Baby Beanbags Review – Product Review From BellyBelly

Baby Beanbags Review – Product Review From BellyBelly

Baby Beanbags Review – Product Review From BellyBelly

Finally, beanbags for babies that are safe and secure!

Founded by Paediatric Nurse, Rachael Brown, Baby Beanbags certainly deliver on the company's mission: to delight parents and children with high quality, innovative products and outstanding customer service. Do you know how you can just tell that something is going to be a great product as soon as you open it? Upon opening the Baby Beanbag box, I felt immediately reassured by its safety and quality, and couldn't wait to try it out.

The beans were filled perfectly, as to not be a danger for baby – firm but comfortable. The fabric? Luxuriously soft. The safety harness felt secure and suitable for an infant – I would absolutely feel comfortable with a small baby secured in the Baby Beanbag. Its a great alternative to a bouncer that will last longer and they look great!

I love that Baby Beanbags have ingeniously designed the beanbag to cater for older babies and toddlers, extending it's usability time window! An easy zip off top cover changes the beanbag from infant use with a harness, to toddler use without the harness. I was wondering how they could seamlessly manage the conversion, but they have done this very well, without leaving any uncomfortable or dangerous bits and pieces exposed.

Baby Beanbags – Sales & Service

The first step of buying any product is that all important sales and service. The website is nice on the eye with a beautiful design and ease of use. I was very impressed with the friendly, prompt and professional service that followed from Baby Beanbags. The Director, Rachael, is a pleasure to deal with. The product was sent very quickly and it was packed in a good quality, branded box – top notch service!

What I Love About Baby Beanbags…

  • Risk free. Its a really telling sign if you believe in your product that much that you offer a no fuss, money back guarantee. Baby Beanbags offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Cleanability! Normal beanbags are a nightmare to clean or wash. Thanks to a waterproof underside, with the Baby Beanbag, you just need to zip off the top cover without the need to remove the beans and its machine washable.
  • No fuss. For a bit extra, you can pay to have your BabyBeanbag filled and ready to go, so there's no frustrating, messy beanbag filling!
  • Peace of mind. The Baby Beanbag is tested to meet both Australian and US safety standards.
  • Stylish and modern. Funky, gorgeous designs with a large range of options to suit everyone's taste. You can buy additional covers if you want to mix up your colours even more.
  • Free delivery. No-one likes paying for delivery – there's no need to worry about it when you buy a Baby Beanbag.
  • Great materials. Baby Beanbags are made with waterproof and breathable fabric.
  • Health benefits. Helps relieve reflux and flathead – both of which are made worse from excessive lying down.
  • Another great Aussie based business!

My bub loves sitting on the Baby Beanbag! A spot of night time television viewing:

Baby BeanBags Review

At 12 months of age, she still sits on it – she certainly doesn't fit in her bouncer any more!

Baby Beanbags – Any Negatives?

I can't really fault my experience with Baby Beanbags at all, its easy to see that a great deal of care and effort goes into customer service.

Obviously the beanbags are designed for babies and toddlers so they will be grown out of eventually, but so will a baby bouncer, baby carrier or any other baby product. With a price tag of $119.95 or $149.95 with beans included (an instructional video can be found in the FAQ section of their website if you wish to fill it yourself), its not for everyone's budget, but with great quality, prompt service and innovation, you can't expect bargain basement prices.

Baby Beanbags – Overall Thoughts

Baby Beanbags offer a quality service and product that I would most definitely recommend. There are no cheap shortcuts here, the beanbags are beautifully finished and with a range of fabulous, bright colours to suit everyone, Baby BeanBags would look gorgeous in anyone's living room or nursery. You could even use it outdoors when the family is outside or if you're hanging out the washing.

As far as safety goes, the creator has gone to incredible lengths to counter all the common problems with other cheaply made, unsafe items. Baby Beanbags meet the standard for bean bags as covered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), set out in the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standards) Regulations 1979 and amended in December 2004. Baby Beanbags have also been tested for and meet US safety standard ASTM F 1912 for the safety of bean bag chairs. I would never recommend that someone leave their baby unattended in any device whatsoever, but would think that would be common sense.

The creator, Rachael, tells us that the same rules apply as a rocker: baby can snooze under supervision as these beanbags are shaped to support the babies, and being light and portable they can be moved from room to room without waking them.

Baby Beanbags – Like More Information?

You can find more information and order your Baby BeanBag from the Baby Beanbags website.

Your Thoughts On The Baby Beanbag?

Have you used a Baby Beanbag? Feel free to share your thoughts and reviews in the comment field below.

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Last Updated: December 8, 2014


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