Amazing Mamas Donate Breast Milk After Mother’s Death

Amazing Mamas Donate Breast Milk After Mother's Death

If you ever find yourself wondering whether the sisterhood exists, this story might just be the heartwarming tale you need to hear.

Upon hearing about a grieving family in need, an amazing group of women pulled together to provide the family with one of nature’s greatest gifts.

Alex Green, a dad from Oregon, reached out with a plea for help on social media. Thanks to the sisterhood, help came pouring in.

Catherine Twete was suddenly and tragically killed in a car accident when he son Brody was just a few months old. Having stated previously that she wanted to breastfeed at least until Brody turned one, Alex was keen to honour Catherine’s wish.

After relying on locally donated breast milk for a few months, Alex took to social media to see if any other breastfeeding mamas could help.

Posting on the Facebook group Portland Mamas, Alex wrote: “Hello everyone. My sister just invited me to this page. I’m a new single father to Brody. He’s eight months old. His mother died four months ago. His mother wanted to breastfeed him until he was a year old. Brody and I live in Bend, but have not had any luck finding milk there.”

Portland is about 160 miles from Alex and Brody’s home in Bend, but the grieving dad was running low on donated milk and decided to reach out to the Portland community for help. Many breastfeeding mamas were moved upon hearing that Catherine wanted to breastfeed Brody until at least his first birthday and wanted to help the family realise that dream.

Alex’s social media plea didn’t fall on deaf ears, and the reaction to his call for help has been amazing. A new Facebook group was set up, Breast Milk For Brody, which has already attracted a few hundred members. Thanks to the newly donated milk, Alex now has enough breast milk to feed Brody until at least his first birthday.

Alex has been branded a hero but was quick to put the credit in the right place.

He told KATU news, “I’m no hero in the situation, I think the people donating their time and their breast milk are the ones who should be acknowledged.”

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