Water Birth In Australia – Hospitals Offering Water Birth

Many private midwives who attend homebirth will support you in a water birth, some offering birth pools as part of their service for free or at an extra fee.

If you are interested in having a home waterbirth and are looking for a midwife, check out the Maternity Coalition website for contact details of midwives in your area.

The list below is under construction. If you have a location you would like to suggest, please email us.

Australian Capital Territory

  • Canberra Birth Centre (under Canberra Hospital) has a midwifery program and they of course have birth baths (unfortunately this program has limited places and is very difficult to get into).
  • Queanbeyan Hospital (technically NSW, but just over the border) is putting in a new birthing facility, including birth baths, that will be available later in the year.
  • Calvary Hospital provides baths to women booking in under private insurance. I’m not too confident they offer waterbirth though.
  • Canberra Hospital has baths but do not allow waterbirth.
  • John James Hospital does not have facilities for waterbirth.

New South Wales

Northern Territory


  • John Flynn Private Hospital
  • Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital Birth Centre
  • Gold Coast Hospital Birth Centre
  • Mackay Hospital Birth Centre
  • Selangor Private Hospital, Nambour
  • Ipswich Hospital

South Australia



Western Australia

  • Armadale Health Service. Limited number of birth pools, so first in, first served. You can BYO to avoid missing out.
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  1. Ipswich hospital does not offer water birthing services. Ipswich hospital hasn’t been offering those services since 2014.

  2. Hi, you might like to update your article as Canberra Hospital has suites with baths and DO allow waterbirth 🙂

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