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Article Placement Advertising – Target Specific Readers

Great exposure for a budget price! If you’re wanting to target readers of a specific article or topic, our brand new article placement feature is an ideal option. You can have your ad featured in an article of YOUR CHOICE. Please note that our top three articles have a surcharge of 50% due to significantly higher pageviews. Please contact us to discuss which article would be best suited to your needs. now has in excess of >>>2.7 million pageviews<<< per month!

When you purchase an article placement, you are the only image in view on the whole page. It is placed at the end of an article, before the comments section.

Here is an example of the end of an article with an ad placement:

Bottom Ad

No Other Visible Ads In Sight – You’ll Automatically Attract The Eye

The top part of BellyBelly already contains ads as per our ad agency requirements, but by the time the reader has reached the mid or end of the article, no other ad will be seen – apart from yours. Its a great opportunity to get some usually expensive advertising – directly through us, at a discounted price. This option will be limited to one advertiser per month to maximise visibility.

By picking an article which is most relevant to your business, you’ll get more qualified leads

Why waste your budget getting exposure to people who won’t want to buy?

We’re offering a special introductory price for this option, as its new to BellyBelly and we’d love to see lots of articles with feature advertisers to get the ball rolling – and we can’t wait to hear your success stories.

Get in quickly to have first choice of the article(s) you want!


If you’d like to participate, please get your materials to us at – and once you have made your payment below, I will have your advert ready as quickly as we can.

Please make sure you’ve read our advertising guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse an advertiser or advertising creative at our own discretion, including (but not limited to) gambling, offensive content and non WHO compliant baby feeding products.

Ad Design Service

An eye catching, intriguing design and wording is important – once you’ve gotten someone’s attention, its up to you to make them click on your ad. We can get a great ad designed for you for just $55 if you don’t have one or aren’t very tech savvy. Ask us for other prices by emailing in your requirements to Kelly. You get to keep the artwork for any other use once it’s done, or we can design more ads of any size for you too.

What I Need From You

If you provide your own artwork, please be sure to check that you are sending the materials as we need. The biggest delay in getting your ad live will be if you send us the wrong image size or format, in which case we’ll need to send it back to you to fix. If you need help, please let us know, and as per above we can do the design for you.

Details of the ad specs are:

Banner size: 580×74px. GIF or JPG format, no bigger than 50k.
URL: Your website URL or Facebook page for people to click to


Please click the below link to complete payment. Paypal is preferred (you don’t need a Paypal account to make a payment) but if you need to pay by bank deposit, please email Kelly for account details.

Please note that the Article Placement is for one month in duration, if you would like longer, you will need to select another quantity.

Article Feature

Number of Articles

Ad Design

Number of Banners To Be Designed

I look forward to spreading the word about your products or services and helping you to find more customers in 2013 and beyond!

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Kelly Winder
Creator, BellyBelly