Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT Car Seat Review

Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT Car Seat Review

With the Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT, our baby has the best seat in the house… and the car for that matter!

From luxuriously soft fabric to new and improved safety technology (SICT), this top of the range Safe-n-Sound car seat provides superior head and torso protection for your most precious cargo.

You can’t help but feel like you’re providing your baby with a prized throne!

Designed to protect babies from birth to four years of age, the Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT is a fantastic car seat that offers reassuring peace of mind in safety features, from a well known, leading Australian brand.

Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT – Overview

From the moment I removed the Safe-n-Sound Platinum car seat out of the box, the very first thing I noticed was the silky, gorgeous fabric under my fingertips. Perfect for surrounding and snuggling your baby, lulling them into a nap.

Once the seat was out the box, it remained in our loungeroom for about a week, waiting to be professionally installed. Our daughter loved climbing in and out of the seat, which helped her become familiar with it. It must have been like having gold class seats at the cinema – she'd watch her favourite shows on television while sitting in her cozy Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT.

I highly recommend making sure you read the instruction manual thoroughly before it’s installed, as there were so many features we’d missed thinking it’d just be similar to other car seats we’d used. We had the car seat installed professionally so didn’t pay attention, months later we wished we had.

Having a seven-seater car to transport our tribe, we needed to purchase an extension strap to install the car seat, so be prepared for that possibility and do a little research first to find out if you need to buy one, so when you get the seat, you have everything you need to install it.

What I Love About The Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT

There are so many brilliant features with the Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT, it's hard not to become a raving fan. Once you’ve tried out and experienced all these different features, you appreciate them so much more. Anything that makes a mother or father’s life that little bit easier certainly helps.

Here are some fabulous features we appreciated:

  • Shoulder height indicators – no more worries or guess work – indicators on the car seat tell you when you need to move your baby from rear facing to forward facing.
  • Easy tilt and adjust straps – simply pull up on the lever at the top of the car seat to easily adjust the height of the shoulder straps, up or down in one move. Super feature!
  • Three forward facing reclining positions – which are easily accessed and engaged at the front of the seat. If your baby is napping you can easily slide the seat back and this will help prevent their head from flopping forward.
  • SICT protection – for your baby’s head, dual layers minimise the energy generated in a side impact crash – the first layer provides 180° protection around the child's head and the second layer on the seat exterior absorbs immediate crash energy. For your baby’s torso, it minimises the energy felt on the chest and vital organs, reducing crash forces to a safer level.
  • Handy buckle system – the EZ-Buckle system keeps the harness buckle in a forward position, which prevents your child from sitting on the buckle when boarding.
  • Clever harness holders – little pockets either side of the car seat make it easier to get your bub in and out of the Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT. Before they get in, slide the clips into the pockets to keep them out of the way, place your baby in and then clip! When you get your baby out, be sure to put them back into the pockets, it will stop them from getting hot on warmer days.
  • Available in three great colours: aniseed, silver and hazel.
  • Another great Aussie based business!

Safe-n-Sound Platinum Car Seat – Any Negatives?

There isn’t a great deal you could add to this car seat, having to buy the extension strap is an inconvenience but thats down to car designs – would be handy to have this included though as sometimes car seats are put into other cars of family, friends or carers, so would be handy to have about just in case.

The price may be off-putting to some families, however it really is worth the features, quality finish and ease of use. When you have a car seat that you’ll be able to use for four years (knowing it wont fall apart due to low quality workmanship or standards), working out the cost per year can help to see it’s worth.

Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Platinum SICT to families looking for a good quality car seat that has total comfort for your baby or child, as well as impressive features to make parent’s lives easer. It’s fantastic to have a car seat which gives us everything we want and more from a car seat, along with reassuring safety features.

Like More Information?

You can find more information from the Britax website.

Last Updated: November 3, 2015


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