20 Old Fashioned Baby Names That Are Still Fashionable

20 Old Fashioned Baby Names That Are Still Fashionable

The olden days are back in. Vintage home decor, vintage inspired clothing, and now, even vintage baby names are all the rage. These tried and tested names have made a comeback, leaving you free to delve through the history books when choosing a name for your baby. You can even trawl through your family trees, looking for names you both love that reflect a bit of your family’s history.

Here are 20 old-fashioned names that are stylish again:

#1: Ada

Ada means happy, wealthy or noble. Originally from Germany, this name was popular in the late 1800s. After a long decline, Ada has risen in popularity again over the past five years.

#2: Ava

Ava means ‘bird’ and is a name of both English and Latin American origins. The name Ava saw a resurgence after the death of the famous actress Ava Gardner. Hugh Jackman named his daughter Ava, as did Reese Witherspoon and and Ryan Phillippe.

#3: Betsy

Betsy is another popular vintage-inspired name that has been shortened from its original, Elizabeth. The name Betsy has a number of origins including English, Hebrew and Israeli. If you’re looking for a vintage name that doesn’t sound outdated, a modern twist on a classic might be just the sort of name you need.

#4: Clara

Clara means ‘bright’ ‘clear’ and ‘famous’, and has origins in French and Catalan. The name Clara has been in existence for a very long time, one record of this name dates back to around 153. This beautiful name is slowly making a comeback, and is predicted to grow in popularity in the coming years. Ewan McGregor named his daughter Clara.

#5: Dora

With origins in Greek and English, Dora means ‘gift’. It was originally a diminutive of Dorothy, but soon became a name in its own right. Previously associated as an old-fashioned name, Dora has grown in popularity since the beginning of the hit cartoon series Dora The Explorer.

#6: Edie

Originally a shortened version of Edith, Edie is now a name in its own right. It means ‘treasure’ and is an English name. This cute name is predicted to rise in popularity with the continuation of the vintage baby name trend.

#7: Ethel

Of German, Hebrew and English origins, Ethel means ‘noble’. This name is expected to rise in popularity as the vintage baby name continues. Lily Allen named her daughter Ethel, and this has seen the name grow in popularity and usage.

#8: Florence

Florence means ‘prosperous’ or ‘flowering’, and has origins in Latin and English. A historical name, the most well known Florence is probably Florence Nightingale. The name has surged in popularity and is now fighting its way back into the charts. Uk Prime Minister, David Cameron, named his daughter Florence.

#9: Lily

Lily is such a popular name now that you may not think of it as an old-fashioned name. It means ‘blossoming flower’ or ‘pure’, and is named after the strong-smelling flower. The flower is often cited as a symbol of innocence and purity. The name has origins in Hebrew, Latin-American, and English.

#10: Mabel

Mabel means ‘my beautiful one’. It is derived from Latin, and is a name of English heritage. This cute old-fashioned name is increasing in popularity, and even celebrities are getting in on the action – Bruce Willis named his daughter Mabel.

#11: Pearl

The name Pearl is derived from the precious jewel of the same name. Originally an English or Latin-American name, Pearl is now considered to be vintage-chiq. Jack Osbourne named his daughter Pearl, and it is the middle name of Matt LeBlanc’s daughter, Marina.

#12: Alfie

As is the case with a lot of vintage baby names, Alfie is a modern twist on the classic Alfred. Alfred is an English name meaning ‘sage’ or ‘wise’. After a number of historical Alfreds, including a ninth century king and Alfred Hitchcock, the name has now evolved to the shorter Alfie. Famous actor, Gary Oldman’s son is named Alfie.

#13: Charles

Charles means ‘manly’ and ‘farmer’, and has origins in English, French and German. Charlie, a popular nickname for Charles, has been popular for a while, but Charles is now also making a comeback. Some parents are now choosing to give their children the long names so that they can choose whether they want to shorten the name or not. A number of celebrity offspring share their name with King Charles, including the sons of Russell Crowe, Hugh Laurie and Ray Charles.

#14: Edward

meaning ‘wealthy guardian’ and ‘strong as a boar’, Edward has been the name of a number of Kings throughout history. This English and German name has been consistently popular, and is often viewed as a ‘good, strong name’. Mel Gibson named his son Edward, as did Giuliana Rancic, and Rob Lowe. This name has been popular for a long time, and shows no sign of falling off the charts.

#15: Eric

Of Scandinavian and Danish origin, Eric means ‘honourable ruler’, ‘complete ruler’ and ‘ever ruler’. Eric was a popular name during the nineteenth century, but fell out of favour. After spending years as an uncommon name, Eric is now slowly rising in popularity again, at least in part thanks to the revival of old fashioned baby names. Simon Cowell named his son Eric.

#16: George

George means ‘farmer’ though is closely associated with the Royal family. According to Medieval legend, St George fought with a fire-breathing dragon. There have been a number of Royal Georges, including the most recent Princely addition to the Royal family, William and Kate’s son.

#17: Henry

With origins in French, German and English, Henry means ‘rules his household’. Henry is another name associated with the Royal family, in fact Prince Harry’s name is actually Henry. This name has never gone out of fashion, but is predicted to grow in popularity as Royal names grow ever more popular. A number of celebrities have chosen the name Henry for their sons, including Rachel Weisz, Minnie Driver and Colin Farrell.

#18: Louis

As old fashioned names make a comeback, it seems appropriate that there are a mix of Royal names in there too. Louis, meaning ‘famous warrior’ and ‘famous fighter’ is a name with origins in German, French and English. Louis is one of the middle names for Prince George, which is predicted to helps its surge in popularity. Sandra Bullock also named her son Louis.

#19: Stanley

Some would argue that this adorable name never fell out of fashion, though it has gained popularity in more recent years. Stanley means ‘stony field’ or ‘lives by the stony grove’ in English, and ‘rocky meadow’ in German. This previously unusual name, is now more commonly heard though still quite rare. MC Hammer named his son Stanley.

#20: Walter

Walter is a name of German origin, meaning ‘army general’ or ‘rules the people’. This name has been historically very popular, which is why there are a number of famous Walters in the history books (Walter Whitman, Walter Cronkite and Walter Disney to name just a few). After falling out of favour for a number of years, this name is now pushing its way back into the charts thanks to the popularity of the show Breaking Bad and its main character, Walt.

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