Adorable Babies Seeing Or Hearing Their Parents For The First Time

Adorable Babies Seeing Or Hearing Their Parents For The First Time

Thanks to medical advancements and an increased understanding of the human body, doctors are now able to help some children born with visual or hearing impairments to see or hear a little better.

It’s hard to imagine just how special it is when your baby sees or hears you for the first time.

After falling in love with your newborn, and spending months bonding with each other, it must be life changing to know your baby can understand you a little better.

Whether this is seeing your facial expressions for the first time, or hearing your voice as you try to soothe them, it must be a pretty amazing moment.

Thanks to YouTube, millions of people across the world are now able to share in this joy, as parents upload videos of these moving moments. Get your tissues ready, because these are emotional moments.

Here are a few of our favourites:

#1: Baby Piper Sees Her Parents For The First Time

Baby Piper went viral earlier this year when her parents uploaded a video of her seeing them clearly for the first time. After picking it Piper’s new glasses, the family headed for a celebratory lunch at a restaurant and decided to try out the new glasses. 10 month old Piper wasn’t initially keen on the glasses, and tried to resist them being put on, though she soon changed her mind when she realised what they could do.

Check out her look of amazement when she’s able to see her mama and daddy properly for the first time.


#2: Baby Elijah Hears His Mama For The First Time

Baby Elijah, from Minneapolis, was born almost completely deaf. Elijah is profoundly deaf in his left ear, and can hear just 75 decibels in his right. This adorable video shows the moment nine week old Elijah heard his mother’s voice for the first time thanks to a hearing aid.



#3: Baby Louise Sees Her Mama Clearly For The First Time

Baby Louise has albinism, a condition which can affect vision. Baby Louise is not fully blind, though is considered to be legally blind which means she has severely impaired vision. Thanks to her first pair of glasses, Baby Louise was able to see her mama properly for the first time. And doesn’t she look pleased about it!



#4: Baby Lachlan Smiles When His Hearing Aids Are Switched On

Baby Lachlan was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. When he was just seven weeks old, baby Lachlan received his first hearing aids. Check out his gorgeous smile when he hears his mama and daddy talk clearly for the first time.



#5: Baby Hears Mama’s Voice Again

Baby Jonathan was able to hear for the first four months of his life, but became deaf after contracting bacterial meningitis at just four months old. Thanks to a cochlear implant, Jonathan was able to hear his mama’s voice again when he was eight months old.

Check out his beautiful big smile when he hears his mama’s voice after all that time.



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