Healthy Nutrition For Preggies EBook Review

Healthy Nutrition For Preggies Ebook Review

Healthy Nutrition For Preggies is a complete guide covering nutrition from pre-conception right through to breastfeeding. The guide promotes healthy eating habits during pregnancy, and explains the importance of good nutrition both for you and your developing baby. This book isn't the drab, jargon-fuelled read you might expect. On the contrary, it's entertaining and easy to read, and packed full of useful information.

Overview Of Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook

Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutritional For Preggies was written by a qualified nutritionist, who has a passion for helping mothers-to-be eat a healthy, balanced diet. Healthy Preggy is available as an eBook, and can be downloaded in minutes.

The book covers all of the major vitamins and minerals, as well as explaining in detail the importance of different food groups. There are meal plan suggestions to help inspire readers to try new foods and eat a more varied diet. There are even a few recipes in the book, allowing you to try out some of the fruit and vegetable-packed dishes discussed in the guide.

The book also looks at a number of health conditions associated with pregnancy, such as heartburn and gestational diabetes, and explains the importance of diet in avoiding and managing these conditions.

What We Love About Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook:

  • The guide is easy to understand, and explains scientific information in bite-size chunks.
  • Healthy Preggy features a number of nutrient-packed recipes to help you create great-tasting, healthy dishes in the comfort of your own home.
  • The guide is well designed and looks great. I love the colour scheme, and the fresh feel of the book.
  • The eBook contains a guide of foods to eat before conception, which I think is a great way to engage women with nutrition and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The eBook features advice on the preparation of food, and how best to cook vegetables in order to keep as many nutrients intact as possible.
  • There is a breakdown of how much of your daily food allowance should be eaten at each meal. I thought this was really interesting, and had never seen it laid out in this way before.
  • Each chapter focuses on a particular food type (for example, carbohydrates) and explains the basics of what you need to know during pregnancy.
  • Healthy Preggy tells you how much of certain foods you should eat to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet.
  • There are daily meal plan suggestions to help you eat a healthy diet without having to eat the same old food over and over again. If you usually eat a less than perfect diet, the meal plans could be exactly what you need to revolutionise your diet.
  • The eBook features section on various common health complaints during pregnancy, and how to reduce the symptoms by eating well.
  • The section on food hygiene safety is very informative, and may be helpful to women worried about contracting food poisoning during pregnancy.

Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook – Any Negatives?

The eBook features a section on vegetarianism containing some outdated advice. The eBook recommends avoiding a vegetarian diet during pregnancy, however experts and healthcare professionals alike believe that a vegetarian diet can provide both you and your growing baby with adequate nutrients throughout pregnancy. Any vegetarians reading the guide double check with their healthcare providers before abandoning their beliefs.

The guide book also features emoticons within the copy, which I found to be quite distracting. It's important to get the balance right between informative and conversational, and I feel that this guide was perhaps a little too conversational in places.

Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook – Overall Thoughts

If you have read the nutrition leaflets provided by your healthcare provider, and would like to read some more detailed information about nutrition during pregnancy, then this eBook is a good investment. The eBook is well-organised, well-designed and contains useful information that may help you to better understand the importance of eating well during pregnancy.

If you're vegetarian, however, I would give this book a miss. Instead talk to your healthcare provider for reassurance about your diet.

Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook – Like More Information?

You can find out more about the Healthy Preggy: Healthy Nutrition For Preggies eBook from the Healthy Preggy website HERE

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Last Updated: December 8, 2014


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