How Much Do Men Really Know About Childbirth? [VIDEO]

How Much Do Men Really Know About Childbirth? [VIDEO]

How Much Do Men Really Know About Childbirth?

It’s all very well getting your childbirth advice from a qualified and registered health professional.

But it’s much more amusing to get it from a random person on the street.

Especially if that person has never experienced childbirth.

Amazing mama comedy group, The Break Womb, are back with yet another hilarious video. This one is a little different to the sketches you may have seem them do before. For this video, comedy trio Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman and Megan Grano decided to let the public do the comedy.

Risky, sure, but it definitely paid off.

The Break Womb mamas decided to hit the streets of Hollywood to interview some mamas about childbirth. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any actual mamas, so ended up just asking random men to pretend they knew all about childbirth. The results are, as you might expect, pretty amazing. In this unscripted short, childless men tell us everything they know to be true about childbirth.

They describe their cravings, contractions and the birth itself, proving yet again that childless men know very little about childbirth. One dad explains how he gave birth to his baby through his urethra. Ouch. Another explains that his strongest pregnancy craving was for sex. Yeah, sure.

Some of the participants get pretty into their roles, with one even making a ‘pop’ sound to describe the birth, before going onto to explain how he immediately wondered when he could have another baby. Not many mama’s first thought in the delivery room, but you’ve got to give this guy an A for effort.

Finally, one participant tries to work out why the group is called The Break Womb by saying, “Oh, like a break womb because moms probably need a break? Oh no, because when you have a baby, it breaks your womb. It’s probably all broken down there.”

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