What Is My Baby Thinking? A Day In The Life Of A Breastfed Baby

A Day In The Life of 7 Month Old Breastfed Bubba, Annika

Written by BellyBelly Forum Member, MummyNaomi

“In the lounge room… Mmmmm boobies, I’ll have me some of those… Suck suck suck… Ooo I can hear a noise (pull off, look around, try to roll off mums lap)… Suck suck suck… Ooooh the television is on, I’ll stretch my head around and watch that… (pull off, let mum spray milk everywhere, get grumpy when mum tries to reattach, bugger, mum turned the television off)… Suck suck suck… Ooo I can hear my big brother making fireman siren sounds in the next room… (pull off and look around)… Suck suck… Ooo, look at that shadow… (pull off, then whine when mum tries to reattach)… Suck suck, suck…Ooooh I think something tickled my foot… Pull off and wonder why mum is getting annoyed…

In my quiet, darkened room where mum is trying to minimise distractions… Suck suck suck… Oooooh there is light coming from underneath the door, whats happening out there, what am I missing out on? Suck suck suck… On there are so many pretty things in my room… (pull off and try to roll off mums lap again) … Oh, you’ve put the boob away, I wanted some of that… Suck suck suck… I think I can hear a truck in the street… Pull off and strain to hear…

At the Port Adelaide club where we went for birthday lunch, at the back where there are not too many people so I dont get distracted… Suck suck suck… Geeze I hope mum is being discreet and classy, Kochie is the President of Port Adelaide… Suck suck suck… Ohhhhh some old ladies just came and sat at the next table… Hi old ladies!! Can you see me? Suck suck… (Pulls off leaving mummy’s boobs exposed… Suck suck… Oh look dad has come over to stand between mum’s boobs and the old ladies…I cant see the old ladies… Suck suck… (Pulls off again, wonders why mum has packed up shop and put her boobies away)………..

Arsenic Hour… I’M HUNGRY, you’ve barely fed me all day ($%#@&!!)… whine, whine, whine, fuss, fuss fuss, gimme some boooooooooob… Suck suck suck, Oh, I can smell something, mum must have been preparing dinner… Suck suck suck… I’m bored of this, what can I play with… I WANT BOOB, get them out again NOW!!!

In Mum’s bed at night in the dark… Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck etc etc… 20 minutes later… why has she taken the boob out and replaced it with the dummy? I was sucking on that… Oh, I guess she needs some sleep…”

The joys of breastfeeding huh? I love breastfeeding, but far out its hard work sometimes!




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