Would You Get Your Baby’s Ears Pierced?

Would You Get Your Baby's Ears Pierced?

Recently, a mother sparked controversy after footage of her baby’s ears being pierced appeared online.

The video clip, uploaded to a Facebook page celebrating piercings, has been watched millions of times and has attracted comments from around the world.

The original video was deleted after it created a fierce debate online. Some viewers expressed concern for the baby in the footage.

Would You Get Your Baby’s Ears Pierced?

Among those who commented, some didn’t see any problem; some felt it was no big deal.

Others branded the parents ‘child abusers’ after the footage showed the unidentified baby girl in tears during the procedure.

Initially the baby is calm, but she starts to scream when the piercing guns are fired. As is common practice when piercing babies’ ears, both ears are done at the same time.

The baby cries loudly for a short period and then calms down. Many viewers apparently took this as proof that the pain from the piercing had passed.

Some people feel having their baby’s ears pierced in infancy saves them the hassle of getting it done when they’re old enough to remember the pain.

Would I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

In a word, no. I wouldn’t put holes in any part of my baby for the sake of fashion.

Babies cry frequently. They cry when they are hungry, cold, or tired, or when they want their mama. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to make them cry, especially not for the sake of vanity.

I’m not saying all piercings should be outlawed. I do believe, however, they should be done only to those who can give their consent.

Campaigners have long since called for a minimum age limit on ear piercing, although the government has not yet taken up the matter.

It was previously believed babies were less susceptible to pain than adults. However, this has now been disproved.

In fact, a recent study found babies not only feel pain, but they are more sensitive to pain than adults are.

You can read more about this study in Pain And Feelings In Newborns – 7 Things Parents Need To Know.

Obviously, you can’t shield your baby from pain forever. Your baby might need medical procedures, so of course she is likely to experience pain.

But a medical procedure is very different from an ear piercing. There is no medical need to have your baby’s ears pierced. It is vanity – pure and simple.

And it also robs your child of the choice to have her ears pierced. Let her make the decision for herself when she’s older. It’s not up to you.

Let’s give babies and small children some control over their own bodies, and allow them to grow into adults who understand the importance of body autonomy and consent.

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