Duchess Of Cambridge Is Considering Home Birth

Duchess Of Cambridge Is Considering Home Birth

According to recent news reports, the Duchess of Cambridge is considering home birth for her third baby.

Camilla Tominey, for The Express, says Kate has told friends she would ‘love’ to have her next child, due in April, at home.

Unlike most of us, Kate has a choice of where to give birth, even if she decides to continue down the home birth route.

The Duchess has the option of having a tranquil home birth at Kensington Palace or Anmer Hall – both homes she shares with Prince William.

Duchess Of Cambridge Is Considering Home Birth

The couple is reportedly concerned about the impact a Royal hospital birth might have on the other patients, thanks to the presence of the press.

When their first son, Prince George, was born, members of the press camped outside the hospital for days, in the hope of securing snaps of the newborn Prince.

Sadly, even newborn babies and brand new mothers have no protection against harassment from the press. It’s hard to imagine a worse time for the paparazzi to show up.

George and his younger sister, Charlotte, were both born in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, which was also the birthplace of Princes William and Harry in the 1980s.

Kate’s previous two births were reportedly straightforward and problem-free. This is said to be one reason Kate and William are considering having their next baby at home, in the comfort of their own palace.

In all honesty, the rooms are probably bigger than those in your average maternity suite. And with a much nicer bath.

A home birth would arguably offer the Royal couple more privacy. Although the press are likely to still camp outside, the acres of private land surrounding their home would give the couple a bit of breathing space.

According to the source quoted in the story, Kate has discussed the option with Prince William, who is supportive of her choice.

Historically, home births were considered the norm for the Royal family and, in fact, for much of the rest of the United Kingdom. The Queen was born at her parents’ home, and she gave birth to all of her children at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth appears on our list of Celebrity Home Birth Mamas.

In modern day Britain, however, most Royals (and commoners) give birth in a hospital setting. Home births accounted for just 2.3% of UK births in 2015. Kate will be in the informed minority if she chooses a home birth setting.

Advantages Of A Home Birth

There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting home birth, with research from various countries supporting the idea home birth is a safe option for both mother and baby, and that giving birth at home can increase birth satisfaction.

Home births are associated with a reduced risk of intervention, and this is one reason why many women choose to birth at home.

Kate and William will be considering all the possibilities and weighing up their options. They might have thought about some of the common reasons why some women choose to give birth at home, but probably have a few extra thinking points thrown in, thanks to their unique position.

For example, a home birth cuts out the need for a car journey during labour. That would surely appeal to anyone, and especially to one of the country’s most photographed families.

They might also be considering the impact on their existing children. Prince George and Princess Charlotte would prefer to avoid the paparazzi on the way to visit their new sibling. It might also be nice for them all to be under one (admittedly huge) roof.

The added privacy must, of course, have some draw for the Royal couple. Perhaps, like the rest of us, the Duchess of Cambridge would rather relax in the days after giving birth. She can wear sweatpants and get some sleep, rather than wear high heels as she holds her newborn up to the press.

A home birth might allow Kate and William to buy a little extra time for themselves before they are expected to appear in public with the newest addition to their family.

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