Heather Says Pregnancy App Review

Heather Says Pregnancy App Review

The Heather Says Pregnancy app is a practical, informative and easy to use app available for the iPhone and iPad. With a focus on healthy eating, natural living and positive birth experiences, this app is a great source of information and reassurance to any mum to be.

Overview Of Heather Says Pregnancy App

The Heather Says Pregnancy app has six easy to navigate categories filled with information and advice to help pregnant women navigate through pregnancy and birth. The first section, Healthy Mum, covers all manner of topics from bad breath to pre-eclampsia. This section also features lots of information about childbirth and postpartum healing. The app is split into main six sections, each branching off into a number of other pages filled to the brim with pregnancy information. The app doesn't just cover pregnancy though, despite the name, it also features sections on birth, breastfeeding and baby care.

What We Love About Heather Says Pregnancy App

This app is the first in a series of informative reproductive health apps by Heather Bruce. Heather Bruce is one of Australia's leading natural health therapist and acupuncturists. Specialising in reproductive health, Heather Bruce is ideally placed to offer advice to women during pregnancy and beyond. The app includes:

  • Information about so many pregnancy topics, you're sure to find the answers to all of your questions. Each page is filled with great information, helpful advice, and even features a link to take you to even more information on Heather's website.
  • A wealth of information for dads-to-be, allowing them to get involved and be informed about pregnancy. Many apps seem to be aimed solely to pregnant women, so it's refreshing to see an app that's just as keen to get dads prepared for pregnancy and birth.
  • A section about breastfeeding, including troubleshooting for common breastfeeding problems, and advice on how to battle through them. This app is a great go-to for those 3am feeds, as you try to navigate through the early days of breastfeeding and motherhood.
  • A 'raw ingredients' section, which is the ideal place to find information about the ideal pregnancy diet. As well as explaining the importance of each food group, the app goes on to explain exactly how much of each you should be eating per day. If you're new to nutrition, this app will help to guide you towards good health.
  • An 'easy baby' section, which features lots of great advice for new mums. As a new parent, you'll find yourself plagued by questions and worries about babycare, but luckily this app can provide you with the answers.
  • A 'heart' icon, so you can save your favourite pages to the 'favourites' tab allowing you to find them easily next time you want to browse the app.
  • A 'search' feature, which is an even easier way to seek out specific information in the app. This app is easy to use, and the information is presented in a common sense way, but the search option can save you time by drawing up any pages containing keywords.

Heather Says Pregnancy App – Any Negatives?

The app itself is quite simple. It doesn't feature any of the fancy extras you might find in other apps. It is a basic app to provide information to pregnant women. And it does what it says on the tin.

With a focus on natural living and gentle birth, this app has a tendency to talk about things in a negative light, and seems almost distrusting of modern medicine in places. This app is ideal for women wishing to pursue as natural a pregnancy as possible, but for those who recoil from this viewpoint, this may not be the app for them.

Heather Says Pregnancy App – Overall Thoughts

This easy to use app is packed full of easily accessible information. The app covers almost ever pregnancy topic in detail, and does so in an informative and friendly way. The app is full of advice, solutions and support. With a focus on healthy living, natural birth and gentle parenting, this app will help to guide you on your journey to motherhood.

Heather Says Pregnancy App – Like More Information?

The Heather Says Pregnancy app is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store and Google Play for $6.49. You can find out more about this app, and where to download it, from the Heather Says website.

Last Updated: December 8, 2014



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