15 Irish Girl Names – Ideas For Your Baby Girl

15 Irish Girl Names - Ideas For Your Baby Girl

Irish Girl Names

Trying to decide on a name for your baby can prove challenging. Whereas some people know the name before the fall pregnant, for others it means a nine month search through the baby name books before settling on the perfect name. And then changing their mind, and settling on an ever more perfect name.

There are lots of beautiful names that originate from Ireland, and many of them are popular across the world. If you are hoping to find a name that will celebrate your Irish heritage, or if you just fancy something a little different, then one of these names may be perfect for your baby:

#1: Alannah

Alannah is an Irish name that means ‘child’ or ‘dear child’. This name is popular not only in Ireland, but across the world.

#2: Aoife

Pronounced ee-fa, Aoife is a traditional Irish name that remains popular today. Aoife means ‘beautiful’, ‘radiant’ and ‘life’. According to Irish mythology, Aoife was the greatest female warrior in the world. She is also said to have given birth to the hero Cuchulainn’s only son. Aoife is still a popular name in Ireland, and was the third most popular name in 2003. In 2012, Aoife was the tenth most popular name in Northern Ireland.

#3: Blair

Blair is an Irish name that means ‘field’ or ‘plain’. It is a unisex name so can be used for both boys and girls. This classical Irish name is popular across the world, and is the name of the main character in the popular television series Gossip Girl.

#4: Caitriona

Caitriona, pronounced ‘ka-tree-na’, is the Irish version of the English name Catherine and derives from a Greek name meaning ‘clear’ or ‘pure’. The name started life in Scotland, but is now a popular name in Ireland.

#5: Darcy

Darcy means ‘dark’ or ‘dark haired’, and is a unisex name. It is most popular as a girls name in Ireland. This cute name is often associated with Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice which featured a lead character called Mr Darcy.

#6: Ida

Ida means ‘thirst for goodness’ or ‘thirst for knowledge’. This name is popular across the world, and has many origins, including Irish. Ida is a derivative of the name Ide. St Ide is considered to be an important female saint of early Irish christianity.

#7: Niamh

The name Niamh means ‘lustre’ ‘radiance’ and ‘brightness’. According to Irish mythology, Niamh was the daughter of Manannan, the sea god. She was a beautiful princess who rode on a white horse, and was known as ‘Niamh of the golden hair’. She fell in love with Oisin, son of Ffion, and lived with him in the Land of the Young. This traditional Irish name remains popular today.

#8: Nora

Nora is a traditional Irish name, though the origins are not fully understood. Those who believe it derived from the name Eleanor, believe it to mean ‘torch’, but those who think it derived from the Latin word Honona believe it means ‘honour’ and ‘reputation’. This name is often believed to be of Irish origins thanks to its popularity throughout Irish history.

#9: Payton

Traditionally a male name, Payton means ‘noble’ and was an Irish version of the name Patrick. It is now considered to be a unisex name, though is most popular as a girls name.

#10: Ruari

Ruari is the Irish form of Rory, and is pronounced ‘ro-ree’. Ruari means ‘red-headed king’. This is a great choice for fans of The Gilmore Girls, especially those wanting a twist or unusual spelling for their child’s name.

#11: Sinead

Sinead means ‘God is gracious’, and is a well known Irish name thanks to a number of celebrities including Sinead O’Connor.

#12: Sloane

Sloan is a traditional Irish name for boys, but Sloane is considered to be unisex and is popular for both boys and girls. It means ‘strong protector’, and is a popular and traditional name in Ireland.

#13: Siobhan

Siobhan means ‘God is gracious’ and is another form of the English name Joan. Siobhan is a popular name in Ireland, and many babies were named after Siobhan McKenna, a popular and much-loved Irish actress who died in 1986.

#14: Tara

Tara means ‘tower’ or ‘hillside’, and is believed to refer to where the Kings met. Tara is a very popular name in both Ireland and Australia, and is used across the world.

#25: Teagan

Teagan is the Irish form of the traditional Welsh name Tegwin, which means ‘beautiful’. It is also believed to mean ‘poet’. Traditionally a female name, Teagan is now accepted to be a unisex name.

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