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My ordeal started on Monday 7th February 2005, with a routine trip to the GP for a check up. I happened to mention to him that I had fainted a couple of times that week, but I just put it down to the weather.

My GP got quite concerned and checked my BP and everything and it was a bit high, so he sent me to be checked by the hospital.

DP and I dropped our son off at the in-laws and set off to the hospital, thinking that my GP was just being cautious and we would be home in a couple of hours, how wrong were we!!!

They decided to keep me for a few days to run tests because they thought I had a blockage in my throat that was stopping oxygen getting to my brain.

After a couple of days and who knows how many tests, they were starting to talk about me coming home, but then I started having really strong contractions, so they wanted me to stay incase this was it and i was going to have the baby.

I ended up in the hospital for 5 days having contractions. On the fifth day the OB gave me a vaginal exam and couldn’t feel the head which had been engaged from quite early on, so she ordered an ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed that baby was breech, so they wanted me to stay another night and have another ultrasound the next day to see if he turned again, but they were going to book me for a c-section the next day just in case.

So the next day, the ultrasound showed that he had turned a little, but not enough to carry on with labour, so I was scheduled for the c-section at 8am.

I went down for the c-section at 8am and my 2nd beautiful boy was born at 9.22am. We named him Ryan Lewis after mine and my partner’s dad. He weighed 7lb 3oz and looks the spitting image of his brother and dad.