Relationships Articles

Relationships change as we become parents and sometimes we can struggle with the new dynamics. This section is dedicated to relationship advice during conception to parenthood.

Valentine's Day for New Parents

9 Valentine's Day Tips For New Parents

Looking for some romantic Valentines Day ideas as a new parent? Having a baby doesn't mean you have to miss out - here are 9 tips to enjoy your Valentine's Day.

Been judged or criticised?

Have You Been Judged or Criticised? Then You Must Know This

Judgement and criticism is rife throughout pregnancy and into parenthood as we raise our children. If you've experienced it, then you must read this.

Women losing interest in sex

Why Women Lose Interest In Sex & 6 Tips For Better Sex

Recent surveys have revealed that around 1 in 3 women are turned off from sex. So, how do you turn that around? Here are 6 great tips from Dr Andrew Orr.

Hacks for a thriving sex life

Half A Dozen Hacks For A Thriving Sex Life

Need to get that spark back in the bedroom? Jordan Gray has 6 awesome hacks to incorporate in your intimate relationship.

Relationship Changes After Baby

30 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

After you have a baby, life will never be the same again - especially in your relationship! Here's 30 ways your relationship changes after having a baby.

Not good enough?

Do You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough?

Do you ever feel that you're not worthy? Not enough - not good enough, not smart enough, not sexy enough? Here's a great video about feeling unworthy.

Should I Leave Or Stay?

Should I Leave Or Stay For The Kids?

Should I leave or stay for the kids? Its a dilemma faced by many parents which both have their pros and cons. So, should you stay or should you go?

Wanting more babies

When One Partner Wants More Babies and the Other Does Not

It can be a heart-wrenching stalemate: when one partner wants more babies than the other. What can you do if you and your partner are locking horns over how many babies to have?

Relationship rituals

Relationship Rituals - 10 Minute Rituals For A Healthy Relationship

It's often said that it's the ten minutes which can save a relationship. Your own 10-minute nightly ritual can help bring both partners together in the relationship.

Why Does My Partner Look At Porn?

Does your partner look at porn? Or are you worried that might be? After a baby, if the male continues to be interested in sex while the female is not, males may feel frustrated and potentially resentful while females feel pressured and potentially resentful. So what are the possible solutions?

Sex After Baby - What Will Happen To My Sex Life? | BellyBelly

Wondering how your sex life will change after baby? We thought we'd give it to you straight, from those who have been there and done that (pardon the pun!).

Russian Dolls

When we are having an argument with our partners we often start to function very much like our 5 year-old self (or even earlier).

Writing It Down On Paper!

Many new mothers and fathers get into conflict when trying to sort out who does what around the house. Here's a way to help avoid such conflict.

Are You Servicing Your Relationship?

Nobody actually insures their relationship do they? Well no they don't but maybe they should. The fact of the matter is that if the relationship doesn't survive it can be a very expensive and hurtful experience for everyone in the family.

There's Something Dangerous in Your House...

In almost everyone's house there is something that is potentially very dangerous. Do you know what it is?