hormone levels are not yet high enough to stop your period and therefore you have this breakthrough bleeding. It can last for around three months – after this time the placenta begins to take over hormone production from your ovaries. Some women may experience breakthrough bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy and have healthy babies, under the close watch of their carer.

Possible Cause #3: Threatened or Actual Miscarriage

Studies indicate that around one third of pregnancies end in miscarriage (the medical term is spontaneous abortion) but don’t despair – these figures refer to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, including very early miscarriages that occur before you even realise that you are pregnant. Often this is a result of a damaged fetus – your body may reject a pregnancy that is unable to survive its complications.

Once you have reached the 14-16 week mark you can be fairly sure that your pregnancy is safe. It’s probably not such a bad idea to refrain from telling the world you are pregnant until you get to the 12 week mark for this reason. Although you might be busting to share your wonderful news, it can be very distressing to have to tell the world again if you lose the pregnancy. Sometimes sympathy is comforting but sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are grieving for lost dreams.

Common signs of miscarriage include bleeding (being most common), cramping, backache and stomach pains. Women commonly say that they no longer ‘feel pregnant’ when they have miscarried and are bleeding. The signs of pregnancy disappear, no more nausea, sore breasts of bloated tummy. If you are bleeding and feel like this then chances are that you have lost the baby. If you are bleeding but still feel pregnant then the chances are very good that the bleeding is just a scare and the little one is hanging on in there. An ultrasound will usually be reassuringly normal.

It is possible to miscarry without any bleeding, which is known as a ‘missed abortion’. The fetus dies but is retained by your body. The signs of pregnancy would definitely have disappeared if this happens but the absence of a heartbeat would only be detected on ultrasound. You may need a curette to clear out the uterus.

For more information, see our article, Miscarriages – Saying Goodbye Before You’ve Said Hello.

Possible Cause #4: Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding after sex is one of the most common causes of bleeding during pregnancy. This is completely harmless and is caused by increased blood supply and softening of the cervix. Although this form of bleeding is not serious, you should always report this to your carer. Be prepared when you phone the maternity ward for the very personal question, “Have you recently had sex?” It’s a bit embarrassing but a common reason for bleeding, so it’s the first question midwives ask women who phone with vaginal bleeding. You do not need to cease love-making but you may need to reassure your partner that he’s not hurt the baby, who is safely protected in your uterus, well above the vagina.

Also see our article on Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy.

Possible Cause #5: Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when your fertilised egg implants itself outside of the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube. You may experience severe pain down one side of your abdomen, or generalised pain which doubles you over, you may feel faint and nauseous. The pain may suddenly disappear if the tube ruptures but it will return within hours/days and you will feel really unwell.

This is an emergency situation as an ectopic pregnancy can rupture the fallopian tube causing internal bleeding, damage to the tube and maternal collapse. Your fallopian tube may need to be removed along with the pregnancy but this does not mean you will have trouble conceiving in future provided your other ovary and fallopian tube are healthy.

For more information, read our article on Ectopic Pregnancy

The next question you will be asked if you phone to report a ‘bleed’ is “Have you had a scan, and was the placenta situated normally?”

Possible Cause #6: Bleeding From The Placenta

Painless vaginal bleeding can be from an abnormally placed placenta. Sometimes the placenta implants itself very low down on the uterine wall, occasionally right over the cervical canal. This is called placenta praevia and it occurs in about two percent of women. Placenta praevia will inevitably result in a bleed at some point in your pregnancy, usually after the 20 week period. There are differing degrees of severity of this condition but all will require repeat ultrasounds to accurately diagnose it. This condition may require bed rest, an induction or a Caesarean if it remains over the cervix in the remaining weeks of pregnancy to prevent your baby being put at risk.

Another cause of bleeding later in pregnancy is placental abruption (which occurs in approximately one in 200 pregnancies) where the placenta partially or completely separates from the wall of the uterus. Symptoms can include generalised severe pain and heavy bleeding. The blood may be seen by you or concealed in the uterus which will be tense, tight, hard to touch and very painful. If you smoke, have high blood pressure, kidney problems or pre-eclampsia, you are more at risk. It requires urgent admission to hospital and depending on the severity of the bleeding, you may either be put on bed rest, be induced or have a Caesarean. To find out more about low-lying placenta and placenta praevia read our article HERE.

What Should I Do If I Experience Bleeding During Pregnancy?

If you are over 20 weeks of pregnancy, seek medical advice immediately.

Do not use tampons if you are bleeding during pregnancy, always use pads. If the bleeding is light and you have no pain, in the first instance, contact your midwife or obstetrician to discuss the next step.

Once you’ve had it checked out by a medical professional, you could also seek out an experienced acupuncturist who is a specialist in fertility/pre-natal care, as there are some points they can work on to help you with bleeding and energy in that area. Acupuncturists work with patients who have had recurrent or threatened miscarriage – so might be worth a try – it is a safe, natural and healthy option.

If the bleeding is heavy (i.e. running out and you are passing clots) and the bleeding is accompanied with stomach cramps, backache and period type pains, contact your hospital immediately. While this is understandably an upsetting time, try to remain as calm as you can – remind yourself that bleeding can occur in pregnancy. Know that it is your blood, not the babies blood that you are seeing and that it is quite possible to continue on with a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t be surprised if the advice you receive for early bleeding (before 12 weeks) is to just watch and wait.

What If I’m Experiencing A Miscarriage?

If you are experiencing a miscarriage, unfortunately nothing can prevent it from occurring. Whilst it is very disappointing and upsetting, there is nothing you can do but to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Know that you are not responsible for a miscarriage happening, and you would not have done anything to cause it. These things can help you to feel more comfortable physically (but cannot prevent a miscarriage from happening) are:

  • Bedrest
  • Panadol/Panadiene/Naprogesic for the cramps
  • Hot water bottle for your tummy
  • Tea and support from your partner

You may pass the developing fetus and tissue whereby the bleeding will then cease. Should you continue to bleed you will need an anaesthetic and a curette to ‘clean out’ your uterus.

However, remember that the majority of bleeding in early pregnancy settles spontaneously and the pregnancy continues unharmed.

Have you experienced bleeding during pregnancy?

Share your stories and experiences below in the comments section.

Last Updated: April 2, 2015


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  1. I had a tubal ligation after my last almost 3 years ago. My periods were normal. Then I missed 3 or 4 months then I had one that was light and lasted 3 days then this month is normal. However I have many pregnancy symptoms but all the tests I’ve done say negative. I have not been to a doctor due to not having insurance. What’s going on?

  2. Hi, I recently found out I am pregnant. My dates have me at 8 weeks. I have a dating scan next week. I have experienced brown spotting/discharge for 3 weeks now. No pain. Has anyone had this?

    1. Yes, I have experienced the same, mine had stopped recently for two to three days now . I have a dating scan tomorrow. Heaps of rest seemed to help me as every time I got up and did something it would start again.

      1. Hi sapphire seems we kind of have the same problem with the moving around and all and relief with yours?

    2. I’m experiencing the same brown discharge no pain but I’m 5 weeks pregnant should I be worried ? I am bleeding here n there very lite though ????

    3. Hi, I’m 8 weeks now an have pink spotting with tissue like substance in and off for the past two weeks. Had a scan a few days ago and all went well. Heartbeat was clear but still bleeding

  3. I’m 6 week pregnant. I been bleeding for last 5-6 days. It is moderate bleeding. I had another Us done today and my gynec said she saw lot of blood in my uterus around the baby. The baby is safe though with decent heartbeats for a 6 week. She did not have any other answer for me except to wait and watch! So waiting for the bleeding to stop! :(

    1. Hi, I had the same. It’s a sub chronic hematoma- normally clears by 12 weeks and the blood is re absorbed by the body. I was put on bed rest for the first few months and given hormone injections to help baby grow past the risky stage. This is something most of Europe does but the UK does not as they do not normally scan so early, therefore would not pick up on the hematoma.

  4. I’ve done 4 home pregnancy tests and went to the doctors and made sure if it was for real and I was pregnant and I went to an ultrasound and they couldn’t see anything and I didn’t get my period that month I fell pregnant but a week after I had bleeding

  5. Hi I found out I’m pregnant. About 5weeks now I have us next week but scared because I have noticed a light brown discharge is this normal? I am having no pain but two years ago had an ectopic pregnanc. Its so to not. Worry please if anyone. Has been threw this?

  6. I am 5weeks with light to moderate bleeding. I have all normal test results for a healthy pregnancy. Still awaiting to see why I’m bleeding. This is day three.

  7. I’ve took about 7-8 test (I know sounds crazy) All were faint lines but one was digital and said pregnant 1-2 weeks. Found out Thursday and Friday had light pink blood and now into Saturday it’s much heavier, however my husband and I did have intercourse last night .. ironically AF is due today … no idea what to think …

  8. I am 5 weeks pregnant and yesterday started spotting a brownish color. Not needing more than a panty liner but has been continuous. Should I be worried?

  9. I’m 5wks4days, 3 days ago I started bleeding but it wasn’t accompanied by any pain, it stopped on the same day too. I’m still having pregnancy symptoms but I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to check my hcg levels because they were just over 300. Anyone else experience this and still went on to be pregnant? I’m scared and anxious about tomorrow because I’ve had previous miscarriages.

    1. Right now I am 5 weeks with light spotting I had an U/S and they said it was too early to really say yes or no and my hcg was 256

  10. Okay so my girl friend is 4 weeks and 2 days and we had sex yesterday and later on she was bleeding could it be spotting or Could it be us from having sex .. Also this would Be our first child

    1. Probably but if she is experiencing cramps or lower stomach pain that could mean miscarriage. It could also be the egg attaching to the uterus. That happened to me with my first. If she has miscarried there isn’t anything you can do to stop it. Just hold her hand and let her know your there for her. Good luck.

        1. I agree with Jennifer .. cramping is normal Throughout your whole pregnancy. I am in my 5th pregnancy and cramped with all.

          As far as bleeding from sex: this is completely normal. Tears can be made to the vaginal wall that you cant see and all of your tissue is soft bc of the pregnancy so its more possible.

  11. Im 6weeks pregnant and have been expirencing spotting for 5days now.My doc. said it could be infection.Im taking antibiotic but still seeing the spotting.Pls help me

  12. ive been having very painful and cloty period for the last two months. I used to have normal periods until when I started trying to concieve. When my cirlcle is due iget brownish spotting for few days then later heavy bleeding with clots. Could this be missed implantation.

  13. Hi there, I’m on the pill started it in January. Haven’t missed a day however before and after my period last month which started on the 4th placebo pill I’ve Had pregnancy symptoms.. Anyone else experience this or is there a chance I am? Was light to moderate bleeding.

  14. I’ve been bleeding light pink blood for about 3 days now only 1 clot but nothing since that one. I’ve miscarried before and I’m scared that’s happening again. However my hcg levels are rising. I’m currently being closely watched by my doctor because I am high risk and so far she doesn’t know why I am bleeding. Can anyone tell me why??

    1. Hello everyone,
      Today my period is due & my man and I have been having unprotected sex … We’re not trying or preventing to have a baby, but I’m concerned about whether or not I’m pregnant because I heard and have read you can bleed lightly , but it’s not a period ; by the way my mom bled for five months carrying me… Anyway is it possible to bleed (light pink blood) when your menstrual is due and still be pregnant? I’m only concerned now since my breast/nipples are sore|itching and are huge like crazy! I’ve never experienced that b4 or during my period. Mind you a week after my last period I spotted, became extremely bloated, very gassy & had indigestion, which I also never had can someone PLEASE explain to me?

  15. I am 5 weeks and yesterday I started bleeding and its day 2 and I’m very nervous. Went to the e.r yesterday and blood work was performed and everything seemed to be normal but its really nerve-wrecking because in my first pregnancy I experienced spotting but nothing like I’m experiencing now. There is no pain, cramping, or nothing of that nature but just kinda scared because it seems like its too much blood and I may b overreacting but I’m stuck because I do not know what to do and I’ve been to the e.r already

  16. I am almost a month along with my little one. I just recently had rough sex earlier and I started to lightly bleed. The doctors office wont be open till tomorrow but my doctor has no openings till next month. Is it okay to bleed after rough sex or should I go in to the er to have them look at me. I’m scared. Someone please help me!

  17. Question, I hadn’t found out I was pregnant when I started bleeding very heavy last week clots and all. We thought I must be having a very early miscarriage.stopped bleeding sat. Even if this hadn’t happened a test still really shouldn’t show for another 4-5 days. My breast still continue to get enlarged and even more sore which has always been my indicator with my other 3. Tested today and it was a very dark positive!! I’m so confused!

  18. As you may think , if the bleeding is not enough to use a pad, you will not need to worry. As possible as you can, pls take rest and if the condition become serious, don’t wait for your doctor, better go to others.

  19. I am not sure if I’m pregnant or not but I have had the symptoms for nearly 5 weeks now, but I started bleeding 2 days ago.. I went tithe doctors and had a urine test and blood test as the last 4 home test have come back negative.. I have the pain and everything.. Is it normal?

  20. Hi I found out a few days ago that I was pregnant and today I got up and have been experiencing quite alot of bleeding. No clots but quite dark and fresh blood. I am/was 5 weeks. My breasts don’t feel as tender as they were yesterday when I was definatly pregnant is this an indication that its probably a miscarriage. I am confused because having no pain or cramps but heavy bleeding with no clots

  21. i am 5 to 6 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding moderately for the last 4 days but it’s only when I move around my doctor never said what can cause it just that some women spot and he gave me progesterone suppository I’m still really confused why the bleeding when I move around does anyone have any advice please?

    1. I am 6 weeks and have been spotting/ light bleeding for over a week now. This is my third pregnancy and the same thing happened with the others at different points throughout the pregnancy. Having said that, I have 2 beautiful daughters. It never becomes less scary and it’s all I can think about right now.

  22. iam 8wks pregnant 2 days ago look like I have my period bright red blood next day a few little bood clots went to hospital for blood work there unsure if I have miscarried or not first day had bad cramps but I also had bad diahorra 2nd day only mild period pain have to wait a day for ultra sound im so nervous this is my second pregnancy first one miscarriage immediately early

  23. Hi ladies, I’ve found out I was pregnant at 10 dpo via preg test and have been doing one or two every morning after that (clear blue, first response and cheapies) for a week. Every day the lines have been getting significantly darker which is great and I’ve been having mild period like cramps, back pain and sore breasts. But now at 4 weeks exactly, I’ve started having brown discharge and it’s getting darker-my period usually starts this way! I’m freeking out here and I am worried my period will start anyway!
    Is it even possible for it to start if I have HCG hormone in my body?
    Anyway I try to think to myself that whatever’s supposed to happen will happen and if the embrio is healthy and strong it will stay. Nature is always right and knows what to do…
    Take care everyone and good luck x

  24. I am 10 w today and yesterday I ran to the er room due to bleeding I am wondering can this be normal ? My breast don’t hurt like yesterday all this scares me I can’t even sleep at night some advice please

  25. Hey all, I’m five weeks pregnant and for almost two weeks I have had moderate bright red bleeding accompanied with blood clots, only small ones. I have had the worst cramps of my life to the point I can’t stand up. No nausea or vomiting just intense pain that I can’t move. I have also had some back pain here and there. Any ideas what is causing this?

  26. My partner and I are trying to have a baby and are using at home insemination and a donor as we are both female. We did a trial insemination on March 19th and I had a period a week later (I knew the chances of concivieing were extremely slim as we have been tracking my cycle.

    The period was heavy for 12 hours and completely dry for 12 hours. This occurred over 4 days. It’s never happened before. I assumed it was my period and even took a test after to make sure and it was negative. A few days after my boobs began to feel extremely sore and grew a cupsize in a week. The soreness lasted 3 weeks. I couldn’t even touch my boobs they hurt so bad. I have had slight nausea and also extreme fatigue for the last month. I took a test and it was negative and then my period came when it was supposed to. However it only lasted 3 days and was heavy 12 hours and dry for 12 hours again .

    My doctor sent me for blood work and I’ve been waiting over a week for the results. I’ve even called the Dr and was told my results aren’t in yet.

    Can somebody please help me? Am I having a false pregnancy? I am literally 50/50 both ways. I’ve never felt this way in my life and my stomach just started to swell 3 days ago.

    I can’t wait any longer !!

    I am 22 years old and this is going to be my first Pregnancy. I just can’t bring myself to believe it’s true.

  27. Well i’m 12 weeks tomorrow, and have been bleeding bright red with some clots for 3 days now. not heavy bleeding just everytime i go to the toilet to pee i notice. what’s going on?

    1. But im 6weeks pregnant.and I just down pee and seing some blood! I was used tisue and its look like brown blood! I dont know what is goin on!!

    2. I am in a similar situation. 9.5 weeks and bleeding every time I use the bathroom, but nothing in between. Accompanied by some light cramping. I have a call in to my Dr, but she is on call today. Waiting is killing me! What is your blood type? Have you had your initial appointment already? If so, what were the results so far? This will be my third baby.

  28. Hi.. few days before I found that I’m 2week pregnant..then suddenly I started spotting for two days and on the 3Rd day I started bleed heavy with clots too….what it could be?? what should I d?? Am I still pregnant or its miscarriage??? Need help (two months ago I miscarried my first baby is that happening again?)

  29. I took the clearblue advanced pregnancy test at home last Monday and they both said that I was one or two weeks along, but then I was told that I was 5 or 6 weeks at the time because the last period I remember having was around March 25th. About 3 days ago, I started spotting and was having cramps and when I went to the ER, I was told that I probably miscarried 2 weeks ago– my hormone level was 100 and something. But the cramping stopped yesterday morning & the spotting has decreased A LOT. Also had my first case of morning sickness 2 days ago, yet passed an inch long blood clot (it seems to look like lining from the uterus though) & found out later that having periods during pregnancy runs in my side of the family. I want to believe that my baby is okay :( any thoughts? Could it be that maybe the first doctor got the info wrong on how far along I am? Cause seriously– I’m not even sure when my last cycle was.

  30. Hi I’ve just found out I’m pregnant done two at home pregnancy tests both positive and my dates put me at about 4 months. I had intercourse last night and now have noticed a small amount if bright red blood today so I used a sanitary towel and there is a very small amount. I have a light cramps in my stomach along the lines of period cramps and I don’t know if this is normal? If anyone could help? Thanks

  31. I am 8 weeks pregnant, i had weakness and later followed by bleeding and cloting for a day and stopped but had weakness through the day. Today am seeing spotting. I’ll go and see a doctor tomorrow but should i be worried about this development?

  32. Hi i have had brown discharge and bleeding when wipe for the past 3 weeks now. I have no pain. My doctor said could be ectopic and has booked me in for a scan next week. Has anyone else had the same bleeding but with positive outcome? Also is it possible to have an ectopic with no pain? I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. Thanks

  33. I am 12 weeks and 4 Days and I have been experiencing a lot of bleeding. First start with brownish color for 2 days but bleeding lasted 5 days. Stopped for 3 days and started bleeding more heavier lasting another 5 days. This time I had bright red color and decided to go to the hospital and all they can tell me was I was pregnant (which I knew), no sex, and to stay off my feet. So I do what they told me. No sex and to stay off my feet. I stayed in bed and didn’t get out. 5 days later I started bleeding again and now lasting for 8 days. Has anyone ever experienced this or know what to do? My doctor/midwife doesn’t care or don’t how what to do.

  34. I am 7 weeks. I have been bleeding for 4 days now. First day was brown and small clots. Second day started out brown but by the night was red twice when whipping. Yesterday it was brown to,begin with until late last night. I began having an unbearable pain in my low abdomine that grew into my groine. I started to have red blood again and passed 2 decent sized blood Clots and had this pain and red blood for a couple hours. This morning it is all red but streaky as if mucusy. I went to ob on day 3. Said my cervix looked good and my uterus felt like it was still holdinh something inside. Did some blood work and was told my hcg is high and nornal but my progesterone is low. She ordered an us and am going in today for it. I am deathly scared they are going to tell me i have lost it due to the big clots last night or that there is a sac but no viable fetus inside. But i will say the bleeding is like a period at this point but accompanied by no abdomine pain nor any back pain or fever at this time.

  35. I’m not sure what to think at this point… Maybe someone could shed some light on my situation… I had my daughter 3 1/2 months ago and 2 weeks ago found out I am pregnant again I was fine for the first week to two weeks after we found out.. Now I am HEAVILY bleeding and passing clots the size of large grapes… I am having cramping and I am very worried… I have been to the ER and the doctor and blood test after blood test has been done… And each one has come back that my hcg levels are going up… (But nowhere near what they should) has anyone ever experienced this kind of situation?? Based on last period I would be right at 8 weeks and 5 days…. Can any one throw some advice my way???? We are trying to keep our hopes up and pray for everything to turn out okay….

  36. Also, I have had a few ultrasounds, all have shown a “sac” in my uterus but no visible baby or heartbeat…

    1. Candace,
      What was your outcome? I’m currently going thru the same thing. I’m worried that I miscarried but wont know till tomorrow when I go for my second ultrasound. I to am 8 weeks started spotting had an ultrasound only saw a sac. Then heavy bleeding for a day .

  37. hi im 11 weeks pregnant and ive been bleeding on & off for 3 days now. bright red to start with then brown. it would be every couple of hours. and ive had constant period pain for 3 days with it. rang midwife and doctor and dont seem to care and got to wait a week for a scan. had pregnancy before and never had this. anyone else had this?

    1. I have had the same as you and I saw a doctor he said I have a small hole in my cervix and. A blood clot your body could just be breaking down the clot x

  38. Someone help!
    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. 5 days ago I spotted (just one spot in underwear) then it stopped. Did research and it said implementation bleeding. My cycle never spot that early then completely stop. So air waited to see if my cycle would start the day it was due and it did. Could I still be pregnant due to the spot that lasted a couple of hours a week before my period was due???

  39. We did IVF last april. The embryo transfer was April 9th. On april 20th I tought I had my period. Super heavy, Bad cramps, clots. The same week when My period was close to an end I had to get a pregnancy test on the IVF clinic. It was faintly positive. My HCG was only 22. The Nurse said that It was probably a chemical pregnancy. 5 days later my blood was checked again and the HCG level went up to 300. From there It just kept increasing.Last week I had an early u/s and my baby was measuring five days behind and the Heart beat was 156/min. Last Night I had bad cramps and light bleeding. Couldn’t sleep because of my cramps. Today I have no bleeding. And my cramps are less. I have an appointment on Tuesday. Im super scared.

  40. hi, am 9 weeks pregnant, started to bleed yesterday and today were some clots. Is this something to worry about?

  41. hi
    m in my 13 weeks n bleeding .its really big pain while peeing n pain in my lower abdominal all the time (like in period) doc said its bactenria n m taking antiboitic
    plssss someone help me ,or share something

  42. Hi I’m roughly 12 weeks pregnant and have has spotting on and off for a few days, any idea what it could be? I’m abroad atm so I can’t see my midwife or anything

  43. Hi I was haut wondering if any body could help
    On Tuesday (2days ago)I woke with really bad abdo pain and had bleeding I went for a scan that same day and baby was okay?i got told I had a blood clot next to baby I continued to bleed(red period types bleed)but the pain stopped I have bleed the same red blood for around 24hours the day after the bleeding calmed and wasn’t as often but was still red I pass small blood clots the size of a small finger nail today when I woke I was in no pain and I have decreased bleeding and it has turned to a darker red does this mean I have miscarried or the clot has cleared its self away?please can somebody help me:;

  44. I’m in my third pregnancy.
    In my first two pregnancies I had no bleeding even implantation bleeding. My third pregnancy I miscarried at 10 weeks in December of 2014 and found out I was expecting in February 2015. Currently 18 weeks and I keep expecting to have a miscarriage since its still fresh in my mind.

    Out of four pregnancies I only bled once and it didn’t turn out well.

  45. I am 6 weeks and I have been bleeding for almost a week now kinda like a period it gets heavier when I’m up moving around then it lightens up the emergency room last week said it looked irregular but wasn’t sure because it could have been to early to tell but so far they have not ruled out a threatened miscarriage I have an u/s soon but I am nervous

  46. Hi ladies, need some advice. I am 6 weeks pregnant and woke this morning with blood stained underwear but have had no further bleeding at all and no pain. Went to doctors and have an ultrasound this afternoon. Very nervous and wanted to know if anyone has experienced something like this and continued on with a normal pregnancy?

  47. I got very strong bfp at 4 weeks on clearblue digital- pregnant 2-3 weeks. At 5 weeks 4 days (I think) I started bleeding and went to ER. They did blood test, urine test, external and internal ultrasound. Hcg was at 685 which they said was low. Said they didn’t see anything in uterus, but I wonder if it was too early. They couldn’t rule out ectopic but thought it was probably a miscarriage and sent me home. My dr didn’t see a point to get hcg level again. Now after 5 days of bleeding NO CLOTS, it has stopped. I still feel very pregnant. I took a frer and it was very dark plus a clearblue digital that said pregnant 2-3 weeks. Should I force dr to do my hcg or wait another week and retest? What are the odds I still am pregnant with a healthy baby? Dr said it could be a couple weeks until levels go down.

  48. I just found out I am pregnant last Monday, after I have been having this brown discharge for days. This morning I started bleeding. What is happening

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