Pancake Recipe – The Best Pancake Recipe!

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Pancake Recipe Pancakes for breakfast (especially with BellyBelly’s delicious pancake recipe!) are a family weekend favourite, and thankfully, they’re super easy to make. Because they’re a… Read More

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Pancake Recipe – The Best Pancake Recipe!

Pancake Recipe - The Best Pancake Recipe!

Pancake Recipe

Pancakes for breakfast (especially with BellyBelly's delicious pancake recipe!) are a family weekend favourite, and thankfully, they're super easy to make.

Because they're a basic dish, it's a great recipe to teach the kids, building their cooking confidence.

You can experiment by adding fruits, berries and vegetables – whatever you fancy.

Kids can also enjoy making pancakes in different shapes – they will have lots of fun with their pancake creations!

Best of all, once they kids have mastered this yummy pancake recipe, they'll have more confidence to tackle more complicated recipes.

But for now — throw out all your other pancake recipes, because BellyBelly's pancake recipe is the best you'll find.

It's light, fluffy, delicious and super easy to make. Don't forget to leave your feedback at the end of this article – any suggestions you'd like to make? Or how about sharing your favourite toppings? Okay, we're drooling – so here's the recipe!

Pancake Recipe – Ingredients

  • 1 cup of self raising flour
  • 2 tablespoons of caster sugar (optional, if you prefer sweet pancakes over more savoury)
  • 1 cup of milk (at room temperature is best)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 1 egg (at room temperature is best)
  • Butter

For a healthier recipe, you can substitute white four for wholemeal flour, or use half coconut flour (which is full of fibre) or other flours. Of course, you can reduce the amount of sugar you use too.

Pancake Recipe – Method

  • Combine flour, sugar, milk, vanilla essence and egg into a mixing bowl. Do not over mix for best results.
  • In a large frying pan, heat until hot. If a few drops of water sizzle right away, your pan is ready! Lightly grease with butter.
  • Using a ladle or measuring cup (1/4 cup is good), pour the mixture into the pan, holding them down close to the pan.
  • After a minute or two you should notice bubbles and the pancake edges drying. It's time to quickly but gently flip them over! A flat, wide spatula is best. Cook until golden.

Enjoy these delicious pancakes while you can – with maple syrup, butter, jam, honey, berries, lemon juice, sugar or whatever your tastebuds fancy!

Last Updated: November 30, 2015


  1. I used wholemeal self raising flour, left out the sugar, & added a mashed banana. I made them for my 11 month old & they were a big hit!

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