15 Irish Baby Name Ideas For A Baby Boy | BellyBelly

15 Irish Baby Name Ideas For A Baby Boy | BellyBelly

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to names, Ireland is a great place to start. There are some beautiful Irish names, some of which date back to irish mythology. Irish names are also a great place to find alternative spellings for some of the more popular names for across the globe. If you are hoping to choose an Irish name as a way of remembering your baby’s heritage, or are simply looking for inspiration from every possible avenue, here are some Irish names for baby boys:

#1: Cian

This name can also be spelt Kian, and is pronounced ‘key-in’. It means ‘ancient’ or ‘enduring’. According to irish legend, Cian was the son-in-law of Brian Boru, and was killed in battle in 1014.

#2: Ciaran

Pronounced ‘keer+an’ or ‘keer+awn’, Ciaran means ‘black haired’, ‘black and mysterious’ or ‘dark haired little one’. The name Ciarin has been popular for over 1500 years, and at least 26 Saints have shared this name.

#3: Conor

The name Conor means ‘much wanted’ and has been in popular in Ireland throughout history. This traditional Irish name is now popular across the English-speaking world, especially in the US and the UK.

#4: Cormac

Cormac means ‘son of the charioteer’ and was a very popular name in early Ireland. Cormac Mac Airt was one of the most famous Kings of ancient Ireland. He ruled for forty years, and was known for his wise and fair judgements. According to the legend, Cormac owned a gold cup that would split in three if three lies were told over it. The cup would repair itself when three truths had been said. Cormac used this cup during his time in power, to help him determine who was telling him the truth. The name Cormac remains popular today.

#5: Craig

The name Craig has a number of origins, though in Irish it is believed to mean ‘from the crag’. This name is often thought of as a Scottish name, though it has roots in Ireland too, and remains popular there today.

#6: Darragh

Pronounced ‘di+ree’ Darragh means ‘black oak’ or ‘wealthy’. Traditionally a male name, Darragh is now considered to be unisex and can be used for both boys and girls. It is also a surname in Ireland. There are a number of spelling variations, including Daire.

#7: Deaglan

Pronounced ‘deck+lan’, Deaglan is the Irish form of the English name Declan. It means ‘good’ or ‘full of goodness’. St Declan was the founder of a famous monastery at Ardmore in ireland. Legend has it that a number of miracles occurred in Ardmore, including a lone stone bell being carried on the waves after a prayer from Deaglan.

#8: Diarmuid

Pronounced ‘deer+mid’, this is a traditional Irish name. Diarmuid means ‘without enemy’, and is a traditional name often associated with early Ireland. According to irish legend, Diarmuid was a much-loved warrior. Grainee, a woman betrothed to Ffion, cast a spell upon Diarmuid at the wedding ceremony so that he would run away with her. Together, the lovers roamed the countryside for 16 years, all the time being pursued by the furious Ffion. Each night, the lovers made a new bed in a sheltered hiding place, and legend tells that these beds can still be found to this day.

#9: Eoghan

The name Eoghan, pronounced ‘o-in’, means ‘God’s gift’. It comes from an old Irish word that means ‘born of the yew tree’. This name has been popular throughout history, and is still in use today.

#10: Ffion

This popular Irish name means ‘fair-headed’, and is popular across the world. According to Irish legend, Fionn Mac Cool lead the warrior band, the Fianna. Fionn was said to be incredibly brave, strong, handsome, generous and wise.

#11: Lorcan

The name Lorcan means ‘fierce’ or ‘silent’, and is believed to have been used as a nickname for a brave warrior. This traditional Irish name is growing in popularity once again.

#12: Oisin

Oisin, pronounced ‘osh-een’, was the son of legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool and a goddess. According to the legend, a Dark Druid turned Oisin’s mother into a deer, and she raised him in the forest until he was seven years old. Ffion discovered Oisin in the forest one day, and recognised him as his son, and named him Oisin which means ‘little deer’. Oisin spent 300 years in love with Niamh of the golden hair in the Land of Eternal Youth.

#13: Padraig

Pronounced ‘paw-drig’, Padraig is the national name of Ireland. It means ‘nobly born’, and is the Irish form of Patrick. Padraig is the patron saint of Ireland, who was brought to Ireland as a slave aged seven, and was later responsible for converting the country to Christianity.

#14: Ronan

Ronan means ‘a seal’, and is a traditional Irish name made famous by Irish mythology. According to Irish legend, there was a seal who had been warned not to go too close to the land, but was washed up on land during a great storm. Trapped in human form, the seal maiden marries a fisherman and becomes a mother to two seal children. Eventually, she slips back into the sea and becomes a seal once again, but stays close to the short so she can keep a watchful eye on her children.

#15: Tomas

Tomas is the Irish form of Thomas, and means ‘twin’. Biblical names are very popular in Ireland, and Tomas is no exception. If you would like a traditional name with an uncommon, but not too unusual, spelling, then this is a great option for your baby’s name.

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  1. DARRAGH – pronounced Darrah (rhymes with Farrah). Darragh / Daire / Dara is traditionally a male name, meaning second son or second born.

    FIONN – Not Ffion. Meaning fair – usually referring to the hair or skin.

    OISÍN – pronounced ush-een.

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